• Hi there,

    I’m Hans. Of course I can understand that you should’ve had your depressive and anxiety ideas and feelings for a long time now, otherwise you would not be considering Suicide so easily.

    Other Responses you already got offered good indications on how-to Suicide, however lem me discuss you things just a bit differently;-LRB-

    It’s alright to feel distressed and/or depressed basically, however simply sometimes, definitely NOT the entire time. (Let’s state it’s ok to feel bad 15%of the time. The other 85%of the Time you’re expected to be feeling Great. That’s a healthy Balance for your thoughts and feelings).

    Know that there are other choices that you have; to make change to obtain OUT of those anxiety thoughts and sensations.

    Deep within yourself you came here looking for and hoping for “another way out”, (refraining from doing Suicide) and YES: there’s a way out for you.

    Alter your Life, and I’m talking A LOT of change.

    First disappear for a week or 2, visit some far-away household like auntie or cousin, and crash unannounced in their house, but instantly ask if it’s ok to stay for a brief time (like those 2 weeks) so that you can relax in your mind, Just Inform them that you have A lot going on inside of your mind right now, which you just need some area from everything for a brief time.

    would be ideal if it’s a farm-type location, do some physical work when you’re there to assist them, called for them, also helpful for you.

    I recommend you TALK, a lot of that too: explain yourself openly, that’s gon na help a lot too. IF… you feel like it, of course: send me a Personal Message telling me as much as you can, and let’s exchange together.

    Your mind may be so desperate however your inner instinct has actually sent you here as a method to safeguard you from damage.

    Accept that there’s another You, another Life that you can lead.

    You require change in your Life so you do not feel so bad any more. START to optimize your Life. Gradually, step-by-step, no rushes.

    START doing Zen-Meditation, researched that in my Quora Spaces page, I have a simplified post all set there for you. More of my posts there are going to GUIDE you to another Frame of mind and Perspective on your Life, if you pick to wan na see things in a different way.

    In any case; you coming here shows your high intelligence to recognize your issue and this is already a step in the best direction of modification. So compliment yourself on that.

    This is your minute where you understand that things must be different ~ much better for you.

    You simply require another – “brand-new” – Life > > You OPTIMIZED.

    You require a Life that FITS YOU, that “works” for you ( and not you for it). You need a Life that’s really yours, since the Life that you’re having now isn’t working for you.

    You are Special amongst 7 Billion individuals on this planet, and since whatever occurs for a reason (there is no coincidence), so you have “an excellent reason” for being here in your Life. But that’s going to become clear to you later-on in your Life; let’s ignore ‘that’ in the meantime.

    Did you understand that 450 Billion years of growth (development) has resulted in YOU as “the greatest one” on this world at this moment in Time? That makes you Unique, keep that in mind; you are the newest variation of intelligence, the latest version. Your Life is everything about your potential.

    Ok, enough with the larger image, let’s return to focusing on YOU

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    Let’s start with a conclusion about your Life till you today here now:

    Understand that whatever people taught you previously, and whatever you’ve been obtaining from your Life so far: it has NOT been doing helpful for you. So far you’re confused and your mind is ‘yelling’ for you to get another Life since “this One” isn’t working for you.

    Naturally you could ‘give up quickly’ however then YOUR Life does not work like that due to the fact that of your high intelligence > > You came here due to the fact that inside of your mind you understand that something’s wrong about how life was in the past, and you KNOW that there MUST be another way to your Life.

    YES, there IS another way to your Life, it simply needs you to think differently, and doing things much better than previously. But, given that Nature works slow to do change, and so you too should accept that your modification is going to take a year or more, and it’s going to feature some setbacks/relapses every now and then. That’s normal because you just remain in that life around you so it’s gon na disappoint you a bit here-and-there.

    Which’s okay, as long as you primarily can feel much better > > then you’ll grow to become your finest variation of yourself: being STRONGER, more CONFIDENT and EMPOWERED

    That’s your goal: so you need to Alter your Frame Of Mind and Perspective on life around you. And you got ta do things better; Optimize your actions that you DO > > making whatever that you do lovely, providing the very best of yourself. Grow things and people around/near you.

    Continuing like this? No use. You can DO much better, being your optimized you, you in Balance, without being ‘lost’.

    As soon as that you understand now that your things (Life) can be much better, then it simply approximately you how to obtain from ‘Here’ to ‘There’.

    How you obtain from your incorrect path/road in your Life to getting on the right road: to that GOODness-you … … … ……

    Know that your Life is big, and you’ve currently been leading it for lots of many years-days, so there are MANY things that you’re going to need to alter, but let’s start with a couple of: key-topics that will let you truly START on your road to MODIFICATION

    Know that the change only has to do with you changing aspects of yourself: your new and enhanced Mindset and Perspective. Modification how you let things(/ people/events/experiences) come onto you, those are your external influences. (See that as your “energy-IN”.

    You need to change those external impacts. You actually only require excellent “energy-IN”, so from now on your going to focus on what’s GOOD and what’s NOT GOOD (read Bad).

    whatever that’s bad you’re going to: Remove/End/Delete/ Avoid/Eliminate/Stop.

    It’s easy: Just identify whatever is Bad, and do not do that, remain far away from that.

    Good idea that will occur to you: is that you’ll get more downtime and Area ^ ___ ^

    … which you will utilize for you being busy with GOODness-things/- individuals/- experiences.

    That is the START where you will form your new and improved State of mind and Point of view, where you START to feel Peaceful-Happy inside of yourself. Long roadway – with some setbacks/relapses, and YOU are the Only One that must do this. The reward is your AWESOME Life! That’s how it works.

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    NOW … … In this Response to you I could continue of course to provide you more info (insight) into those in-depth Key Topics that are your external impacts, your “energy-IN” in your mind, however as I said: your life is huge, so because of that I have composed my Quora Spaces page.

    It acts as a guide how I think that your Life must look/be like: how your mind can see the truth around you, and acknowledge what’s GOOD and what’s NOT-GOOD (Bad).

    So if you can comprehend whatever I composed so far, and your mind agrees with whatever I have actually informed you so far: then you’ll find my Quora Spaces page and go check out it. As soon as you’ve done that, you might continue to check out all my Responses that I’ve offered over the previous years, and those responses and my Quora Spaces page will get you on the ideal Roadway in your Life: how to be your GOODness-you and enjoy your Life.

    Bear in mind that there’s NO faster way to your GOODness Life and Lifestyle, there’s no 1– 2– 3-trick that’s going to resolve it all.

    Do not lie and cheat any longer, since lying and cheating to yourself is really Bad. It’s your purpose to CONNECT and SHARE, so being open will get you to Growth > > to your GOODness.

    START by making those Lifestyle modifications – those Secret Topics – that I describe here: Your LIFE and WAY OF LIFE CHANGE( S) post in Mindset & & Perspective, start with that. Go from there, however understand that my Quora Spaces page is there for you nevertheless I’m still busy to grow that with other insights, so that’s why I informed you to check out my other Past Responses so far. As soon as your things start to change, you’ll start to attract more ‘other’ GOODness (as you’re obstructing all Bad influences).

    All problems can be fixed, know that, you kinda forgive everything and everyone and accept the past for what it is now: your PAST > > and turn things around so that everything’s great for you.

    Feel free to contact me if you have any longer concerns, or update me on how you have actually been doing given that you began to make some changes. Know that linking and sharing is always excellent.



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