The Best Calming Tools & Techniques That Can Hold Up Even During COVID Times

April 29, 2020– 23: 02 PM.

As we all browse moving obligations and unpredictable futures, coronavirus-related stress and anxiety is climbing up around the world. Needless to say, as essential as it is to stay on top of our physical health right now, checking in with our mental health is likewise necessary. The following stress-reducing tools have long been tried-and-trues at mbg, and we’re more grateful for them now than ever prior to:


You’ve heard it before, however we’ll state it again: Meditation is a tested way to minimize anxiety and increase overall sensations of well-being There are a lot of ways to start a meditation practice, so do not be prevented if you haven’t had the ability to stick with one just yet. Think about alleviating into it with mantras or breath awareness, or have a look at our library of guided meditations designed to help you drop in.

Mentioning the breath, it’s so essential to remember to come back to yours any time you feel yourself getting swept away. By actively manipulating the breath, we can activate the parasympathetic nervous system and send out a signal to our body that we’re safe. Provide it a try any time by following a 2-1-4-1 breath: Inhale for 2 counts, hold your breath at the top for 1 count, exhale for 4 counts, then hold your breath at the bottom for 1 count.


hemp multi

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The beneficial plant compounds in hemp oil can help handle tension and promote a sense of calm. mbg’s co-founder credits our hemp multi supplement with helping her stay constant throughout this time of extraordinary anxiousness.

Yes, gyms and studios are closed, however that does not imply we need to neglect our physical fitness regimens. It’s more important than ever to tap into all the physical and mental benefits of working out Any type of exercise you like will do, however yoga is an excellent one to consider as it’s been discovered to help handle a myriad of mental health problems, consisting of anxiety.


Essentially nobody is untouched by this pandemic, and we’re all grappling with an absence of control in one method or another. Practicing extreme acceptance can help us launch some of the inner tension and resistance we may be probing this new truth. This does not imply you need to like the situations, by any ways. However the concept is that by accepting them, you can free up mental space to focus on what you can control.

Hard minutes are when we require appreciation the most Get in the everyday habit of believing about what you’re grateful for or putting a pen to paper and journaling about any silver linings that have actually emerged throughout this time.


Practicing the Emotional Flexibility Technique, aka tapping, is another method to reduce your levels of cortisol, the stress hormonal agent.

Hopefully, these tools assist make today and the days to come feel a little bit more manageable.

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