Author: Kiara

Is CBD oil a placebo fraud?

I will preface this by openly stating that I sell CBD products at a brick and mortar store dedicated explicitly to CBD products. The company has a range of true broad and full spectrum products and all employees have direct access to our company chemist as well as the third party lab results for each…

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How to deal with depression

Depression is a habit of thought. The process for dealing with depression is the same as the process for changing all habits of thought. Usually people embark on this difficult work because they want to change a habit of thought that causes a behavioral pattern that makes them unhappy or is destructive or dysfunctional. Habits…

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What is the very best CBD oil overall?

What is the best CBD oil overall? Deciding which is the best CBD oil overall comes down to a couple different factors based on both the consumer and the manufacturer. As the consumer, you should always verify that a company has a Certificate of Authenticity available for you to easily see. This will be your…

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