• Can I utilize a higher mAh battery in solar lights?

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    It’s not going to injure, but the output of the battery charger might not suffice to fully charge the larger capability battery. The light probably utilizes a YX805 chip to manage whatever – see if you can take the light apart enough to see – some are glued together, so you might not. Specifications for this are offered online which might let you know what is possible.


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    I presume you suggest the economical backyard lights with self included batteries.

    You can utilize bigger capability batteries. It will take longer to completely charge them from a repaired solar source, once charged, the batteries ought to offer longer on time.

    Yard lights tend to be difficult on battteries as they don’t secure against over charge or particularly over discharge.


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    Q: Why would a name brand battery with lower mAh last longer than an off-brand battery with greater mAh? Is there more to capability than mAH?

    A: Great question!

    • I have worked in Silicon Valley for over 40 years
    • Name Brands tend to be more honest with their ratings, and with tough to test products, they will just underrate their item to ensure that they provide what they guarantee, to everybody
    • Off-brands tend to exaggerate their claims, to make them look interesting customers that compare them to call brand products
    • What we have seen with batteries, is that the name brand name batteries deliver far less capacity than they declare, by a lot, so you really don’t get what they promote
    • There have actually been a lot of independent tests that show that brand-new and or utilized off-brand batteries do not provide what they market, they typically provide a lot less

    You certainly could, assuming the new battery will fit and will make correct electrical contact. And it would probably be safe under the list below conditions:

    1. Same battery style (nickel metal hydride, lithium, etc.) You can generally (quite securely) change NiCad with NiMH, but never ever replace either with lithium unless you know that the lithium battery has a built-in over/undercharge circuit. Without such a safety circuit, the phone charger would almost certainly overcharge the battery and it would likely explode or become a nasty firebomb. And the lithium battery voltage is not likely to be compatible.
    2. Same fully-charged battery voltage i.e. same variety of cells in series.
    3. Will still fit correctly in charging cradle.
    4. Battery charger can manage the longer charging cycle. Due to the fact that greater capability often involves cells in parallel, the charging current could be a bit higher, and would have high existing draw for a lot longer. Many contemporary battery chargers could deal with the longer charge cycle).

    The mAh home of batteries relates only the their electrical capability. The ‘h’ is for ‘hour’. Larger values provide longer life.

    You can replace cells with among various capacity without facing electrical issues. Larger capacity in the same physical bundle is the result of manufacturing improvements.

    There are couple of concerns though, mostly of the common sense range.

    • Do not mix different capability cells within the same gadget. The running time will be limited by the smallest capability cell which will end up degraded when it is tired.
    • The original battery charger will take longer to charge the cells, in percentage to the change in capacity. Sluggish charging is only a time problem.
    • Ni-Cd innovation has actually been superseded by NiMH technology. They are interchangeable but do not mix them. (NiMH is more effective.)
    • Inspect that the cells are physically interchangeable. There can occasionally be unexpected issues with some gadgets concerning small distinctions in the contact dimensions and the insulating covering the outside of cylindrical cells.

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    Presuming the replacement is the same size, then the primary concern is that of maximum charge and discharge present. Typically with Lithium Ion cells, the bigger the capability (mAh) the lower the optimum discharge existing. A great 2000 mAh cell might provide up to 35 A maximum discharge present, whereas a 3500 mAh would be 5–10 An optimum. This is since to get high capability the electrodes have to be thinner and longer, with higher resistance.

    The exception to this was back then, you could buy NiCd ‘D’ cells at anything between 1.2 Ah and 4Ah, with comparable optimum discharge currents. The more affordable, low capability cells were much lighter, I think they were little cells padded out to size!

    If your maximum drain is low, then you can utilize greater capacity cells. If Lithium ion, you may want to think about chemistry. ICR cells are high capacity, but are more hazardous if mistreated, than IMR and INR cells.

    You are talking about lithium batteries, the voltages are cut-off low 2.2 v norminal 3.7 v complete charge 4.2 v, simply a single cell. If the voltage is the very same most typically 3.7 v yes the Mah is just how much charge the battery can hold. 2400 mah is 2.4 amp hours. So 3000 mah would just be a slightly larger battery than the 2400 mah battery. You can absolutely switch the batteries with no impact aside from the gadget will last longer In whatever the devices is being used for. Additionally most battery powered product that work on 3 AAA battery setup in a cylinder will take a lithium battery. 18650 the majority of the time

    Like Loring has said it will work and last longer however you have alter all of them, if the device that you are utilizing usages multiple of them and it is much better to choose identical cells.

    The reason I’m likewise answering is I would much like to add a bit which is if your gadget( the one that you are discussing) also charges the cell/cells, for the new 2000 mAh cell it will take much longer, bear that in mind. If it needed 6 hours on a 300 mAh cell it will require more than 40 hours to top up the 2000 mAh one.


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    I believe it depends mostly on weather the charge controller lies in the device, or on the battery itself. You won’t burn anything up by plugging it in unless the voltage is out of range, or the polarity is reversed. At best, you’ll have higher run times; At worst, you’ll have a battery that won’t quite credit it’s designed capacity. I believe it’s most likely, as is my experience, that the battery will credit it’s style capacity. All lithium batteries charge to 4.2 v per cell no matter capacity. I’m nearly certain that you’ll discover an advantage. You may want to run a complete 100 percent charge, then do a total discharge to permit your device to calibrate to the brand-new battery (don’t do this frequently). This will not make your battery last longer, but it will enable your gadget to more precisely evaluate the charge. There are plenty of online tutorials describing the specifics of lithium battery (or any type for that matter) care. The addition of SBS hardware to a lot of batteries makes complex things a fair bit. Just plug it in and take pleasure in. Many modern tech has numerous security countermeasures, that all you LIKELY require to stress over is weather condition it fits.

    Depends upon what design you buy. I examine the “active ingredients” list on the product packaging and have actually gotten solar lights with AA rechargeable batteries, generally the most inexpensive the maker might find, and switch them out with better rechargeable AAs. If you mean routine batteries, like carbon, then no. The point of the solar panel is to recharge the battery, so the battery has to be rechargeable.

    I take it you indicate a solar powered light?

    Likewise the voltage of the brand-new battery must be the same as the old one eg 1.5 v

    During the day the solar panel will put charge into the battery. When the light is switched on it uses the batteries stored power for the light. Utilizing a higher capacity battery (mAh) will mean that it takes longer to charge completely, and enable you to use the light for longer prior to the battery is released.


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