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    Accidentally took 3 blood pressure medicine the person will die

    If you able to read this, you’re fine.

    what was the name of the drug you have taken

    what was the usual dose taken daily

    if nothing happened till now

    nothing will happen ,,,,dont repeat

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    Not medically qualified

    This is really a question for your Doctor or Pharmacist. I would guess your blood pressure might drop too low . If you start to feel dizzy or faint you should be able to recover by resting till the effects have worn off . I would be very careful if you live on your own and for a good few hours avoid baths , cooking or using machinery .

    Stop panicking, you will be fine. Just DON’T do it again. When it is time for your next dose – DON’T take that one and then continue as usual with any following doses. And that will even everything out for you.

    Please do not panic. Any reaction would depend on the type blood pressure pill and the dosage; both of which you did not disclose. Most of the time, nothing bad will happen, or you blood pressure may go down a little lower than intended. Some patients are given 320 mgs once a day . Thus you just need to watch out for any symptoms of a fall in BP. You should drink a couple of glasses of water as of now. Just watch out for dizziness ,feeling of discomfort or problem breathing. Just monitor your BP.

    Give your pharmacist a call…someone who knows your dosage and the type of pill that you doubled-up on. The pharmacist will be able to quickly provide some exact information. Or, you can call your medical provider’s office — the one who prescribed the blood pressure pills to you.

    Generally should not be a problem. But if you get dizzy or uncomfortable or excess sweating just take a glass of water with little sugar and salt. You will be okay in minutes.

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    Yeah, don’t worry. Nothing will happen. But don’t do this regularly.


    Mine took 5 months to come down The doctors were very worried and thought I’d need an operation.That was me on 7 meds a day too so I changed my whole lifestyle,within one month it leveled itself out ,thank goodness.I’m on these meds for the rest of my life because I have other things going on but I was in danger with mine.. I had a severe stroke in November(took me three months to learn to walk again) and was diagnosed with fibromuscular dysplasia (narrowing of the blood vessels) it’s incurable, very rare and lifelong. I have three aneurysms in my carotid arteries and the blood vessels going to my kidneys.Made a complete lifestyle change and have not looked back since..That was about two months ago. I’m on decaf tea, Mediterranean diet coupled with DASH diet(dietary approaches to stop hypertension) loving every minute and I can feel the benefits of all the healthy things I put into my body now.I was going to the doctor every two weeks since November for blood pressure checks etc now it’s Evey month because people who have fmd need a close eye kept on them.. been at the hospitals between 8–10 times since November.. on so many different meds.for the stroke ,pain and managing fmd. Please change your lifestyle. meds won’t do it by themselves.

    Accidentally taking two doses of your medication is more common than you might think. But one of the most important rules of medicine is: never take more than the recommended dosage. This applies to all medications, not just blood pressure drugs. There are many problems that can be caused by accidentally taking double or extra doses of your medication. Some are severe and require immediate medical care, while others are not as severe, although they could be very unpleasant.

    If you’re looking for a natural way to manage your blood pressure, I highly recommend Blood Balance. It helped me a lot : )!

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