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    Method #1: Using Remove Unplug Router

    1. Clear the cookie list in your browser.
    2. Unplug the router.
    3. Restart the computer.
    4. Wait 5-7 minutes.
    5. Reconnect your router.
    6. Start Omegle without CAPTCHA.

    If I had an answer, I wouldn’t be here and I’d still be searching for living human beings on Omegle.

    Somehow, botmasters have managed to get around it, and it is still plagued by bots.

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    • Just wait 24 hours.
    • You could try to find a proxy site. (I do not know if any will work.)
    • Use a different computer (i.e., different i.p. address).

    To bypass captchas online you may use automated captcha solver extensions like https://captchas.io which auto solves captchas for you.

    Install the Google Chrome extension Chrome Auto Captcha Solver Extension

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    i,am a 16 year old Guy that loves Omegle and cant get over it. I use Omegle in a sexual way and i cant stop to think about iT. When i was 12 i started to use Chatroulette, the idea of people watching me and talking to me was a great feeling. when I was 13 years old i found out that people also use it as something like porn, later I did that to. Now I’m suffering from depression, mood swings, and so many other things. My parents don’t have any clue that I almost 5 years jerking off on Omegle. I would never tell them that i do that, not only because they would be disappointed in me but also that I’m having a problem with it and i don’t wanna go to a psychologist anymore.. i just hate myself and omegle is my escape to reality.

    I have a girlfriend i met her 9 years ago she was my first girlfriend. We have now almost 2 year a relationship and i told her anything about my addiction. She was so in shock, she told me that it needs to stop.. she helps me with my addiction but now i decided to nothing saying about anymore. I’m now on vacation and I feel so bad. I just want to stop it…

    please help me.

    Well omegle is a chat website where you talk to to a random stranger using common interests. Though it is also possible to use a webcam or do spy question mode.

    To use Omegle go to

    Omegle: Talk to strangers!

    And click start a chat to instantly start a chat with a random stranger to get matches that share interests add some tags.

    Click Video to do a webcam chat this will also use your tags

    And finally Spy Question Mode

    If you ask the question then you get to see two strangers discuss it but you cannot contribute to the chat.

    Also you can discuss a question with a stranger this does not use your tags just remember someone is watching you.

    A warning I see people say Omegle webcam has many perverted men masturbating this is true so a warning.

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    I think they are meant to exasperate. I had a jolly argument with a newspaper support person once: I was supposed to click on all the traffic lights. Should I click on the portion of the grid showing the pole supporting the traffic light fixture?

    A sensible CAPTCHA would be something like “type in the digits representing the sum of eight and nine.”

    How do I get rid of captcha on Omegle?

    The normal way to get rid of a captcha anywhere is to do whatever it tells you to do to prove you’re human. I’m not familiar with Omegle but I would assume the same applies.

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