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    Upload doctor prescription in request, there are 2 levels of approval. Call/mail them it won’t take much time. My wife is working in TCS for her it took less than 24 hour.

    Currently leaves are assigned quarterly based which are categorised into the following:

    1. Casual leaves: 1.75
    2. Ill leaves: 2
    3. Made leaves: 4
    4. Flexi leaves – 2 for the whole year.

    Now as far as the optimum permitted leaves are concerned you can avail all of your casual leaves without needing to brief anybody( much better if informed in previous to your lead).

    In the majority of the cases casual leaves would be sufficient to apply, in that case we apply authorized leave. If the number of sick leaves surpasses 2 we require to state reason (no document required in most of the cases). You can use only on the day of leave as you can not say “I’ll be ill tomorrow “

    For major health issues we have to send( upload) the medical files( keep you lead notified all the time).

    For flexible leave to apply depending on the location the vacation calender will be given which you have to apply in a week prior to the day.

    Versatile leaves get felt bitter every 1st January.

    Ill leaves and earned get carry forward till48 After 48 the staying earned leaves gets encashed and ill leaves gets lapsed.

    I hope this makes whatever about leaves clear.

    Edit1- As informed by @ Akagra Srivastav casual leaves do not get continue. Thanks for remedying.

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    Basically Tcs is a federal government company with 100%job security. You can obtain hell lot of leaves in this company. If you are in bench, consider it as paid holiday.

    There are 4 kinds of leaves in TCS.

    -> > Earned Leave, comparable to paid leave.

    -> > Authorized leave

    -> > Casual leave

    -> > Flexi vacation (2 leaves annually )

    Each staff member is provided a set number of 4 types of leaves initially.

    And after that, every quarter an additional number of leaves are added to existing leaves.

    Say you work for a year without taking any leave all leaves summed up amount to 40.

    However, it all depends upon the supervisor to utilize your leaves. In many projects that I worked for, workers are not given leaves rather they are given countervailing offs i.e work for an extra day and after that take an organized leave. This system is what makes staff members unsatisfactory. You have leaves to be utilized, you can not utilize them as and when required.

    In India, all MNC’s is required to offer a minimum paid leave, let say it as x variety of paid Leave. This x numerous throughout organization.But blunt reality is almost it would be beside difficult to take overall x leaves with no compromise like efficiency appraisal as departing is directly or indirectly linked with your performance or your group efficiency or your organization department performance. In my career, I have actually not met a single man or lady Who has actually Taken in all His paid leave in a Accounting year With exception to emergency medical and Maternity conditions. if you ever satisfy any man who has taken all his leave in Indian IT, let me know …:-RRB-

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    34 days of leave can be availed.This consists of 8casual leaves,16 made leaves and 10 ill leaves.

    The very best part is, all leaves apart from 8 casual leaves can be continued to the next year.

    When the amount overall of your carried forward leaves reach 54, the remaining leaves will be immediately encashed.

    But sadly there are no offsetting leaves readily available formally.

    Besides you will likewise get 8 public holidays and 2 optional holidays.

    Well depends on job and your dependence in it.

    1. any quantity from 1 to 60 days u can take but with correct factors like health issue
    2. No vacations in ILP.
    3. sick leave, casual leave, flexi leave, earned leave.u can integrate all.
    4. for approval of the same.first talk with your manager and win him for your leave approval

    All The Best!

    There are 3 types of leaves.

    Casual-1.5 in one quarter



    Apart from that flexi leaves are 2 in number for entire year. And 8 holidays like holi, diwali, onam etc depending upon your state.

    There is a leave policy in TCS. You can check it in Your Ultimatix account. Go for GESS-> > Apply Leave.

    you can take 2 each month.

    It relies on your project functionality. If its a worldwide job then you might get your leaves according to business rules they follow. Butbnormal leaves might depnd s on your group lead.

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