• Depends.

    If you come from a society or culture with extremely intricate rituals and custom-mades around common etiquette, you might find Canadians ruder than your home society. My interactions with Japanese and South Korean folk have left me in wonder at how rigidly courteous they are and just how much self restraint and self control they practice to maintain that level of politeness.

    The Urdu speaking society that I originate from is relatively respectful in its own right also, with social customs and even the language being greatly instilled in etiquette and politeness that translates nearly universally.

    Similarly, you could originate from a culture with different meanings of politeness that might not equate in Canada. Individuals smiling and stating hey there to you while you mind your own service might be a cultural synthetic pas in your own country however be acceptable in Canada or a gesture of friendliness in Canada. The reverse is likewise real. Not stating hey there to people who are busy working so regarding not interrupt them or not sitting next to single females on the bus are considered courteous gestures in Pakistan. Here they might not fly.

    The singular function of Canadian politeness that sets it apart and positions it in an extremely little swimming pool of comparable nations in terms of politeness is not that Canadians are polite. It’s that Canadians are polite to everyone.

    The Pakistani Urdu speaking society I hail from is really polite when individuals are connecting with each other of a comparable socio-economic rank. The avowed friendliness of a great deal of cultures and societies are typically reserved for very particular scenarios: A white traveler might get adoration and level of hospitality that would never be paid for to a black tourist.

    The level of politeness you can anticipate can be closely tied to how big your wallet is or how white passing you are. If you dress well and look like a neurosurgeon you can anticipate some common human decency and courtesy as you walk about the streets of a specific foreign nation.

    I worked as a Janitor here you know. Daily after work, I would have to mop and clean the floor of the place I operated in. It was tiring work and I had a sweaty forehead and all by the time I was midway done.

    I tell you, I had more regard as a worn out, sweating janitor from the clients in the shop here in Canada than I had as an officer back in my own country.

    I’ve seen how the Christian sweepers were treated in my own country. Barely getting holidays for their own sacred days and treated with barely disguised contempt and thin tolerance at finest. The exact same individuals who would have flowery and gentle expressions for their bosses or social equates to would have little to nothing to state for those they deemed unworthy their time.

    And the funniest thing is, that this regard and politeness that was managed to me as I mopped the floors originated from all sections of Canadian society.

    I operate in a very vibrant location of Downtown Toronto where we get everybody from hard, tattooed cyclists, to white hipsters, to gay couples, to country folk to somewhat deranged homeless individuals. And its somewhat entertaining to see how I have actually been provided respect and polite accommodation from everyone of them. Whether it’s some cyclist man with a lots of tattoos providing me a fist bump and a nod as I complete a long day at work or a white girl profusely excusing needing to step on my newly mopped floor.

    The dignity of labor is a phrase I never ever really comprehended until I came to Canada and experienced this.

    You understand whats even worse than just being rude to everybody? The hypocrisy of politeness.

    How we make our politeness conditional on who we are connecting with. How we connect strings to common courtesy, weigh each other before we decide how to connect with them.

    Canadians aren’t specifically more respectful in any specific way compared to other cultures or society. In fact, they might damn well pass for disrespectful in a few of the more strictly rules based society.

    But what politeness they possess, comes without conditions. You can be the Prime Minister of a nation or a Janitor finishing his shift in a shop.

    You can expect a courteous smile, a welcoming and accommodation of you as a human being from nearly every one of them.

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