Author: Kiara

The Odd Convenience of Getting Immunized at an Abandoned JC Penney

Carolyn Bennett Glauda, a librarian in Beacon, New York, got her Covid-19 shot at an abandoned JC Penney. The store went out of business around the beginning of the pandemic. But when she entered, she saw a cheery, volunteer-filled vaccination hub adorned with balloons. Glauda almost didn’t recognize the space until she was sent to…

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What does the ‘e’ mean on a calculator’s answer?

What does the ‘e’ mean on a calculator’s answer? Ad by CapitalOne ShoppingBefore you shop at Amazon Prime, read this.The dead giveaway that tells you when Amazon’s giving you a better price than other retailers.You are about to get very confused because e has two meanings. The most common is e in math – The…

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What are some examples of metaphors for pain?

What are some commonly used metaphors for anger? Erupt like a volcanoI’m so mad I could spit nailsShe’s angrier than a wild boar in a stampedeThis makes my temperature riseHot under the collarRed with anger/rageHe has a short fuse (easy to anger)He blew up at meShe was ready to throw down, she was so angryI’ve…

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