• How are castration bands used in human beings?

    Yes the elastrator bands can castrate a guy. I’ve had it done to me and yes it harmed for about or so but I went to sleep when I awoke they were dead after a couple day my wife cut them off below the bands. I’ve never looked back my better half and I are thankful we did it.

    Castration bands can be utilized on human beings the exact same method as on animals. It is possible to kill testicles with bands. Testicles should be cooled off in icy water after banding otherwise discomfort from passing away testicles could be unbearable. After several hours testicles are dead and can be removed. Much better if it is performed in health center, as dead balls wont fall off on itself after few weeks as in animals. Insread dead balls will begin to rot and odor severely. Gangrene could spread behind castration bands and that is already harmful condition and should be treated in medical facility anyhow. Castration rings are bad idea to utilize on humans.

    In some cultures they are supposedly used like they are on animals to cut off the blood supply to the testis triggering them to die and fall off removing the urge for sex. This technique has the benefit of being less bloody. If surgically eliminated the topic can bleed out if not treated instantly.

    The elastrator tool puts the green band around the scrotum and testicle. The band is drawn in location. The fingers pull the scrotum skin and testicle thru the band to ensure the skin is not pitch and the testicles are simply listed below the band. The tool is unlocked to permit the band to tighten up around the balls. Pull the tool loose. As the band tighten up, there ought to be no discomfort. Have somebody massage your scrotum as your scrotum turns black. Take pain pills and utilize cold water. Some state the discomfort is extremely bad after 1-3 hours. The only SAFE method is to have a physician cut your balls off after 4– 8 hours. Yes, you will be Irreversible castrated, however you lose your scrotum skin for male to woman. Also, If you have to do this, practice because a lot can happen, like you go to the ER. How go see a shrink so he can call your medical professional. Chemical castration is best, Then the elastrator can be used for play. More and more Wifes like to put the band on to have fun with hubby. Or to make his castration permeant. Some males have an orgasm. feeling the band get tighter and tighter when the partner does this. I love it, so does my other half. It is a really sensual feeling for me after I was chemical castrated.

    Bands on human beings are used mainly for play where sensitivity is temporarily lost or permanently minimized. However those going through with a castration will keep the bands on long enough to kill their testicles and then go through a cutting to remove the necrotized testicles and scrotal tissue.

    The very same way as farmers uses them on farm animals.

    The band is stretched by a special pair of plyers up until it is big enough to put the testicles through the band. The band is then launched and it shuts off the blood flow to the testicles triggering them to die. It takes as much as 4– 8 hours to do irreversible damage. For the very first 2 hours the discomfort is extreme unless you numb them in ice water.

    I would not recommend this.

    It is extremely unpleasant.

    The Burdizzo is unexpected extreme pain and after that it is over but it takes a 2nd person to place and close the Burdizzo.

    Injecting your testicles with 195 proof Everclear is the least agonizing, and you can do it yourself.

    The very same method as in animals.

    Elastration(a portmanteau of “flexible” and “castration”) is a bloodless approach of male castration and docking typically utilized for animals Elastration is merely banding the body part ( scrotum or tail) till it drops off. This technique is preferred for its simpleness, low cost, and minimal training requirements.

    Elastrator Method

    This method includes cutting off the blood supply to the testes with a heavy elastic band or ring. In 10 to 14 days, the scrotum and testes will slough off. This approach is most reliable for young animals whose scrotal tissues have not yet become well established. Materials needed include an elastrator (instrument used to apply the bands) and castrating bands or rings (Purchase these from a livestock supply business. Do not utilize household rubber bands!). It is not necessary to disinfect the elastrator or rings since this method is bloodless.

    I would not advise this treatment for a human. The discomfort begins as mild to moderate and increases to extreme by one hour. Numbing your testicles in ice water before and throughout will assist.

    There is a high probability of infection.

    The majority of wind up in the ER.

    Put a band around the base of your scrotum (do not do it in reverse) and a second, just to be sure). Take the greatest pain med you have and wait some 10-12 hours and surface with a cool cleaver.

    Ensure all is sterile and have a hemorage strategy.


    exact same method they are on animals

    Castration bands are what the catholic church enthusiasts did however around the testicles of young kids to help them keep faulcetto singing voices for choir such as The Vienna Boys Choir.

    Castration bands are typically made with latex and look like a big rubber band. These bands go around the top of the scrotum. The idea is that (with animals a minimum of) the scrotum will fall off.

    This question makes me worried … why someone would desire this info … possibly the very best answer is just that they must not be used on humans unless recommended by a certified physician. And even then …

    Castration bands can not be used on people. After and hour the discomfort becomes excruciating and there is a every most likely hood of infection leading to death.

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