• They are engineered to be driven hard and will feed your need for an excellent hooning, as long as you care for them, exactly as is the sentiment in Kevin’s action.

    There are some caveats, however, that are relatively well covered in the BMW community.

    1. The cooling system, or a component thereof, will, at some time, most likely stop working. Water pumps tend to be electric and with plastic impellers – these get breakable due to heat. For contemporary turbocharged M automobiles, there is even a water-cooled charge air circuit (water-air charge cooling) which is another electrical water pump that can fail.

      We’re talking 100 000 miles here, typically, and after that you ought to be good to opt for another 100 k miles – however understand it and discover what “regular” temps look like for your car. [Reference #1]
    2. Pre-F-Series designs (2008 ish) have weaker subframes and differential mounts and you’re likely to break a diff install or part of a subframe if you drive the vehicle sideways a lot – if you’re careful with ow you treat it on track, it’ll likely be OK however, however great deals of hard sideways will show this powerlessness, particularly on E36, E39 and E46 models. [Reference #2]
    3. Change your oil more regularly than the stated service intervals if you drive the automobile hard frequently and don’t drive the automobile hard with a cold engine – provide it time to warm-up prior to you get on it.
    4. If you have any of the naturally aspirated M cars, out of guarantee, you need to be familiar with a possibly massively pricey problem that associates with failure of rod bearings in the engine. If left, it can cause disastrous engine failure.

      Previous ownership, and how the vehicle was treated and kept, does matter however this issue is likely to affect any naturally aspirated, high-revving M vehicle at some time.

      Change the bearings preventatively. [Reference #OhNo]
    5. Likewise, on older M automobiles once again, VANOS (BMW’s dazzling variable valve timing and lift) is likely to experience leakages due to tired out rubber O-Rings – again, preventative maintenance here is important and we’re talking around 100 k miles when it becomes a concern.

    There are a couple of model-specific extra items that need upkeep as the car ages (in the case of these, they’re approaching 10 years of ages, so that is reasonable)

    E9x M3 (the V8) and E60 M5/ E63 M6 (the V10)

    1. Problems with worn teeth on the electronic throttle solenoid – replacement required
    2. Problems with VANOS and oil pump – mostly not a huge offer if the relevant parts are replaced preventatively when doing the bearings.

    On SMG-equipped designs, the clutch and clutch release bearing can provide issues, as can the hydraulic pump for the gearbox, however the gearbox itself is solid.

    Upkeep does not equivalent failure. Know that an efficiency cars and truck will need extra upkeep and you require to be knowledgeable about the cost of running any M vehicle and even any BMW, for that matter. If you understand, and perform, the right upkeep, including products discussed above, you are likely to have lots of satisfying miles with these cars. There’s something special about the method a BMW feels and drives.

    ANY car, no matter the brand, that is fairly contemporary with an ECU-controlled engine, will at some time experience failures of certain engine sensing units and electronic parts – this is not brand particular and is simply something that happens from age and heat and age. (Yes, age two times)

    This is maintenance, not failure, and when again it is important to know what sort of items will need replacement or maintenance throughout the life of the lorry.

    BMWs are not inexpensive to maintain and they do require additional upkeep when compared to something more appliance-like. However they are performance-oriented.


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