• Can I utilize a USB 3.0 gadget in a USB 2.0 port?

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    In fact the technique depends on the design of the socket and a plug. In USB3.0 they have additional connectors which stay inapplicable when USB2.0 gadget is linked to the USB3.0 host (or if USB3.0 device is connected to USB2.0 host). If the electronic devices does not discover additional data signals, it acts according to USB2.0 standard. That is why you require additional devoted USB3.0 cable televisions which are more pricey as plugs contains more ports and there is more wires in the cable television.

    This trick works just for USB type A plugs (in 3.0 they have blue plastic piece inside metal protecting). USB type B has different shape and enable to link USB2.0 into USB3.0 socket, but USB3.0 Type B plug would not fit USB2.0 Type B socket. USB mini isn’t offered in USB3.0 at all, and USB micro for USB3.0 has completely various look, however once again USB micro 3.0 socket accepts USB micro 2.0 plug. For your referral:

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    In reality, all USB 3.0 devices– technically called USB 3.1 nowadays– are also USB 2.0 devices.

    Here’s the Type-A jack you’ll discover on a USB 3.1 port on numerous PCs. The top signals look precisely like USB 2.0 due to the fact that they are, in truth, USB 2.0. GND and VCC supply the power, D and D- is the USB 2.0 data link. When USB 1.1 turned into USB 2.0, it included the High Speed option as a brand-new mode, however used the same signals. For USB 3.0, the data connection is a whole brand-new set of signals, as you can see on the bottom set of pins.

    As an outcome, a USB 3.1 gadget plugged onto a USB 2.0 host will behave precisely like any other USB 2.0 device. It won’t go any faster than any old USB 2.0 gadget necessarily, but it will work.

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    I do this all the time, since I still have three laptop computers that feature just USB2.0 ports, and even the desktop PC and one of the brand-new laptop computers have numerous USB2.0 ports and less USB3.0 ports.

    Naturally, the transfer speed of Flash sticks or external HDDs will be limited by the USB2.0 interface, however still it is great!

    This “excellent” describes the reality that two external HDDs, which have just USB2.0 user interfaces, work better when linked to USB3.0 ports.

    And also, USB3.0 thumb drives or external HDDs connected to the old USB2.0 ports still work a bit much better than USB2.0 thumb drives and external HDDs when connected to the same old USB2.0 ports …

    Unless your USB 3.0 device draws more than 500 mA that USB 2.0 specified. I have not encounter such 2.5″ USB 3.0 portable HDD. And if you really do encounter trouble powering up the device, you can use a Y split cable television and draw current from another USB port.

    The transfer speed will always be the speed of the slowest product. ie, if you have a 3.0 USB Drive in a 2.0 Port, it will run at “2.0 Speed” and a USB 2.0 Drive in a 3.0 Port will perform at “2.0 Speed” so you won’t get the benefit of that 3.0 Drive you are buying.


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    Yes … … and no.

    When you buy a brand-new HDD, u find it deals with both ports (speed not considered). While it becomes older, it may not deal with 2.0 ports. I found at some sites the reason is the greater power requirement for older drives which can’t be met 2.0 ports. These drives keep on working with 3.0 ports.

    PS I faced this concern with my Seagate Ext-HDD last month, … … even opened the drive. It is working well (only) with 3.0 ports.


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    USB 3.0 works with USB 2.0, it simply has extra connectors (more things to move information through, therefore being much faster) which do not connect. If you can, get a USB C drive (if, obviously, you have a USB C port), USB C can do 40 GB per second. Yes, you read that properly, 40 GB a second(If I remember correctly, I do not understand if they exist however, they most likely do, if not, you might be able get a USB C external drive cable if they exist).


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    yes you can, but it offer you usb 2.0 speed.

    as 2.0 is leading market, usb 3.0 developed to work with both

    usb 3.0 have 9 pin

    1. 4 pin for 2.0 operation
    2. 5 pin for 3.0 operation

    that 4 pin is used to communicate 2.0 plug


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    Original details: I ‘d like to acquire an external HD and wonder if it is worth it to buy a USB 3.0 suitable one for future advantage.

    Yes. The distinction in price for the USB 3.0 capable models is very small and the potential difference in performance (when you do at some point utilize a real USB 3.0 port) is sufficiently great that you will most likely want you had the USB 3.0 efficiency capability. In fact, you can quickly include USB 3.0 capability to a desktop PC with a PCI-E card for under $30


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    · Response requested by

    Some people say yes 3.0 flash drive is excellent with 2.0 laptop. I have a 256 GB flash drive and I was attempting to pack movies on it from my 2.0 laptop computer however it wouldn’t copy the films onto the flash drive. I asked the very best Buy guys and they said that a 3.0 flash drive will not work if your laptop is only 2.0 suitable. So I’m confused and dream somebody might address this question and maybe inform me why I can’t copy movies from my 2.0 laptop computer to my 3.0 flash drive.


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    Q: Can I utilize a USB 3.0 device in a USB 2.0 port?

    A: Yes, you can utilize a USB 3 gadget on a USB 2 port, it simply will perform at USB 2 speed.

    In the future when you plug because external USB 3 Disk drive into a USB 3 equipped computer you will then notice that it will perform much faster it is a rewarding upgrade.

    Just plug and play.

    USB 3.0 is in reverse compatable with 2.0 stuff.

    Consider it like this. You have a pipe 1 inch wide, and it feeds into a 2 inch large pipeline. Both ends have a closed container, so essentially, it is it’s own little world. Water remains in one container, and you put it one method or the other. Once it exits the 1 inch side, it can stream more easily. But in reverse, through from the 2 inch, it gets decreased by the physical dimentions.

    In this metaphor, the 1 inch is the usb 2.0 and the 2 inch is the 3.0. The containers are just the two gadgets interacting and the water would be the data.


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