• How do I watch the previous episode of Amazon Prime?

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    So I was watching “Young Sheldon” Season 3, and I accidentally missed episode 13 ending, and that episode ended and automatically episode 14 started.

    I was finding a way to go back to the previous episode, all I see was “Next Episode” click option,

    Here is how I went back to check out the previous episodes,

    1. Close the Window

    2. You will land to the below Page

    3. Select the season

    4. Scroll Down the screen, the list of episodes will be available. Select the season you want to Watch,

    HOPE this HELPED!!!!!!! Enjoy

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    There’s an Amazon “bug” in watching series in the browser.

    If you go to a category like Browse -> Amazon Originals.

    Then you start playing a series from there, you literally cannot get to the show’s Title screen to see episodes.

    To work around this, you must add the show to Your Watch List and then go to Home and click the video listing from there.


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    When you pull up a show it looks like there’s no way to go back and watch previous episodes. This happened to me when I fell asleep watching Sneaky Pete. I couldn’t figure how to go back on my iPhone and watch the episode I missed. But it’s simple! Just scroll to the bottom of the page and you’ll see all the episodes and how much you watched of each one. You can then pick any to go back to.


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    Get the app or login into your amazon prime account

    >Click which show you want to watch

    >Click which season you want to watch on that show

    >In that all episodes of that season will be present

    >Click the episode you like to watch and enjoy

    hope it helps


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    Amazon prime is not a show. It’s a preferred shipping service that has a bunch of services bundled with it. But sorry to a… I would push the Alexa button and say “Alexa, play previous epesode” or all episodes are available in the shows menu after you pick the season

    Let’s clarify things a little. The words Amazon Prime means nothing. It’s a branding NOT fundamentally a service. Compare this to say Disney+ that has NOTHING but streaming video. Another example of this branding versus service is Netflix. You can get a DVD rental from Netflix or you can watch a streaming video from Netflix – same company, different products, different cost, can’t do both without paying more

    Fundamentally, Amazon is the company and Prime is anything that goes beyond it’s initial intentions (to sell books and eventually other stuff). You CAN use Amazon without using a single Prime service.

    Amazon launched a shipping service called Amazon Prime in 2005, then in 2006 they launched a video service called Amazon Unbox (name changed 3 times between 2006 and 2011) which would allow people to use Amazon’s website to watch videos for a fee (We also see this with Amazon Music for example.)

    Unfortunately for marketing purposes (as HBO is learning now) as Amazon prime became more popular AND they wanted to sweeten the shipping program, they started changing the name of their various services to reflect the Prime brand. So far we have Amazon Prime (Shipping), Amazon Prime Video, Prime music, Prime Reading, Prime Pantry, Prime Now, and a few more. Each service is technically independent as evidenced that you can use Amazon Music for for a fee with or without a prime membership, but Prime music is free if you are a prime member – the difference – the amount of available music – while also being used in conjunction with Amazon Prime (shipping) service.

    The same thing is true with Prime Video – I just wish they would called it Amazon Video If not included with Prime to make it easier for people to understand the difference.

    In conclusion, Amazon Prime is really about shipping your items for very cheap (There is no other way to ship a $5 item in 2 days without paying an arm and a leg- So may times it’s more expensive to ship an item than the item itself.) Everything else is an add-on bonus.

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    First you need an Amazon Prime account.

    VIA TV

    If you have a SmartTV or one connected to cable, you should see the Amazon Prime Video Icon on the TV. You will need to set it up under your Amazon account using your Username (usually your email) and Password, just as you would when accessing your Amazon Prime account. You enter this using your remote. It’s a little clunky because you have to enter each letter, number, or punctuation mark using directional on the remote. At the end it will tell you on the TV screen to go to a website to get a validation code. After that you are all set up. You use your remote to search or type in (or you may have voice command on your remote). If you are still unsure, there are tons of YouTube videos and articles that you can Google.

    VIA Cellphone or Tablet

    If you have an Apple iPhone or iPad, you will go to the App Store and download the Amazon Prime Video app. If you have an Android cellphone or tablet, you will go to Google Play to download the app. Then again you can search using the touchscreen keyboard on it. You can also sign in to your Amazon account and type in the search for the movie you are looking for.

    On the computer — desktop or laptop (Windows based or Apple Mac)

    You can sign in to your Amazon account and type in the search for the movie you are looking for. Then it on your monitor. The bigger the monitor and the more pixels or graphics the better the movie of TV show experience is. (This is true for all the devices).

    Not all movies are free on Amazon Prime Video (unlike Netflix) but it will say if it’s a rental what the cost is to rent (usually in SD — Standard Definition or HD — High Definition). It will also say how much it is to buy the digitally store movie. If it’s a rental you have up to 30 days to start to it. Once you start to it you have 48 hours to pause and resume then finish watching the movie.

    You are allowed to Amazon Prime offerings on two devices at any given time. Again if you run into difficulties setting up your devices, there are plenty of YouTube tutorials and Google searches for articles with step-by-step guides.

    Any videos, movie, episode, or television series, you buy on Amazon Prime is officially permanently owned by you. Assuming you haven’t purchased anything yet with maybe the exception of rentals. And in the upper right hand corner there’s a rectangular box that says ‘you own this’ video. Also generally if you purchase a video I would think most people would watch the show then more than likely so the next time that you go to that movies homepage on Amazon Prime or Prime video or whatever they prefer instead of the little yellow play button saying watch now or more ways to watch it says watch again. I’m aware this because I have 230 Amazon Prime movies the latest Being John Wick 3 Parabellum and I watched it five times I even posted a question on here as a joke as to how many panes of glass did the director decide was necessary to break in the movie or something like that and I sat and actually counted they broke 92 glass panes shooting that movie they broke 22 in the first 20 minutes but yet it was in a 5-minute fight. Lol but I own it so I can watch it again glad to be of help.

    One answer was to reset the seasons in your Prime app. Tap and hold the blue play box and select, “Mark season as unwatched” (excuse their spelling here).

    With the Next Up feature, a little box comes up at the bottom corner of the screen at the end of a TV episode, letting you quickly start the next episode. To turn off Auto Play, go into Video Settings, click the Playback tab, and turn Auto Play off.

    If you just want to rewind a bit on the episode you are watching and you are on a browser, click the left arrow to rewind 10 seconds. Holding down the double arrows (to the left) on your TV remote will bring you right back to the beginning.

    As a Primeer myself, I have gone through all the movie tabs in the genre I want to find season one. It is another way to do it but takes some time.

    Unfortunately, to watch a particular film, the shooting needs to be done. Even if you know the editor, without shooting, you cannot the movie.

    Priyadarshan and Venus have recently announced Hungama 2, and they have just released a poster as of now.

    Let the shoot finish, then contact the editor to see the footage. If you don’t know them, let the film release and meanwhile allow the producers to sell the digital rights.

    Eventually, you can find out the platform.


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    My challenge was being able to “land on” (find) the series page, from which you can select an episode. It seemed quite random – sometimes it showed up when I selected the show and sometimes not. Finally I figured out that (from the home page or “My Stuff” listing) if I clicked on the “play arrow” icon it went right to a specific episode, but if I clicked on the picture, it went to the “series/season” page and I could see all the episodes by scrolling down. I’m on a mac.


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