• Can I open up a THC cartridge and ingest it or take it in a different method?

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    Yes and no.

    Yes, in theory, you can open the cartridge and dab the distillate inside. It’s typically had thinners (Terpenes or/ less frequently now/ glycol) added to it to permit much easier pulls through the cartridge without it obstructing; so you’ll require something aside from a pick to collect it. It also has an extremely focused taste which can be undesirable.

    Can you consume it? Yes, but, it will not taste excellent and probably won’t get you really high due to the percentage, it appears like a half or quarter gram in the picture.

    Do not put anything in your anus that was not meant or created to be there.

    Edit: For context of the disclaimer above; the imgur post that begot this Q and A:

    I drank a whole cartridge as soon as. It started to strike after about 45 minutes. From that point on … The first 30 minutes was like burning thru the atmosphere. I prayed to Jesus not to let me die.

    ” Rocket engines burning fuel so fast

    Up into the night sky they blast

    Through deep space the engines whimper

    Could it be completion of man and time? “

    I was pulling 20 G’s for a minimum of half an hour.

    After I got thru the wave of fear, whatever altered. Every part of my body had a various high different from the primary high. My lips were high. My fingers. My ear balls. It was wonderful, like baking in deep space in front of the Sun.

    I consumed it around 10: 30 that morning. When my sweetheart got home later that night around 7: 30, I was so stoned that I could not talk right.

    The next early morning I was just as high as the day in the past. That 2nd night, I was still burning thru the void just as strong as the day before.

    It wasn’t till around evening of the third day that I started to come down. While I do not recommend taking this trip to mortal guys, I would gladly do it again.

    Why did I do it? The cartridge cracked when I inadvertently dropped it. There was no other way that I was going to let that sweet juice go to waist.

    Sincerely high,


    It has actually not been decarboxylated, so ingesting it straight from the cartridge probably will have little impact. There’s so little oil in a cartridge, decarb’ ing it might not deserve the problem.

    You can smoke it on foil, or on some pot, or by itself – albeit inefficiently.

    Smear it on a rolling paper and roll a super-jay. (Dip in some keif from your grinder for triple-fun!)


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    Well, I asked myself the exact same concern and then attempted it. I got a teensy tiny bit on completion of a toothpick, and consumed it, aaaaaand- yeah, it didn’t do a whole lot, so I went ahead and attempted a bigger dosage, this time about a half of a toothpick coated in it. This time around I also actually got to taste it, and it was absolutely abhorrent. In spite of this, I handled to choke it down, and I got a bit of a buzz from it. Method more efficient to just use the cart as it was intended, or if said cart is broken, you might actually smear the oil onto some flower, and roll a joint or smoke it from a pipe, my roommate did this two times after he burned out 2 batteries, and from what he stated, it was really fairly enjoyable.

    The cartridge itself you thoroughly discard while avoiding being cut by any broken glass.

    The distilate inside you utilize just like any other marijuana oil. It could have some cool flavoring added to it but however it is cannabis oil.

    You can:

    Dab it

    Twax a J with it

    Roll some bud in it then splash it with kief to make moonrocks

    Put it in a bowl and blaze it however this will make your waterpipe pretty sticky sometimes

    Prepare with it and make edibles

    Advanced: you can try to put it in a syringe and then fill another cart. This can be challenging if it’s too viscous so I would choose another alternative first if you only have one broken cart as say opposed to 100 damaged carts.

    Best of luck!

    First Off, you have to see if your vape cartridge is of plastic or glass? If it’s plastic you can cut it with a knife or something and put out the ingredients however if it’s glass then you do not want to break it as it will splinter up badly.

    How can you still smoke the oil?

    If you want your oil to be used similar to the brand-new one after broke of the vape cartridge, you can put it in a fresh empty cartridge. The very best way to extract oil from a cartridge is as like the approach that was utilized to fill them in the first location. You are going to require an oil syringe, the mouthpiece of the majority of standard pre-filled THC and CBD cartridges. Once the mouthpiece is unscrewed you can dip the tip of the oil syringe into the broken weed cartridge then it would become a lot easier to get all of your precious oil out of the broken vape cartridge.

    You can also consume it without an empty cartridge by utilizing any of the following methods-

    • By dabbing it to the THC cartridge.
    • Consume it with the weed cartridge.
    • Add it to the bowl for future use.

    Other things you can do with the broken vape cartridge-

    • Get a brand-new empty cartridge- Many vape stores sell empty cartridges for vapers who like to make their e- juice or oil, and it’s incredibly easy to do it with the broken vape cartridge after you get the appropriate syringe size.
    • Prepare with it- You can utilize the oil with cooking dishes or with other ingredients like in a brownie, cookie dough or more. It’s an oil and can be utilized with many things, this isn’t going to waste.
    • Make a cannabinoid salve- Making a cannabinoid salve is much easier, you simply need to include the oil to some coconut and olive oils and stir for twenty to thirty minutes in a pan over low heat. Eliminate the mixture and put it into a jar, utilizing cheesecloth as a filter.

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