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Russian court gives Brittney Griner nine years on drugs charges

A Russian court has found US basketball star Brittney Griner guilty of drug smuggling, and sentenced her to nine years in prison in a ruling US President Joe Biden called “unacceptable”. The court “found the defendant guilty” of smuggling and possessing “a significant amount of narcotics”, Judge Anna Sotnikova told a court in the town…

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First humans arrived in Alberta’s oilsands region at least 11000 years ago

From the left, Reid Graham of Manitoba Historic Resources Management, Todd Kristensen of the Archaeological Survey of Alberta and Robin Woywitka of MacEwan University excavate an archeological dig in the Fort McMurray area.Brittany Romano/The Canadian PressNew research may have answered a long-standing mystery by pinning a rough date on the earliest known humans in Canada’s…

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Deadly Bacteria in U.S. Soil Not Tied to Lab Leak, Aromatherapy

The melioidosis-causing bacteria recently detected in U.S. soil samples is not related to a 2014 “lab leak” in Louisiana, nor to a recent outbreak sparked by an aromatherapy product, experts said. Genetic sequencing indicated the strain of Burkholderia pseudomallei detected in southern Mississippi is from the Western hemisphere, similar to isolates found in the Caribbean…

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Is a D&C an abortion? [Women’s Health]?

Almost always, yes. Allowing the possibility that it could be done for other reasons. It can also be done after the baby has died. So, although it is technically an abortion, it doesn’t kill the child.Ectopic pregnancy (and no, the pregnancy can’t be removed from the Fallopian tube and implanted into the uterus). Dead foetus…

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How Worrisome Are the Cases of Monkeypox in Kids?

The U.S. monkeypox outbreak continues to spread, infecting more than 3,500 people to date, according the CDC. Now, cases are cropping up in kids too. Last Friday, the agency announced two cases in young children on U.S. soil: A toddler in California and an infant from the U.K. whose family was traveling through the Washington,…

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Dear Harvard, It’s Time to Reject Fossil Fuel Money

The university’s recently announced Salata Institute for Climate and Sustainability will need to ban oil and gas companies from funding its research. July 12, 2022 In June, Harvard announced that it would establish the Salata Institute for Climate and Sustainability. The institute aims to connect and bolster climate-change initiatives across the university, in large part…

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