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    Simply speaking, grades of fatty liver merely depict how bright the liver looks on ultrasound. (Fat appears bright)

    This grading only depicts the amount of fat accumulated in the liver. While this is important information, it would be wrong to read too much into it.

    The functioning of the liver has got no relationship with the fat content.

    Detection of fatty liver is an early warning system– a wake up call, if you may. The body is ingesting/creating too much fat and depositing it in organs where it shouldn’t. This fat incites inflammation within the liver, which can finally result into fibrosis/cirrhosis/liver cancer. However, the chances of developing diabetes and cardiovascular complications (heart attack, stroke, angina) are even higher.

    So, to answer your question- Fatty liver grade 3 itself is not very serious. However, it has the potential to cause some damage.

    That said, fatty liver per se is quite reversible. For most cases, lifestyle changes are all that is required- stop alcohol, reduce caloric intake, and start exercising. The fat gets consumed.

    Easier said than done, I know!

    During stage 3, fluid accumulates in the abdominal cavity. Clinical symptoms become obvious, including weight loss, yellowing skin, fatigue, and confusion. Cirrhosis has become irreversible.

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    Unfortunately, there are no FDA-approved medications for fatty liver disease. So far, the two best drug options affirmed by the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases for biopsy-proven NASH are vitamin E (an antioxidant) and pioglitazone (used to treat diabetes). Experts recommend these foods in particular for a healthy liver: Almond milk or low-fat cow’s milk: Dr. Delgado-Borrego says adults and children with fatty liver disease need to pay attention to calcium consumption.

    Grade 3 Fatty Liver or Advanced Stage NAFLD is irreversible disorder. In this stage diaphragms get blocked which pose difficulty in breathing. Therefore, patient has to undergo bariatric surgery if advised by doctor.

    Grade 3 (severe): Fat cells comprise more than 66% of the liver’s overall weight. Conclusion. Steatosis can be reversed in a short duration by aggressive life style modifications in highly motivated liver donors.


    Hepatomegaly with fatty liver grade 3 is the sonography assessment of the liver.

    Just like you don’t judge a book by its cover, you cant judge the liver purely on basis of sonography.

    Unfortunately, the sonographic grading (grade 3 in this case) does not correspond to the actual severity.

    It takes a corroboration of clinical findings, biochemical tests like LFT, sonography and in some cases special tests to get the complete picture.

    Consult with a Hepatologist.

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    There is no medication or surgery to reverse fatty liver, however, it is possible to reverse fatty liver depending on the severity of damage to the liver. Simple forms of fatty liver can be reversed by adopting a healthy lifestyle. Sadly, severe forms of fatty liver might not be reversed so the primary goal will be to slow down progression and delay the need for a liver transplant by leading a healthy lifestyle.

    Work with your doctor to come up with a plan that will work for you. Reversal of fatty liver could take months or even years depending on how much fat is deposited in the liver. Be patient, stick to the proper diet plan and allow your liver to regenerate.

    Diet & Lifestyle

    • Lose weight and eat healthy.

    Overweight or obese people are more susceptible to fatty liver so it is important to lose weight to reverse the damage to your liver or prevent fatty liver. If your BMI exceeds 25 then losing weight is paramount. Adopt a plan that will help you lose weight gradually (aim at 1-2 pounds a week). Losing weight drastically can be harmful to your body. Studies show that losing at least 9% of your body weight can reverse the damage caused by fatty liver. A lesser percentage might not reverse the effects but it will reduce the build-up of fats in the liver.

    Ensure that the food you take is a balanced diet that is rich in fruits, vegetables, proteins, whole grains and oily fish. It is also very important to eat food that is low in refined carbohydrates, saturated fat, and red meat. Avoid unnecessary medications and make sure that you consume healthy fats.

    • Regular exercise.

    Staying physically active not only helps you drop weight, maintain a healthy weight, it also improves your circulation which in turn improves the body’s ability to disperse fats throughout the body. With regular exercise, your body will be forced to use carbohydrates for energy instead of converting them into fats. Fat burning cardio and weight training exercises like jogging, Zumba, brisk walking, weight lifting and resistance training melts away excess calories and help you lose weight.

    • Cut down on alcohol consumption.

    Whether your fatty liver is as a result of excess consumption of alcohol or not, it is important to cut alcohol from your diet or restrict it. Alcohol causes liver inflammation or damage liver cells.

    • Quit smoking.

    Although smoking is not a direct cause of fatty liver, studies show that it exacerbates fatty liver. Giving up smoking will do wonders for your overall health and also help keep your liver healthy and functional.

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    I had cured this condition in two months, where it takes anything between 9 months to 1 year to reverse. In some unfortunate cases, it has even led to cirrhosis leading to liver failure. First and foremost thing is to fix is our diet. Reversing fatty liver disease Grade II is rare, but not impossible. Satyendra Garg narrates how he managed to reverse the condition through intermittent fasting and sticking to a proper diet.

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    The affliction is dividing with alcohol use because of the top cause of liver disease in developing countries. Becoming fat is the biggest indicator, however, it isn’t restricted to the heavy. How to reduce your chances of getting hired.

    It’s been called”the most common disorder you’ve never heard of”, affecting one in four people — more than sufferers of diabetes and arthritis joint. The trouble is, a lot of men and women who have it do not need some symptoms, and detect the problem only when it is at an advanced stage. It is a fatty liver disorder, and the range of people afflicted is now rising.

    Cirrhosis of the liver — in which scarring replaces the liver cells that are healthy, decreasing its capacity to function — is common in alcoholics, and also usually starts out as fatty liver disease, a build-up of fat in the manhood. What few people realize is the fact that even non-drinkers can form fatty livers or nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.

    Four key things you may not know about your liver

    1. It’s the biggest gland of the body.

    2. It is the largest solid organ, weighing between 1.44kilogram and 1.66kilogram.

    3. It is the only organ that’s self-healing; just as little as a quarter of the mass could regenerate itself straight back to full size.

    4. It has more than 500 roles

    — removing from the bloodstream

    — processing nutrients

    — balancing sugar, fat and protein in the blood

    — producing compounds to assist clot blood

    — breaking and metabolizing alcohol and drugs

    — producing cholesterol and essential proteins

    Yes, you can cure a fatty liver. Studies have shown that a loss of 5% or more of body weight will substantially reduce liver fat stores and improve liver function in a large proportion of NAFLD (non-alcoholic fatty liver disease) patients. I did it. I gradually escalated what I was doing to deal with my NAFLD. First, I made sure that I was averaging more than 10,000 steps a day of walking, and climbing over 30 flights of stairs. Many smartphones have apps that can help you monitor this. But this, by itself, didn’t lead to weight loss or improved liver function in my case. I had to stack a few other countermeasures together. So I cut alcoholic drinks from maybe 3 or 4 a week to less than 1. Then I cut my sugar intake down to ~25% of what it had been (I do suffer from a sweet tooth). This is important. The fructose, which makes up 50% of table sugar, and over half of high fructose corn syrup, is much more likely to be turned into fat than glucose is. Moreover, nearly all fructose that enters our bodies is specifically taken up by the liver, because our muscles, heart and brain cannot take it up. Finally, I limited all food intake to an eleven hour or shorter daily window. This step might not be advisable for a diabetic, but I am not diabetic, and it was this last step that finally kicked me into a successful weight loss track.

    Losing weight is not easy; a combination of will power and lifestyle changes are required to do it. If your strategy depends on will power alone, you will probably end up giving in to your hunger, and yo-yo back up to your pre-diet weight or higher.

    Whatever you do though, please beware of herbal supplements; some are just plain dangerous. Yes, they may suppress your appetite, but some people have died taking them. Personally, I find that several cups of coffee help get me through the morning without breakfast. Yes, coffee is herbal, but it is an herb for which we have extensive experience and health data. Taking an herb that you know less about is asking for trouble, because most plants in nature are full of toxins (a major aspect of crop domestication was selection for plants with lower toxin levels). Plants can’t run away when something nibbles on them, and so instead plants in the wild use toxins to protect themselves. And the number one organ in your body whose job it is to detoxify these compounds is [drum roll, please . . .] THE LIVER! Your liver is not invulnerable to these toxins, but it is the very first organ they encounter after absorption into the blood stream, and so the liver must serve as the body’s front line defense. The whole rationale for curing your fatty liver is to make your liver healthier. In effect, some herbal medicines end up doing the opposite.

    In summary, your best bet for curing fatty liver is to use a combination of exercise, sensible eating, and if possible, micro-fasts (my 13 hours or more each day when I avoid calorie intake). It’s not entirely discomfort-free, but for me it has been successful and sustainable.

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