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    The recommended dosage is 2 sprays per nostril every 24 hours. There are speculations that it causes alzheimer’s and other issues, but it hasn’t even been around that long to be proven to cause diseases. I take it due to severe allergies. Allergy pills tend to be less effective for me. You can take it as long as you need it. Try to avoid it when the allergens lessen with other seasons. I have not witnessed or experienced any adverse reactions from it.

    It’s really best to try and give your nose a break from the medication as often as possible. It can weaken the skin and capillaries with long term use, causing dry skin and nosebleeds. Keep your nasal passages as moist as possible after application, using a rich moisturizer. Try and breathe humid air when possible, and one trick is to use vaseline at night before going to bed.

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    I am not sure about this one, I don’t think continues use will hurt you, but I do believe it will become less effective the more you use it. I could be wrong about this, but I would just call any pharmacy and ask the pharmacist. They will be able to give you a satisfactory answer in 2 se…

    Nasal steroid sprays place a very small amount of a potent drug right where it is needed. It is best to use only as needed and intermittently to avoid irritating the lining of the nose. Excessive use could allow the steroid to have an effect beyond the nasal cavity which should be avoided as systemic use of steroids has a long list of serious side effects. I suggest using Flonase as needed in the lowest effective dose. If using beyond two weeks I suggest seeing a doctor.

    I have actually been on Abilify since it came out on the market. I feel better than I did 10 years ago I can tell you that much. When I was just on my Viibryd I was ok, but having added the Abilify it’s like it intensifies the Viibryd to work.

    I have several diagnosis, like, Depression, Post Partum depression, Major Depression, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), Bipolar Disorder (not manic), Anxiety with agoraphobia, PTSD, Hypothyroidism, and General Anxiety Disorder.

    I think that adding the Abilify has been the best decision my doctor and I made, plus you have to die of something, right? I would rather die being happy and loving myself and others, rather than being depressed and wanting to die all the time. It gets old, so personally I love the Abilify and the extra umph it gave me. It was my miracle drug.

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    I use 2 puffs in each Nate before bedtime because I’m on bipap and I tend to be more stuffy at night

    there is a standard precaution warning when using corticosteroids for any kind of symptoms in any given formulation.

    There are no safety issues with this drug, it tends to have long term side effects which are subjective.

    Doctors advise to take it on and off for a week or two so that you are not exposed to side effects as much during that drug-free period

    If you are not using it long term and its just kinda one-time thing you can continue using for 3–4 weeks

    You can use Flonase indefinitely unless it is causing a nasal erosion which would cause you to have a bloody nose.

    Call your doctor at once if you have a serious side effect such as:

    • severe or ongoing nosebleeds;
    • noisy breathing, runny nose, or crusting around your nostrils;
    • redness, sores, or white patches in your mouth or throat;
    • fever, chills, weakness, nausea, vomiting, flu symptoms;
    • any wound that will not heal; or
    • blurred vision, eye pain, or seeing halos around lights.

    Common Side Effects of Flonase (Fluticasone Propionate Nasal Spray) Drug Center – RxList

    Yes, but in Australia we call that type of drink a ‘Flat White’.

    See Australians loved the Italian espresso essence topped up with milk but we weren’t fans of all that high pilled foam and chocolate sprinkles that just seemed to get in the way of enjoying a good cup of espresso coffee.

    So back in 1985 my partner, Alan Preston, in the cafe Moors Espresso, came up with the Flat White concept which was really a cappuccino but without the foam.

    I argued at the time that it should simply be called a white coffee but he insisted and the drink you describe became the ‘Flat White’ which has since achieved notoriety with Starbucks adopting the Aussie Flat White into their global menu.

    Here is Alan’s version of the Flat White or the cappuccino without foam.

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