• Before answering it, let us get to know death. And before that, life

    So, what is life, afterlife, and death?

    Is life a magical, an illogical ‘out of the air’ bad nonsense offered us by a fair-skinned, white-bearded, senile old guy sitting someplace up there in an illusory biblical heaven – a mere 6 thousand years back, with us having nary a say?

    Or is life absolutely nothing however a non-life chemical interaction, of dead matter playing footsie with each other, after a teeny-weeny big bang a couple of billion years ago – as the contemporary so-called scientific and an atheistic lot presume sans, an apology or a prayer, hey?

    Are life and death different from each other?

    Alternatively, are they all inseparable or one, as the mystics say.

    That life is not a few thousand years of ages, is shown Hence, it might be stated that the fancy of a biblical god Jehovah or the Islamic deity Allah, do not hold sway beyond this time little table. And considering that by means of carbon dating and so on, life or presence has now been clinically proven to be billions upon billions of years of ages, the Judeo-Christian-Islamic lore and lord might well be an invention of creativity of restricted minds, and closed hearts

    As far as popular science and its pompous atheist fans are worried, it is their blind belief that life or presence or this universe that we see here with our physical senses, it most likely came from owing to a little ‘big bang’ about 14 billion years back.

    However, it has been drawn out outdoors by the Nobel laureate, physicist Hannes Alfvén, that the ‘big bang’ was simply a far fetched fancy of a Catholic priest, Abbe Georges Lemaître, who was also a researcher. Which it was simply an imaginative theory secured of thin air, and magically advanced as a clinical reality. This confession was secured by Alfven from Lemaitre, at the really location and point when this abracadabra was fancifully drawn out in front of the general public by the latter.

    Therefore, science too has no response, as to from where life comes, or whither it goes.

    In truth, science has no conclusive response, or a confirmatory idea about life actually is!

    Now, that leaves us with only the freemystics of the world, particularly those from India, who firmly insist this universe or presence is an unlimited oneness, and it just appears to be this or that owing to a mistaken and since of amisguided dual-consciousness

    ” There is no reasonable reason to doubt that the universe has actually existed indefinitely, for an infinite time.” ~ Hannes Alfven [Nobel Physicist]

    That all ‘this’ that we are witnessing ‘here’ and presume to be ‘that’ someplace ‘out there’, is but an endlessness of a unified whole sans the possibility of divisibility. is the assertion of the sages of India.

    What it indicates is that the name-form that we believe we are, or assume, and are empirically conscious that the ‘others’ too are, similarly so – well, all are seen to be separate entities owing to a consistent illusion of the senses, within the boundaries of One Consciousness

    It is self-discovered, within the awareness, in higher meditation by the sages, yogis, sufis and other such freemystics that the life-composition or the soul-substratum or the quintessence of all things, sentient or insentient, is but One

    ” There is no kind of structure within which we can find consciousness in the plural; this is merely something we construct because of the temporal plurality of individuals, however it is a false building” ~ Erwin Schrodinger [1933 Nobel Prize Physicist]

    Thus, at the end of Self Realization, the entire of presence is discovered to be a limitless indivisibility

    All a Whole is. And this whole-some unbroken oneness is without a second.

    Simply put, an immanent ‘One’ – a Particular Mindful Alive-ness is self-realized to be the everything-ness and all-ness of the entire Is the important vital-essence of all presence.

    An ever-alive oneness, a permanently combined ‘IS-NESS’ is the Essence of All That Is

    Put simply, there is no life or death at the End

    Just One Whole is. As say, the waves in the ocean become nothing however the source – water itself. Similarly, there is no this-that-ness in the absolute fact and in the supreme truth.

    A primordial permanence is the immanence at Beginning and the End

    From this One Infinite Awareness of a Unified Whole, the dual-consciousness of being a this or a that or ‘i-me-you-them’ originates.

    As an illusory shadow of the Source

    Seek the Source, and the shadow vanishes. As if it never ever was. Akin the snake in the rope, that in the night looked like a serpent. However on awakening, in the light of the day, it is found to be an illusion.

    So is this life. Comparable is death. An illusion. Seen just in duality, entered unity.

    I regard consciousness as basic. I relate to matter as acquired from consciousness” ~ Max Planck[Nobel Prize in Physics, 1918]

    Now, relating to sensation or not feeling pain in death – well, in duality-consciousness, the pain is felt

    In unity-consciousness, nothing however an eternity of serene oneness

    From self-experience of the freemystics, it may be informed that during the paranormal and supra regular metaphysical ‘occurring’ of the separation of the ‘is-ness’ of life from the body-consciousness of being the seeker no pain is felt

    In fact, it is a marvelous experience. As say, one would feel in one’s typical daily life while witnessing a magical minute – of an unexpected look of a beautiful mountainous surface, a divine holy site, or an incredible landscapes and so on

    The “ returning” from One Mindful Wholeness of Allness of Oneness – that is, from the Buddha self-experience of the END TRUTH – is similarly painless

    Again, and in fact, is quietly priceless!

    This is why one should seek therefore find, then, live and then so die in Oneness Only in such a scenario one might imagine death to be pain-free, in its aftermath too.

    For, having not self-realized Oneness, the dual-consciousness of the name-form entity looks for to birth once again. And for that reason, may well stay open up to the duality ridden experience of discomfort, after death too

    Seek the Grace of That Which Is.

    In so doing, this ‘It’ of All That Is may well rid one of this vicious cycle of life, death, and renewal. Of discomfort, grief, happiness, and after that once again, unhappiness. ~_~

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