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    1. Excess Distressing
    2. Unusual Body Language
    3. Palpitations
    4. Seeming like you will fall while walking
    5. Mood Swings
    6. Might not sleep
    7. Anger

    Read below you will discover some aid:

    This is my very first time when I am composing a blog site that relates to my story and thought would help the dear and liked ones who are going through this.

    My Reality Story

    I am in Panic attack, Stress and anxiety, and Depression for the last 2 years.

    How it took place to me:


    For me it was alcohol, I am 32 years of ages and suffering from Panic attack for the last two years.

    Let me inform you my story:

    For two years I was working and staying in Mumbai. At that time I was drinking alcohol day-to-day and excess on weekends.

    On weekdays I was consuming at the night around 2 to 3 beers and after that sleep. Some times it goes to more than 3 beers which lead to taking off from my office providing various factors that I am not well and all.

    After some time I had some cash and I believed to take leave for 10 days from the workplace and will stay at house. For 10 days I was drinking alcohol frequently day and night.


    On the l lth day, I woke up and I was fine. It began viewing television and unexpectedly I seemed like something is occurring to me.

    And then it occurred, an abrupt intense fear that took place to me and was my body was behaving abnormally. I believed I am losing control, felt it is a cardiac arrest and I will die.

    I contacted my workplace good friend as my office was nearby. It told him something is happening to me please come then it thought after 10 minutes he reached my place. Because 10 minutes I have actually taken pail and put cold water on me with clothing on, my whole space was with water and I started feeling I genuine threat.

    My buddy asked what take place and told him to reserve a cab quickly otherwise I will die and I was wandering here and there with God’s name that please conserve me from this.

    50,000 thoughts remained in my mind and they are telling me that you will die, I felt like that my left hand is no more and my stomach will blast and my feet, different palpitations. I took an automobile with my pal and the health center was nearby 10 minutes distance however it seemed like 4 hours to me.

    The moment I reached healthcare facility, where my friend was paying the rickshaw motorist I ran and go into the basic ward yelling out loud that I am passing away please somebody conserves me. On the opposite side, there was ICU and the nurse informed me to wait as the medical professional is in ICU.

    But I was not in the condition to wait I straight unlocked and went to ICU and saying that I am dying please save me. The physician informed me to relax and lie down in bed they examined my BP and Pulse and till that time my condition was much worse. I envisioned seeing negative images as they were really like a ghost haunted or had me.

    My throat was feeling dry as It will come out. The tractor is operating on my chest.

    They told me not to talk but I told them If I will not talk I will absolutely die. I informed my friend not to inform my mother and father as they were in Jammu. I informed him to only inform them if I would die.

    Then the doctor called someone and then offered me an injection and glucose. The medicine took around 40 minutes to react and after that I seemed like I am safe now.

    The doctor called a Psychiatrist who guided him to give the medicine and I was under observation for 24 hours. At 10: 00 pm IST the psychiatrist came and I asked him what was that taking place to me. He informed me that it is an Anxiety attack.

    He told me that nobody dies with an Anxiety attack but the sensation is shared. There are moderate and extreme attacks and mine was extreme. He offered me medication for 10 days and told me you will be great. I informed him that If it happens again what ought to I do, he had actually also pointed out SOS tablet in case of a Panic attack which will eliminate that feeling.

    Believe me or not Anxiety attack threatens to manage with the help of medication.

    I took the medicine for 10 days and went once again to the physician and I was fine. It did not need to take SOS medication for that 10 days other medicines were working well.

    But once again bad things take time to go, after around a month I took alcohol with my friends again and the next day it occurred again but with a mild attack and I took SOS and went to the physician and remained there for around 2 hours up until to goes.

    A number of times it occurred to me the sensation which I believe nobody understands and will just pass negative remarks.

    And one day I realized I will seriously die if I will not control my mind. I stopped alcohol went to the workplace routinely working. I am an Email Marketing and LinkedIn Marketing specialist and I was hardworking when it comes to providing the outputs.

    After three months I spoke to my boss that can I work from my home town (Jammu) and he gave them approval to work. To start with I was stressed that I am all of a sudden giving up alcohol and likewise going to my home where I would not have the ability to drink as my mother hate alcohol.

    However I did not change my choice and went to Jammu. When you will is strong and your liked ones are around you. You will certainly win. It’s not around 11 months since I have not touched alcohol and I am routinely taking my medications. My medications likewise got reduced as I am improving.

    For others who are feeling the very same, I highly inform them to speak with any medical professional that can assist them. As many people’s favourite line is “Don’t believe, be favorable” and I dislike this line as the one who is suffering would just understand his daily battle with this.

    So a good doctor would assist you with medicines and also walk for around 1 hour, stretch your muscles when you are feeling like your head is spinning and little anxiety – take head and shoulder massage from your mother or someone it would make you feel much better.

    If I can do I make certain you can also do it.

    Relax, Avoid taking tension whether it is a workplace or personal, healthy way of life, and keep yourself busy.

    With these, you will surely manage your mind in a long time and with the aid of treatment.

    I am posting this for the very first time in my entire life and today got the strength to write my own story that some in aid can associate with this and overcome this feeling.

    Lots Of Love to everybody from my side.

    Thank you,

    Bharat Sharma

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