• This ones actually really simple. On discord you can right click people or channels to open a small pop-up menu. One of the options in this menu is “Copy ID”. Note that you will need to enable developer mode on discord to be able to use this feature. Click it and it will give you the ID. With this ID you can use this format to mention any channel:

    <#ID> e.g <#755151845038489733>

    Hope this helps!

    Currently you’re unable to link or mention voice channels. What you can do at most is enable Developer Mode, which can be found under:

    User Settings > Appearance > Advanced: Developer Mode : Enable

    then select Copy ID from the context (right click) menu of the channel in question and paste the as following:


    this will convert int…

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    Left bottom corner where it displays the voice channel and server names

    Click this button

    I think Tae’s original image was very much supposed to be the mysterious/strange/intriguing member (hence his late reveal as a member of the group and BH pushing the “alien” aspect in early interviews/videos), so they probably tried to find names that fit that concept (foreign…

    SM Entertainment was the first company to have Bubble. They started it and their artists have been on it since like 2018. It’s on the app called Lysn and you access bubble through there (Download Lysn > Register > select the “more button” on the bottom right corner > Select “bubble” > and you can find all the artists that are on it. Lysn is free to download but I believe it costs about $3.50 per month per idol if you wish to receive their messages.

    The thing is, Freddie shouldn’t be in this competition – he performed in a completely different genre at a completely different time to the others and to be honest was in a class all by himself and beats all the others here without trying

    As for the others, I’d rank Rihanna second as she at least has some good stuff in her repertoire and seems, for want of a better term, to have some “darkness” (not skin tone – musically and lyrically) in her style, for example “Disturbia”.

    I regard Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez as largely interchangeable – talented artists and singers who simply operate in styles that I don’t care for at all, so they are joint third.

    Britney is again someone who operates in musical genres that I don’t care for but she has a weaker voice than either Beyoncé or Jennifer Lopez so she comes last in this list. She also gets docked a point for her execrable cover of Joan Jett’s “I Love Rock & Roll”:

    Britney Spears – I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll (Official Video)

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    As other answers have stated, Hoseok would be the next best suited.

    I think Hoseok has the right amount of firmness (re : him during dance practices) and consideration to be the leader of BTS as well as Namjoon would. As bubbly and extroverted as he is, he is still able to reign in the group when necessary. And he certainly takes care of everyone very well.

    Though I think Namjoon is still more well rounded in the sense that he is a very good spokesperson for BTS. This isn’t to say that Hoseok is not well spoken but Namjoon has the articulate tact that suits very well in interviews and portrays what BTS is and stands for suitably, whereas Hoseok is more of a mood maker and doesn’t dwell on serious topics too long.

    Put “<#” in front of the channel ID and another “>” after. You can get the channel ID by enabling developer mode in the settings and right clicking the voice chat. So it would look something like <#938585494055452688>

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    You can’t unless you are in developer mode, (settings>appearance>developer mode) then copy the channel id and in your message type <#(insert channel ID)>


    He is fluent in English, Korean and Japanese

    He has responsibility and cares extra much for all the members

    He is good at clarifying things at interviews or news conferences

    His fast thinking and calm attitude when there is a problem

    It’s not saying the Jin, the oldest cannot be a leader because he lacks these things. RM has passion when speaking and he loves to. Jin may be the oldest, but he might have problems with getting peer pressure and speaking fluently.

    Whatever, thanks to RM who is a good leader although he might not be the oldest

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