• Do I have to refrigerate my CBD gummies?

    You do not have to refrigerate them, just keep them out of direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. However, CBD gummies, along with any other ingestible CBD product is a huge waste and a borderline gimmick. The bioavailability of ingested CBD is around 5%, maybe a little bit higher if ingested with fatty acids. That basically means you’d have to eat around 6X the number of gummies to get the same results as a high-quality CBD oil sublingual tincture or vaping. I’d advise you to explore other options of using CBD as your either severely limiting benefits from CBD or overpaying to waste more than 90% of the product.

    10 mg is the maximum dose per gummy allowed in Canada and is enough for all but the most tolerant consumer to get pretty baked. ESPECIALLY in the gram for gram equivalent of raw cannabis which is processed FAR differently by your bloodstream than an edible does via your stomach, intestinal tract and liver.

    Edibles often take longer to kick in but metabolize much slower and more consistently so if you aren’t used to them ,you’ll think they didn’t work. That is until they worked too well…

    Aka don’t plan on doing anything remotely requiring anything near sobriety for an average of 6–8 hours unlike a smoker high which often lasts only an hour or two before rapidly dissipating.

    In all the hyperbolic stories of “THC overdoses” I’ve seen/read the story is almost always the same. They took some, didn’t think it worked, took more then it ALL worked too well and then they panicked.

    I only had ONE experience just like that on my first trip to the USA and I bought a brownie and a bottle of lemonade from an dispensary for the trip… One of these two edibles was powerful enough for a full-sized adult male ALONE never mind together as one “sweet treat.”

    Let’s just say I didn’t get a wink of sleep for 12 hours and was up all night thinking I was going to die in a dingy extended stay off the I-5 in Tukwila of a heart attack… alone and underinsured for such an emergency. Finally after a good long nap I woke up feeling refreshed, NORMAL and ready to get on the train and hit the town sans such nutty ideas…

    Just an anecdotal glimpse of edibles I know but a very common one nonetheless…

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    First off, I would if I were you see if you can find a vape of cbd only just in case what you are about to experience is too intense. I also took a lot of thc one time accidentally. You are just going to feel everything more. THC basically slows down the signals from your senses to your neurons. What that means is you feel more. Sound, touch, and taste are all amplified.

    Some people hallucinate, some people pass out. If you pass out because it was too much, good night. You’ll wake up just fine. Some people get a surge of anxiety and paranoia. If that happens, you won’t be able to sleep, I suggest dancing. Dancing feels good and moves thc away from your brain and towards and throughout your body. You release a lot of feel good chemicals and thc will amplify that. Play some loud music and dance your pants off.

    If the experience is too crazy vape your cbd pen and that should bring you back down pretty quickly. CBD will block binding spots on your neurotransmitters and lower your high to a more acceptable level. 400 mg of thc in edibles can be intense if it really is that much. Blackmarket edibles vary widely in thc, some can be less, some can be more than what the package states.

    I know of an instance where two police officers ate a 1000mg thc chocolate bar between them while waiting on a stakeout. Both officers called 911 and felt like they were having a medical emergency. One was so out of it he climbed a tree. The other was lying on the ground. So if you really did have 400 mg, good luck.

    The first things I look for when purchasing any CBD product is if the product has been tested by a 3rd party laboratory. If it has been tested, then lab reports for that product should be readily available somewhere on the company’s website.

    Without a lab report, we really have no way of confirming what’s in that product or if it’s safe to use. This is why it is extremely important to always look for a valid Certificate of Analysis (lab report) before you purchase any CBD product especially online.

    Consider this when you do have access to a lab report to know if your gummies have CBD:

    The primary component of a product’s analysis report is to summarize the cannabinoid profile and concentration within the sample. In simpler terms, it means listing each cannabinoid detected in the sample, along with its concentration within that sample.

    When assessing a product’s analysis report, one thing you want to make to sure to do is confirm that the cannabinoid content listing on the product’s label is consistent with what is listed in the product’s lab report.

    For example, if a product’s label lists that it contains 1,000 mg of CBD, then that content should be confirmed on the product’s lab report.

    While it’s normal for the cannabinoid content to deviate slightly, a big difference is definitely something you should be concerned with.

    Hope this helps.

    Most pot is around 20% thc these days, so that’s the THC from (20*100mg) 2000mg. That’s about 2 grams, or 3–4 bowls. If you eat that (assuming it’s been decarboxylated) and you have low tolerance, it will be a lot. Probably too much. If you’re a regular smoker, you should be ok. I eat 200–400MG with little effect, but have stoner friends who eat 30mg cookies and hit the moon.

    If you’re smoking it, I assume you’ve got some sort of extract or dab. That’s a lot, if so. Like… weeks worth for me. and I smoke a lot.

    Your mileage may vary.


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    Your question doesn’t state if your new to cannabis, but if you are, use caution with edibles. If you are new to thc, I would definitely NOT take that much. For me personally, that would get me way too high. It wouldn’t be enjoyable if I took that much. But I’ve met people (experienced stoners) that could handle that much and feel bliss. Not me. Maybe start with one edible (5mg’s) and wait a couple hours because I’ve had times when the edibles I took didn’t kick in for a couple hrs. Don’t be fooled by the small size of the edible. I made that mistake one time and I nearly passed out. Of course, nothing happened, but at the time, it felt real. I had to go take a cold shower and then call a friend at 3am to calm me down. Even if your not new, I would still use caution with edibles because they can hit you like a freight train if you take too much.

    Your dose was very high, even for a heavy user it would be considered highly potent. Cannabinoids tend to metabolize slowly already, which is why it’s one of the drugs that can be detected for a relatively long time after.

    I am a chronic user with a very high tolerance, and generally will not have more than 100-200mg at one time. Sometimes I still feel mild effects until the next evening, despite being someone who sobers from THC very quickly when smoked.

    It will take time for the remaining cannabinoids to work their way out of your digestive tract into the rest of your body, and then be metabolized. Because your dose was so excessive, it could take a week to fade.

    Are you sure about the dose of that gummy? I am buying packages of them listed as 10mg each. 1 or two of them are pleasant but more is too much for me. If I took 4 of them (40mg), I would end up close to couch locked for more than an hour and the rest of the day might be a goner. If your gummy is in fact 80mg and you eat it all, you may be unpleasantly high in a way that only edibles seem to be able to do. Whenever that has happened to me, I have found it best to just go to bed.


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    Probably not, unless you have a rather low tolerance. For example, if you only casually use cannabis then perhaps they will give you a nice, but modest, high. I consume around 300–400mg of THC/THCa daily, so 30mg of edibles is a tiny taste, perhaps an enhancement to the gram of concentrate you’ll be smoking along with eating those three gummies.


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    Nah, they’re ok. CBD isn’t volatile. If the gummies haven’t degraded, neither has the CBD.

    BTW it is decarboxylated at anywhere from 200 F – 300 F and it evaporates at somewhere around 320 F (but still very slowly).

    It will take years for it to degrade unless in the direct sunlight or something (even then).

    CBD and THC aren’t volatile or fragile.


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    No they do not have to be refrigerated, it is important to keep them in a cool dark area basically away from sunlight. Gummies in a hot area or in sunlight will start to melt into one big blob which is not good for the $$$ you are spending….and it makes it really hard to consume the correct dosage if that is important to you.


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