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    I assume that this question refers to a woman (girl) allowing a dog to lick their GENITAL area, right?

    I have to believe that most women who have been around a trusted dog have at some point let the dog lick them. Especially when exiting a shower. Dogs naturally will want to lick water from skin, and if allowed to have free access, that WILL progress to licking near and ON the genital area. Once a dog discovers this interesting smell and taste, most will continue to want to lick that area whenever the opportunity presents itself 🙂 It is fine for the dog, and despite what some ill-informed moralists might say, it is in NO WAY abusive to a dog!

    As for the woman? And this goes for men too. There is nothing wrong with taking pleasure from this. The dog WANTS to do it! And since dogs live in the moment and do not feel regret or guilt about what they do, you are not “corrupting” or “taking advantage of” your dog’s natural behavior.

    This private time with a dog is probably something that most people will keep to themselves……even from a loved and trusted significant other in their lives. Sadly, ofttimes that is from misplaced guilt. But really it is is mostly because of fear that they will be judged for something that really is harmless and actually quite natural.

    Very few to none.

    I grew up with dogs and have lived with them for nearly fifty years. I have never once had a single pooch lick my genitals despite being naked in their presence frequently.

    One of my dogs did like to sneak his head into the shower and lick the soap off of me. I will admit he got my butt cheek more than once. This was a bit alarming and not a romantic or sexually stimulating experience.

    How many men do you think let their dogs lick their genitals and never admit it?

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    I’ll admit to it, just kind of happened one day, I enjoyed it and never told anyone. This happened earlier this year. It’s probably going to happen again.

    My dog used to lick my hands and arms.

    I think it was her way of trying to groom me, like she used to groom her old friend Willie.

    Lady passed away nearly 3 years ago at age 14. She was a border collie mix and a very loving dog.

    Thank you for your question, Lilly Vugheen, “Do you let your dog lick your face?”

    I do not even though I love Harley dearly. However, dogs, including my rescue, Harley, lick their paws and genitalia. I’m uncomfortable with letting him lick my face for this reason.

    Sometimes, he will lick my bare feet which I allow.

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    My guess is that, out of the women who own dogs, the number would probably be around 20%, Same goes for men.

    A dog likes licking a person, it is natural for them. If she/he is fresh out of the shower, the dog seems to enjoy licking the water off of them. This includes the genital area at times.

    If it feels good, and the dog enjoys doing it, and you enjoy having it done to you, what is the problem?

    I think you will find that most young kids would let this happen and enjoy it.

    Depending on how old they are, it would probably help some of them from going bat crap crazy because the only other source of relief they have is masturbation. Their parents have told them that masturbation is wrong, but not that letting the dog eat them, so that’s the way they go.

    I used to see a lady whose dog would lick her all the time. One time, when she was laying between my legs giving me a blow job, I discovered that her dog was licking her pussy and got her off. Once, she had to push her dog away from trying to lick me. She offered to let her finish me off, which I declined. She proceeded to tell me how the dog would lick her while she was sleeping and she thought nothing of it.

    About that time I stopped seeing her.

    I should add that she did not use peanut butter. She said her dog liked he natural.

    Nothing. dog’s have good bacteria in their saliva that are actually good for you. so besides the butt licking, and….crap eating, dog’s mouths are actually fairly clean. So it’s ok to let your dog lick you

    That depends on where they are licking.

    If it’s constant paw licking, that is often a sign of self soothing due to pain and or anxiety.

    Licking in one particular spot may be a “hot spot” or an itchy spot.

    Licking of things that are not on them, like, say their human, can be a soothing thing for them, or a way to release anxiety. This behavior is often seen in the higher strung breeds; the terriers, herders, and toy group.

    Licking items is also a HUGE sensory for dogs. They taste and sense the world around them through smell and taste.

    If your doggo is licking so much that hair is coming off, consult a vet. If paw licking is constant, consult a vet. Other than that, sometimes dogs just love to lick!

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    I had male dogs with human names and so did some friends. I never saw them and neither did I feel different because of the human names. I did see a difference with female dogs with human names. They were hugged and kissed more. Also, dressed up.

    You will read different explanations about why dogs lick people’s faces. In my experience, dogs lick other dogs faces and people’s faces because that’s how they express affection and connection. I’ve read that generally, dogs don’t naturally like being hugged. It’s a human thing that they can learn to understand as affection. People kiss….and often kiss their dogs. Something close. People kiss, dogs lick.

    I could tell my dog was sick, maybe very sick. Maybe dying. However, as we waited for the afternoon appointment at the vet, I didn’t imagine he wouldn’t be coming home after it. Or maybe I did. The way to say, “I love you” dog style is to lick the face. I licked his face for the first and last time before we left to visit the vet where we would find out his heart was failing from heart cancer and our time together was over. What did he think? I hope he thought, “He loves me.”

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