• How was your CBSE class 12 th result 2021? Did you score more than your expectations?

    This year you can’t say, “it is an outcome of a trainee”, really it is an outcome of that school in which trainee was signed up for 12 th. Truly, the result is provided according to your school credibility, Take my case, No student got more than 80%marks in cbse board outcome 2021 in my school due to the fact that school …

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    How was your CBSE class 12 th outcome 2021? Did you score more than your expectations?

    A huge no!! Not everybody has a happy ending in this CBSE 12 th Result 2021! ☹ Let me introduce myself … I am Mohit Kumar, an IIT JEE Aspirant.I originate from a middle class household and my parents have really high expectations from me.But the outcome I got in 12 th board has almost shattered all my dreams for which …

    Are you satisfied with your CBSE class 12 th board examination 2021 results?

    Never. When I inspected result at precisely 2 pm I actually wanted to weep but my father was there so I nevertheless managed myself, I got in total 83.8%just 72 in mathematics, I was like seriously “mere ko itna kam diya”. Scoring to 95%in 10 th and 99%ile in mains to 84%in 12 th harms a lot. I.

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    My kid only scored 98.2%in his CBSE class 12 board exam 2021 in spite of not giving the board exam this year, I had really high expectations concerning him and was expecting more than 99%today I’m completely disappointed because of his extremely bad performance. I have actually repeatedly scolded him sometimes to study well however he has actually not satisfied my dreams as my kid. Much of his pals have actually got more marks and better college than him. I am so unhappy as a parent due to the fact that I have actually invested a lot of cash for his education however no great results from his part. What should I do to penalize him and make him score better in the approaching future?

    To start with, 1. 982%is not only. 2. It’s not his fault given that he dint offer the examination however was provided marks on the basis of previous marks. 3. I believe he must be disappointed in you for having a moms and dad like you. 4. You ought to not force your dreams on him since he also has a life of his own. 5. You must not compare y.

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    Are you satisfied with your CBSE class 12 th board exam 2021 results?

    No … a basic no … cbse has played with lives of many I was studying when unexpectedly my mother informed me that class 12 th cbse board results are to be declared today at 2 pm … Neither was I happy nor unfortunate … The time stopped at 2 when I opened my outcomes … It had a mention of 91 in physics and engl …

    Are you pleased with your CBSE class 12 th board examination 2021 results?

    RIP-OFF FRAUD FRAUD!!!! CBSE results this time are joke, schools have actually increased the marks multiple folds, personally speaking i got about 91%. Did i deserved this much? NO i was anticipating about 85%, furthermore because schools have dispersed marks like water, this score is virtually ineffective, though i got admis …

    Are you pleased with your CBSE class 12 th board exam 2021 results?

    I was anticipating around 97%. I got a surprising 98.4%. Undoubtedly I’m satisfied with my marks however it hurts when my friends from my class, my school and all other schools have got way lower marks than they are worthy of. I honestly do not know on what basis CBSE has calculated and published marks. …

    prepared sagaciously for class 12 boards · Sat

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