• I suffer from chronic anxiety, sometimes the very thought of talking with someone feels like I have a gun in my face. Are there any tools other than meds, or is my chimistesry too far gone?

    Nothing is ever too far gone, you actually sound like your aware of the issue and want to change it.

    I’m not a professional but I have had experience with these panic attack inducing feelings of socialising that are almost life destroying to live with, honestly gentle exposure helped me to become less terrified, if I panicked I panicked there and if I felt emotional you bet I’d cry and I’d cry once I’d got home… for the whole day, no kidding. I’d get angry and write about it and shout about all the hardships of life but importantly I felt the feelings and that got them a little out of my head…and eventually got more used to them and realised they weren’t as scary.

    Talk online if you must to start,Be anonymous if it helps you feel better and face your fears one step at a time.

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    The book that helps me is “8 step recovery” by Valerie Mason-John and Dr Paramabandhu Groves. It covers pretty much everything. You can get it as a paperback, on kindle and audiobook. I have the audio version because it has meditations in it so it’s a handy guide while you do it.

    -if that doesn’t float your boat try journaling-putting thoughts down on paper gets it out of your head and also helps you see a pattern for triggers.


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    Please look at the obvious place for solutions. You have issues of not being stable due to wrong priorities. To get your priorities straight & right you need to live in God’s will for you by learning understanding knowing & following Jesus Christ & The Holy Mother as your only role models and mentors through referring to all your questions and issues to the following 3 books exactly in the order they are in Cotcc Bible and Concordance until you become adept at them to be able to discern good from bad or right from wrong and be balanced to make good judgments to be healthy stable and balanced. The other hard, arduous & expensive option is sciences.

    Having therapy may seem scary but can reduce anxiety in the long term. The therapist can teach you methods for managing the anxiety between sessions.

    Acceptance and mindfulness based cognitive behavioural therapy are often recommended. Exercise, a healthy diet, social time and adequate sleep are also important. Therapy can be done on the internet currently.

    Please have an assessment with a primary care doctor or psychiatrist.


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    Breath yoga is the very fast ,to control anxiety

    You start from the now

    Thoughts , air and your concentration has very deep connection , so use breath yoga

    Permanent solution is

    1. Give proper supply the air by breath yoga like inhale the air for a short long time and exhale for a time by concentration foucs should be on the air
    2. Leave all non veg and presertive foods , tea, cooffe,etc , if your brain makes excuses ,then observe it, raw food and vegetables foods are good
    3. Use sunlight for a long time when any sense work with object then your subconscious do not work ,so put your sense forcefully in object ,it is also a part of meditation ,
    4. You are not aware of the side of। Stumals or pop off ,it is roots of any mind decease ,it need to changeThanks

    I was like that and it can be fixed, the problem was my faulty right anxious/negative brain out of control, now I use EGMi to keep use of my left logical/positive brain maximised.

    This cured my GAD, social anxiety, depression, PTSD, OCD and much more, as one asks for a tool here is a link, have a look at the vid on that page it shows how my anxiety began:

    Evolutional Goodhism Anxiety and Related Mental Illness

    You can confront your anxiety over and over, that is how I got rid of mine. The more you confront it, the weaker it will be. Conversely, giving in to it makes it stronger.


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    Many people who have anxiety get service dogs if their anxiety is disabling. I see this a a good option a the focus when talking to people will be on the dog, not you.


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    You’r never too far gone. You can re-fire and rewire your brain. It’s the most advanced living organism on planet Earth. This is called “Neuroplasticity”.

    Cognitive Therapy , Psychotherapy, Mindfulness techniques are the non medication treatment routes to manage anxiety. Consulting a clinical psychologist is the thing to do.

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