• It means its nervous, probably stupid. It probably knows you dumped them.

    Like how I’m dumping Steve jrambeck that’s in denial of rejecting. I’m in a relationship with the real cone from sum 41, not a con.

    This guy is delusional, I me we met him before. He described himself to me, he’s conceited.

    I’m skinny compare to him. He’s 600 pounds which is disgusting. He keeps saying I like chubby girls, I shouldn’t be Chubby. I should be skinny. He’s really a nuisance Causing malicious intent..

    He use to wear Abercrombie an ditch, is preppy. I have zero interest in him.

    I wear ghoul looking clothes an skater logo clothes shich is the opposite. Opposites don’t attract, sorry.

    I have a cancer ascendant, he’s drawn to that. I told the loser in not attracted to Capricorn an sign guys .

    I’m attracted to virgos mostly, then its Taurus sun sign guys. Theyre just sexy to me, I guess. All of my ex’s mostly are Burgos, Taurus guys.

    This guy keeps sexually harassing me, keeps telling me I have no boyfriend, that its Chad who’s Steve jrambeck.

    He keeps bullying cone, me an won’t leave me alone. Every time that I dump him be becomes more vain, says I’m not listening to Dan the psychic who keeps telling him I dumped him.

    He’s malicious an bullies me when he gets dumped by me every time. Its a permanent dump. Then he says I’m playing hard to get, I keep telling him I’m not.

    My reason for dumping him is being obsessive, starting out getting inside my pants, I ha e no idea what he physically looks like. I never met him my whole entire life. So that takes away the looks. I’m not attracted to preppy guys, saying I’m going to change myself to impress you. I don’t need someone fake.

    Next is his personality. He’s a sex offender, a creep . I don’t like his brain. He’s stupid. He doesn’t listen, because of trying to own me an have sex with me..makes me dislike him even more which goes to the heart.

    I don’t like his heart, he isn’t even straight. He’s bi sexual an slept with my ex chuck Lewis in the house, is a pig. Hrs sleeping with Amber, keeps calling me amiss Scott the pornstar look which I’m not a pornstar look. I’m abstinent.

    The thing is he bullies me, runs back to me which makes him stupid. I told him I’m going to have you murdered by hiring a assassin who’s a sniper to shoot you in back of the head for hitting on me, running back to me. I’m checking the gullible mind of him, seeing how stupid he is to run back to someone that already permantenly dumped him.

    He says he’s waiting for mini alba. He is t my husband who’s cash warren looking. My husband is a Virgo, not a Capricorn. He keeps saying I’m not in a relationship playing the reverse game.

    I told him I’m not playing the reverse game, I have a serious look on my face. I said you’re trying to break me an cone up, he’s sick of this nuisance who’s causing malicious intent. My gypsy Joanne told me this na k in 2011, said to dump chick Lewis and his friends in the house they’re all a Pisces. She says to stay away from the industry nd if her third eye, said to stay away from your past.

    She asked me if I wanted to be annoying who’s malicious with them, I said no.

    She said stay away from your past, has been since 2011. The drama within the industry didn’t happen till 2013 with Kristina hall.

    They’re stuck to me from the psychic Dan who has telepathy, is harassing me who’s all nick wellness click. Theure here toke me go nuts for nick wellner, that’s it.

    This Steven guy is a retard.vhes arrogant, trying to get with someone he’s trying to make nuts. He keeps running back to Chan that’s Zimmerman zu mos slut. She works at a escort service, already said she would screw Steven, then leads him on. She’s asking him to harass Angie, same with zu mos inside the house for p ussy from Chan. Chan says to go to Angie, dumps him. I told Chan to stop bullying me, that I dumped her and zu mos an Steve jrambeck and Murdock that keeps sexually harassing me, trying to push me to commit suicide within my mind, is waiting for me to go nuts. I never met zu mos my whole entire life or Chan

    Its senile bc its been on tour the hole time, I’m not balance with the i system an so how did we meet an how am I bullying them. Chan says I’m bullying Angie because of her face, want her shot in the head or hanged. Chan doesn’t like her nose. She fiesbt want her a part of sum 41 because of zummos trying to fuck her. I told zummos I’m not a hooker, I have a brain. There’s no 3 chicks including me as one of them. Chan keeps bullying me because he’s a player. I already dumped him. He says he’s heart broken, that there’s no cone with me because he likes white girls with blonde hair, I like the color girls. If there’s a color girl its mine. He automatically assumes that the girl wants me because he has a Asian fetish, Likes Mexican looking girls not cone. He says cone needs to dump her because Angie is mine, that’s why.

    I said Steven joc hooked us up in the third eye and same with my psychic Joanne. It turns out that cone is my soulmate, its my looks more.

    Jason asked me out, I said yes. He’s my preference in type. I’m not attracted to zummos physically or mentally or emotionally. I dumped him. He’s malicious at me, is soliciting me as a slur, is giving me to Steve jrambeck. I’m not interested in Steve jrambeck. I have a one track mind. I only like one guy” that’s cone.

    Jason said he dumped the band sum 41, its wahn. Jason said he hates the drummer zummos, his girl Chan. Jason is loyal, there is no spite with him.

    He says he just wants Angie, that’s it an to stop bullying her, trying to break us up by trying to hook Jason up with one of Chan’s hooker friends that’s white with blonde hair. He says I don’t like blondes with white skin. You’re not listening to his mind, heart. He means what he says. He likes mixed girls.

    So please stop ruining my love life with my boyfriend cone. I’m staying with him. I just like him, that’s it.

    There’s no annoying people, causing malicious intent.



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