• The length of time will it take me to castrate myself utilizing elestic bands?

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    As others have actually stated the bands would cut off blood flow and successfully kill the testicles within a few hours however it would take days or weeks for them to fall off.

    The discomfort would be beyond excruciating and it alone might potentially kill you by causing you to go into shock.

    If the discomfort does not do you in your next hurdle is gangrene or other infections.

    If you manage to endure the pain and don’t get an infection you still run a high risk of requiring surgical treatment. The tissue damage and scar tissue might cause you tremendous pain that will continue the rest of your life if not corrected.

    Simply put the opportunities of you ending up in the health center are high at any stage and that will indicate psych examinations and a forced stay with psychological health to ensure you are not an additional risk to yourself.

    Instead of run the risk of death disfigurement and being stuck in a psychological health facility versus your will you are much better off having actually the procedure performed by a urologist.

    It may take a while to find the best physician to perform the surgery however a little more time with testicles is much better than dying an extremely agonizing death.

    It just takes a couple of seconds to put them on, however you will be in pain for several days as your bits and pieces inflate from cutting off the blood circulation. (I’m assuming you’re male? If not then I can’t picture how you would achieve this with the technique suggested. )

    Next, stated bits will most likely turn black. There would probably still be a great deal of discomfort, and they may begin to stink as they start to decay.

    Offered you have not caught gangrene, then they ought to start to shrivel and dry up. Don’t be tempted to try pulling them off. Provide time and they will drop off on their own.

    There are quicker, cleaner methods of castration, but you most likely don’t understand any old farmers with a sharp knife and a strong bite.

    Note- the approaches I have explained work well on lambs and calves. Anyone attempting this on a human is asking for difficulty and a world of discomfort.

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    The pain would most likely send you to the ER where you would have to have mental therapy before you might go home.

    If you were to correctly utilize an elastrator and bands for farm animals your testicles would most likely be worthless after two or 3 hours, but do not take the bands off.

    With farm animals the bands are left on until the testicles fall off in a week or two.

    I have heard that if you put your testicles in ice water ahead of time and keep them iced for 3 hours approximately that the discomfort is bearable. I was told that after 3 or four hours that the discomfort goes away.


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    First individual is me. I used a elastrator we’ll my spouse did we used the try hander bands they are flat and more powerful than the green or Orange one we put 2 bands on my balls. I think I ought to say we played with them for a couple months In castration play we put the band on and each time left it on longer getting me used to the discomfort I enjoyed the feel of the band on my balls. Then my better half said she was done playing so she put 2 bands on my balls and wouldn’t cut them off with a bad shoulder and a huge gut I couldn’t see to cut the band’s off so they stayed on. It did harm for a hour or so that’s when I fell asleep when I woke the next early morning they were dead so no need to fret about them at that point so after 2 days she cut the balls of listed below the bands it took about 2 to 3 weeks for the band’s fell of it was practically recovered at that point. My partner likes the look with me not having those things suspending there. I use testosterone cream every day. My PSA is at.001 that benefits me so prostrate cancer don’t come back.

    The very same method as in animals.

    Elastration(a portmanteau of “flexible” and “castration”) is a bloodless method of male castration and docking frequently utilized for animals Elastration is simply banding the body part ( scrotum or tail) till it drops off. This technique is preferred for its simplicity, low cost, and minimal training requirements.

    Elastrator Technique

    This approach involves cutting off the blood supply to the testes with a heavy rubber band or ring. In 10 to 14 days, the scrotum and testes will slough off. This method is most effective for young animals whose scrotal tissues have not yet end up being well established. Products required include an elastrator (instrument used to use the bands) and castrating bands or rings (Purchase these from a livestock supply company. Do not utilize family elastic band!). It is not necessary to decontaminate the elastrator or rings because this approach is bloodless.

    I would not suggest this procedure for a human. The pain starts as mild to moderate and increases to severe by one hour. Numbing your testicles in ice water before and during will assist.

    There is a high probability of infection.

    Most wind up in the ER.

    Yes, and I was castrated 8 years ago …10–29–11 I liked the feeling of being castrated by a younger female, I was awake and simply the min. amount of meds’ for discomfort. I still remember the pulling pressure when She pulled each nut from my scrotum and clamped it off then the last nut cable was pulled into place, She ask if I was ready and I nodded as she cut the cords then seutured each cord and reliesed the clamps I now have my testicles on my young better half’s lovers nitestand to remined me I am no longer a man and my other half’s lover types her in front of me while I try to masturbate my now limp cock. but no longer annoyed I simply enjoy and after that give them both oral sex as I can never preform as a guy again.

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