• Follow the app; read terms and conditions and click next. Maybe ask why. Ok Skip why? Scroll down to bottom footnotes for linked steps to register. Remember the answer to this question how did I get here and why did I click in agreement to the terms and conditions? In a month’s time likely this information will be a lost, abandoned or interrupted, like lost memories or forsaken dreams.

    ———————————-WHY CHOOSE QUORA?———————————-

    Quora is a unique internet beast or best friend to tame or taunt its Users. Turning beasts into pests, or pets is up to the Users discretion, skill, time and patience? Taming the beast needs exquisite insight and control to stay with them, lead them on, out or in to your circle of trusty sturdy Steeds and Friends. Control on Quora is diverse in settings ways; control is mostly experimental, evolutionary and dependent on familiarity in the environment. Personal growth is a natural expectation in anticipation Quora importantly has many ways also to show our appreciation and thanks for other Users content and the professionals who provide the free service platform for it’s Users all; from the base of the Quora pyramid to the tip top.

    There on top where all the best adds are to be found and hidden again.

    Taking control of it all is time consuming on the mute topic, block and unblock buttons. It’s tricky at first knowing why it’s a good idea to block a follower when they follow and immediately unblock them.

    Topic muting is worth the effort. All denominations of Users have the same control over how they use their time on Quora as Visitors or Users interacting with other Users.

    Frequent active Users share and write well about their values perhaps not perfectly but with passion and respect at least. Use messages and invites to spaces personally with intoductions and comments if you need to ask for or suggest edits don’t be personal when you come acrross closed doors and dead ends. Comment if you must / can or move on are all good options to consider in good.

    Our only effective User control is in; block, mute, follow, report and notification feedback and responses. This is a must to have an ongoing strategy and campaign in pursuit for supreme control over repetitive diatribes and distraction of the mega topics.

    When good writers work is worth following follow them first as following big popular topics is a signal to the bot you want more on a particular topics. On interesting or popular topics it’s better to follow and or be notified of users activity rather than follow the topic to see all new content on the topic on those topics of use to you. Topic filtering this way means topics I’m interested in I also block. It helps avoid user-wot-not shenanigans, idiocy and meme idiocy mega topics all the click bait distractions commercial and news items attract.

    Quora’s wot-not Bots have automanic control of our feed’s content if the User hasn’t done anything; they roam tirelessly over our activity to fill our feed. Bots are invasive this way and take total control of what is your space not theirs! Yes I talk to the Bots, Wot-nots and Mod Lots. A one way notification conversation follows on, in one way or another within comments, answers and reports of one fashion and style or another. Read or not none the less the message when it’s needed or a point to be made comes through loud and clear here. If not consider likewise who’s invasive, evasive and abusive you or other Users should you or they be round here expect to be rapidly reported, blocked, muted, followed and tuned onto or off of.

    I like to keep interactions wholesome or not at all. Wholesome equals; productive, valuable personal user experiences. Top writer awards, credits and other rewards are a good example of how a platform manages to create the ego dopamine flow that keeps insecure and aspirational Users coming back for more. On Quora you can block anyone including in blue, starred, Aging Top writers.(TW’s), Mods, Founders, Friends, Time wasters and our Enemies.

    What’s right with Quora? Block and mute, Report , votes up and down. Remember;

    Bot loves Ya babe.”

    It works for to make smart loving people here. People who are and do make themselves available to help and support those who come to the platform looking for answers. Answering their most sensitive and difficult problems and questions about; life, work, leisure and anything under the sun they feel they want to or must find out about.What’s wrong mostly with life? It’s the same all over as here on Quora; when expectations are unrealistic we are bound to end up disappointed. Make it real and genuine. Quora essentially is controlled/driven by AI (QCR’s artificial intelligence). Note well; It’s all of Us the Users who add the GIL (Genuine intelligence love.) to the platform in freely sharing our experiences with everyone here.

    Beta Francaise; choose your language? [1][2] Use Quora in English. [3]Quora site map [4][Tips; [5] Be nice and be respectful here. Remember Quora User’s have access to many features including the benefits of Anonymous and the downside of false assumptions in answers and questions. I’m assuming someone reading this answer from the link to it on my profile is just as likely to be a registered Quora User as not. Thank you Rahul for your answer and my guests for being here. I look forward to answering any of the searched only questions and submitted alike found on G.L.N. profile page in it’s public profile diary. I welcome reading submissions on the blogs I edit and publish on [6] , comments, on answers and for your edit suggestions I thank you here and now ditto. Footnote back to G.L N [7]

    Enjoy Quora have fun. Remember also it’s risky to bring the house down with too much laughter. Especially when the OP=Other person is asking a serious question to them that may sound odd to you ♪○?○♪

    Thank you Rahul. To sign up for Quora, you have following options:

    • Facebook
    • Google
    • Email

    By picking any one of the option, you can register yourself with Quora. With a registered profile of your own you are ready to ask and answer, post and comment and create a blog to draft all your questions and answers on. Easy optin for some is register on Quora with an Email account linked to Google or Facebook. Choose either option any email will do though. Login and go once your User account is verified. Happy, interesting, learning Quora days and ways. Full steam ahead.


    Comment annecdote:- Users; Droid vs Browser

    Bugfeatures, Bugfatigues, Bug… ….One things for sure android and Bugs have much to answer for? Here in Browsersville droids bugs are less abundant or invasive. The best mute button on Qupra is the Mute Topic option. Mute them all, it takes time so make some for it and mute all the topics on disinterested dodgy questions it might help. It makes for a mighty better experience difference to the Browser experience.

    ————————-WHY QUORA?—————————-

    To be sure droids and browsers are not all equal:-

    Android vs Browser desk/ lap top pc? A 0, B 10


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