• I believe all TCS employees are covered by default under a medical insurance scheme. How can I understand which healthcare facilities are covered under this scheme?

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    Hi Lakshay Mahajan,

    All the TCS Workers are covered under Basic Medical Insurance Plan , which will vary depending upon your choice plan i.e gold, platinum etc. And the amount likewise varies depending upon the type of plan you select and even the premium you pay in the first two months of the starting Quarter will vary.

    While coming to the list of Medical facilities, nearly all the health centers are covered under this plan. You can examine the list in the Ultimatix portal in the Medi-Buddy section.

    In this area you can likewise discover the information of the standard premium, floater premium( i.e if you include your dependences) and also the e-cashless receipt through which you can get admitted in any of the health centers listed.Even you can likewise discover the Healthcare facility name and even the location of the hospital under which the health insurance plan is covered.

    And the most essential thing is that, you can likewise even declare for the medicals, within conclusion of the year. The medical costs are verified and the amount gets shown in your account within a week or 2.

    Conclusion: “ The hospitals might also vary depending upon the kind of Insurer you are covered under”.

    Though other individuals currently answered the question correctly. I just want to debunk one misconception.

    That TCS provides the finest medical perk rather they are charging the TCSer for health insurance however most organizations don’t charge extra (perhaps the cover is less as compared to TCS) but they keep it as a part of worker benefits (I validate the following declaration is true for these business Accenture, EY, PwC & & CTS).

    As per the TCS compensation, Medical insurance belongs to CTC and they deduct INR 7900 & & additionally require to contribute INR 3776 for the Floater Premium ( Individual), making the overall amount INR11676 Now if you sign in policy fair & & compare the HIS ( health insurance scheme) cover of 15 Lakhs you also require to pay the same quantity annual (Refer the below screenshot).

    If you think rationally they are procuring the HIS in lump-sum & & hence they need to pay less for Employee’s HIS, hence they are supplying best in class medical facilities as declared by them however from our own cash. I attempted to presume a rational end to it, but feel free to concur or disagree with me.

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    They have a full-fledged TPA Website. it was MediAssist I guess when i existed. You can have all information, list of network list of hospitals, can raise claims, upload files etc there. Moreover they keep sending out routine mailers also.

    Also, your HR is best person to reach out. My experience says TCS HR are most friendly one in market. Connect for any query concerning anything-policy, insurance coverage, transport etc

    Medical Insurance coverage is the best facility offered by TCS with a limitation (7.95 lacs 3– 4 years back 1 lacs in case cover depletes along with domicilary costs) at a premium worth appreciating. They have finest policy and facility I have seen till date in industry.

    Congratulations to TCS on that!!

    Hope that assists!

    Go to your ultimatix home page, i do not exactly keep in mind the sub menu but attempt finding mediassist link somewhere or just type mediassist in the search box on the home page, hit enter.

    Utilize the Mediassist link and login into the very same. There must be a menu/pdf specifying the list of hospitals they are associated to.

    Or just raise a ticket in international helpdesk under mediassist, that will definitely help you.


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    Download MEDIBUDDY android application from play shop. Then, login utilizing your staff member ID. There you will be able to find medical facility network

    All healthcare facilities displayed in that medical facility network will be available for cashless along with for reimbursement.


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    · Answer requested by

    Paying full cost on Amazon is so 2020– do this in 2021.

    The trick to shopping Amazon like a pro.

    Ultimatix -> > Staff member Services -> > Health and Health ->> Mediassist

    Search in the menu alternatives after loggin in and you will get the list of health centers.


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    Its not like particular health center

    If you got admitted for any health center you can obtain the money you spent for your health associated concerns utilizing medi assist website in TCS annually you can have an optimum of about 7000 annually (not so sure about the limitation cash)

    You simply need to admit your medical facility bills in that portal and they would put the money in your repayment account.

    Hope you arrived answer.


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    Please login to internal website and search for needed info!

    Alternatively you can call your location HR, they will guide you.

    PS: All medical facilities are coverd under the medical insurance, however for some you need to pay very first and than claim the money, for others you can get a quote from medical facility and get the cash beforehand.


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    You can see the list of medical facilities in ultimatix, HR management – Mediassist link.

    Through mediassist portal we can see the list of hospitals covered regionwise.

    Nearly all great medical facilities are covered through mediassist. Please check


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    Fro earlier replies you would discover the health centers covered. But one word of care. This list is highly dynamic. Based upon their experience, TPAs keep modifying the list. So in case of planned hospitalization, pl check the list.


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    All healthcare facilities are covered. If you can get a valid costs from any healthcare facility you can declare the quantity under HIS although there is a constraint on the quantity that you can claim. Yes some of the medical facilities are having cashless hospitalization feature. You can get the list of such healthcare facilities from your HR.

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