• How do animals tolerate pain when being eaten alive? I saw a program where hyenas consumed a zebra, and the animal was calm.

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    The theory is that the adrenaline of the chase numbs the victim to pain. I think there need to be some fact in it since when I reflect of a battle that I was involved in years ago I remember feeling rather surprised that it didn’t injured at all even though I got beaten up quite severely.

    Later on it injured plenty.

    Also, members of the cat household such a lions suffocate their prey prior to digging in for the feast.

    Edit: Due to the interest I have decided to include a bit more to the concern.

    Warning – Extremely graphic content

    Lions are truly apex predators and they have been understood to take down elephants and hippo. Bearing in mind that a hippo is no picnic to take down, they are responsible for more human deaths in Africa than any other annimal. Mosquitoes kill one of the most people but allow me to cherry-pick the facts that will make this story interesting. Mosquitoes are pests, not animals.

    When you drive through the Krugersdorp Lion Park they advise you to keep driving gradually, do not stop while the lions are strolling around your car.

    If you do not follow this guideline the outcome is the carnage portrayed below. As a fellow Protector owner I can almost not even take a look at the picture. The bad Landy needs to be suffering awfully. Notice its flat rear tyre. That was the work of mr. Lion.

    Brief Response

    During a mishap or in stressful situations, your body releases endorphins which stops the discomfort signals taking a trip to your brain, efficiently blocking out the brain’s interpretation of what’s going on at the website of injury.

    Accident/eaten alive-> > Body produsing Endorphins -> > no discomfort -> > Produces more adrenaline-> > Goes to shock-> > Feels no sh t!

    The Big Answer

    Imagine your/animal’s body as a water balloon, here water is awareness.

    The moment you make a hole in the balloon water leakages and the balloon clears.

    Likewise, as quickly as your body sustain serious damage (naturally irreversible, unrestrained wounds, or damages) the body loses fluids and pressure. This will put you to shock.

    Shock is our body’s natural coping mechanism to physical trauma

    At first, the body responds to this lethal circumstance by constricting (narrowing) capillary in the extremities (hands and feet). This is called vasoconstriction and it helps conserve blood flow to the vital organs.

    You will not feel a thing as soon as you go to shock!

    Next, the body launches adrenaline and endorphins. It is the release of endorphins that cause a lot of animals to appear calm and in total control during slaughter. These neurotransmission chemicals are launched to block pain and to change our state of mind. Together with adrenaline, the body utilizes endorphins to be able to react to discomfort and stress the very best method it can. These chemicals block pain signals.

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    On the concern of massacre which has actually become something of a sidebar here, simply a couple of points.

    In the UK, the basic technique of slaughter is to place a big pair of forceps around the animal’s skull and deliver an electrical shock to stun the animal. A pig, sheep or little calf is then suspended by its back legs and its throat is cut. Big cattle are clamped in a metal drum with their head exposed, and the drum is turned after they are shocked and they are bled in the exact same manner. Poultry are suspended by their legs on an automatic production line and travelled through an energized water bath to stun them prior to their heads are severed by a turning blade. Bolt guns are generally used to euthanise large animals such as bulls and horses.

    When it comes to religious massacre, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Ruthlessness to Animals (RSPCA, UK’s largest animal well-being charity) reports that 84%of Halal slaughter in the UK consists of pre-stunning. Kosher slaughter does not permit sensational. The RSPCA is lobbying the government to need 100%stunning for Halal, as this is clearly not incompatible with faith requirements, and immediate post-cutting stunning for Kosher, which the charity states is not perfect however it obviously thinks about an acceptable compromise. Their ultimate goal is to legally require spectacular in all cases, without exception.

    I think it’s obvious that there is no method of slaughter that is not going to cause a minimum of distress to the animal, if not actual extended discomfort. As consumers, we have a duty to choose what we require as a minimum requirement of animal welfare, which for some people would mean not using animal items. We likewise have a great deal of power. Research study what you buy and if its production does not meet the requirements you need, do not purchase it. If manufacturers can’t sell their products, they will have to adapt their processes to satisfy higher standards. This can be challenging, much better requirements imply premium rates. However, if there is a significant relocation far from the lower well-being items, the rate of the higher welfare items will inevitably fall due to supply and require.


    I am not biologist or Physician, I am not the certified person to answer this question. Based on my individual experience I think that they do not feel discomfort.

    Let me share my experience. Unsure, how relevant it is in concerns of responding to the question. I was 7 years old when the listed below occurrence took place.

    In our school, flag hosting utilized to occur during nationwide festivals. The pole, where flag utilized to be hosted, was made of iron. It was heavy and had to be put at the top of pulpit. Throughout the procedure of positioning the heavy iron pole on the pulpit, it simply slipped and our teacher and others recognized it’s going to fall. They yelled “Run, Run … … …”. We kids simply started running.

    Within a minute I recognized it fell on someone, I heard the noise of dropping and a guy was below the pole.

    After sometime, maybe a minute or two, I felt kinda heaviness on the body.

    Oh! God, the iron pole is on my body, it has fallen on my shoulders.

    I actually didn’t feel discomfort throughout this. It was much like dream.

    Only after 5 to 10 minutes, when the pole was gotten rid of from my body I started feeling pain.

    So I guess, very same would occur with animals while being eaten, they feel absolutely nothing.

    Truthfully, individuals over-play the impulse thing. The truth is that Animals are far more efficient in remembering Reincarnation than Humans are. Humans have actually selected to live a long life focused just on the things available because time period, which they can not take with them. For this, Human beings have developed to forget about Death prior to Life and concentrate on Life after Death. The majority of Animals are completely familiar with Death and the Renewal that awaits them after being consumed. It makes Death less of a frightening thing for them, and they comprehend that once the pain is all over, they will return once again with their families once again. They have actually been eaten often times and accept it as the fastest way to pass away with the least pain, unlike falling I’ll for weeks from old age and hurting for long periods of time prior to letting go. The Hunters are also aware of this cycle, and they pay very high spiritual regard to every prey they capture, wanting them the very best return to Life after Death.

    Simply put, Animals can endure being attacked and eaten much moreso than People due to the fact that they are more in tune with what Death actually is. They know that it is not long-term and they understand that the quickest method to end their Death and the pain of being bitten is to just stay calm and let the hunter finish them as quickly as possible.

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    Adrenaline numbs the discomfort completely.

    This is not at all similar to being consumed alive, but I was when bitten by a pet while jogging.

    I need to have been at 45–50 minutes in, returning house when a street pet came straight at me from throughout the street and bit me right over the left knee. It gored and tore a 2 inch piece of skin out of my leg. A group of people who was passing by kicked the pet dog into submission and assisted me out. I informed them I was fine and I ‘d go home, then to the healthcare facility. And so I did. It did not injured at all. I ran 2 km back home, with strips of flesh and fat leaping and lashing onto my knee as blood dripped out of the injury and I had no problem at all.

    Until I got home and started cleaning up the wound in the shower. It started to injure like hell.

    I hobbled my method to the car and into the healthcare facility. Got stitches and vaccines. It hurt for about 3 more days.

    So I think, the adrenaline of the chase, plus the shock give prey a mercifull chemical cocktail of pins and needles for long enough for the predators to eliminate them.

    If you check out accounts of individuals who have actually been assaulted by a shark and survived I anticipate it would be comparable.

    People have had arms or legs eaten off by sharks or big chunks secured of their upper bodies but been saved before the shark could finish them off.

    These individuals often report that they don’t feel the discomfort when it’s occurring, their mind is concentrated on the terror and if possible trying to get away. They sometimes report seeing great deals of blood in the water and questioning where it’s originating from and only later on understanding that it’s their own blood.

    It’s typically not till the risk is over and they’re safe that they start to feel the discomfort.

    Then of course it resembles any other major injury and it can hurt– a lot.

    But if they were eaten by that time naturally they don’t feel it.

    Picture yourself being consumed by another animal like a lion or a shark or an anaconda. If you have actually seen films associated to stuff like that you would most likely know it’s not that they can really bear the pain but it’s more like there is no option than to bear it since they are currently injured and the only thing they could want is to pass away earlier than bear the discomfort. It’s the same for any animal. What do you expect? Even if they aren’t human doesn’t mean they experience discomfort in a different way. The important things we are forgetting here while presuming pain to be various from humans is that both human beings and animals are living things and both have a tendency to value their lives and protect it from harm.

    Under high adrenaline and stress, mammals tend to ‘numb’ the experience of pain. It will still be agonizing, particularly when they get to your internal organs, however it will less so be from actual pain, but more from the sensation of getting chewed on and fear of being eaten alive.

    In general, being eliminated by canids like dogs/wolves, bears and hyenas will be a lot even worse than felines. They tend to consume their victim alive. Lions sometimes do it too, however they still do attempt to subdue their victim by the neck

    if provided a choice, tigers execute the cleanest and most ‘ethical’ kill. Usually lasts a few seconds, they either break your neck/spine initially, or squash your breathing pipes, so you die within a minute.

    We can’t organize animals like this, claiming they all feel one way or the other in any offered scenario.

    A fish and an elephant will respond really in a different way from being eaten alive. Not just because it’ll usually take a lot longer to really kill the elephant (it “feels” for a longer timer), however more so due to the fact that of their nerve systems.

    The nerve systems of animals are hardly ever similar, or rather, they are not capable of the very same exchange of info. Some are just not efficient in sending pain, and many are not even near the level of sensitivity of the human nerve system.

    Simply put, the majority of animals feel little to no discomfort when eaten. I believe most animals are not even conscious of being consumed till they cease to sign up anything at all.

    Two reasons. 1. They enter into shock and they cant truly feel anything. Like when a shark bites a web surfers equip off, they will all state they didnt feel a thing.

    2. Animals do not process pain like people do. discomfort correspsonds with how complicated your brain is. Animals do not have the ability to fully process pain. Obviously they can feel it. They can feel it really strongly. However if you’ve ever seen a lion walking with huge gashes on it, it doesn’t really bother them after the initial infliction of the wound. If something rubs versus it, the discomfort will flare, but even that is processed in a different way. Its more of simply an instinctual reaction to growl or leap when something rubs versus an injury, then it is a real conscious feeling in the nerve endings.

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