• Is anxiety common in INFPs?

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    I am an INFP-T. Always have been. I was brought up in a family where feeling was unacceptable. Always being told I was too sensitive. Never feeling like I belonged on this earth. So do I have anxiety, well yeah. I believe that INFP children who are raised to embrace who they are become self confident, while INFP children who are raised with constant criticism of being “too sensitive” become confused about their place in this world. Therefore it depends, if one is a self confident (assertive) INFP, I would say, little anxiety. While INFP-T (turbulent) types are very prone to anxiety, depression, and “hermiting”.

    Yes, very. We have hunter-gatherer minds and can’t connect to many other people of our tribe, because they are rare and being introverted doesn’t really help in finding them either.

    Personality, relationships and group dynamics

    Not being connected leads to anxiety, in particular, social anxiety:

    Social anxiety rising

    I recently found out another reason why INFPs (together with the other INs) might be more fearful: because we are K-selected for slower growth and later reproduction, and longer lives, that makes cautiousness an important survival trait:

    Life history and personality traits


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    Late answer, but I agree. I am somewhere in the middle of INTP and INFP, I consider myself both. I am not very anxious, somewhere in the middle. When I see a problem (Last days I am very anxious of “lead poisoning” and ugh… When I found old – paint near our house and thought of being poisoned I had almost a panic attack) Usually I am very happy and positive, but sometimes I have hard moments when I detect a problem and realise that I can’t do anything and start struggling (idealistic nature seen here), after a while I blind my eyes and completely forget about that problem, like it doesn’t even exist. Somewhat INFP is anxious personality itself.

    From my own personal experience I would say YES.

    I think it comes from our Dominant Introverted Feeling. We are naturally very sensitive.

    I know I get affected by things very easily. My anxiety comes from my high sensitivity (for the most part). I feel things very intensely. I’ve had anxiety for most of my life and have an INFP friend who struggles with it the same way.


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    I would say that anxiety is higher among the four NF types — INFP, INFJ, ENFJ, ENFP — than the other 12 Myers-Briggs types because we NFs have a habit of thinking too much about the future and worrying about how future events will or could affect us.


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    Ne, even at normal health levels, will generate lot of scenarios and that may lead to over thinking, and also anxiety.

    Healthy Fi can help manage it, though. I think INTPs are more exposed to dominating anxiety.


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    I personally feel like anxiety in INFPs can result from overthinking about trivial things like how people will perceive us. Also we know ourselves quite well, so with that comes the possibility of thinking too much about your deficiencies and not your strengths. Also, certain things the INFP is good at are not sexy skills and talents that are valued a whole lot by society, so there’s that.


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    It’s common in this INFP.

    So there’s one. 🙂


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