Author: Kiara

Petco Online Ordering Has Curbside Pickup — With a Discount

In these crazy quarantine times, you’re probably spending more time with your pets than ever. Heck, you, Sparky and Tigger are riding this thing out together! And that can be a comfort, because our companion animals are huge stress relievers. Study after study shows pets help stave off loneliness and depression. They make us happier,…

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Here’s How CBD Can Dramatically Improve Your Sex Life

There’s CBD in your deodorant, your serum, and your toothpaste. Your grandma’s using it for her arthritis. Even IKEA put CBD in meatballs (ew, but OK). The “green boom” and legalization of cannabis across many states has resulted in the normalization of hemp-based supplements and with the mainstream embracing CBD. (Maybe you even have some in your…

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