• Is clinical depression bad?

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    Firstly, it is important to know that literally everyone is somewhere along the depression scale. Every single person at some point in their life will feel what we would call depressed, and depression itself as a mental issue is as common as 1 in 3 people. The WHO have even called it the greatest health issue in the world.

    Depression itself is bad, as any physical or mental illness is: it is likely to restrict your functionality sometimes, as breaking a bone would. But what is important to remember is that we have developed multiple different evidence-based treatments for treating depression. As it takes time to heal a broken bone, so to does it take time to heal depression. I see a lot of patients that come in for a couple of sessions and expect to be magically back on their feet without putting in any effort themselves. In actuality, the patient’s own involvement is the single most important part of recovery!

    Whether it is cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), behavioural activation (BA) or in some cases cognitive restructuring (CR), any therapists you see will have a system that works for you. Since they (and to an extent you too) won’t know which one is best for you, it may take some experimenting to find the one most suited for you. Again, patience is key here, as is actually trying the therapy choice without just rejecting the intervention.

    In conclusion, a lot of people have depression, which means that they should be plenty of support groups out there. Furthermore, we have several different ways to treat depression, where it is vital that you give it your all even if you aren’t feeling up for it. Lastly, just because depression is bad, it does not make you bad in any way; it makes you normal. You wouldn’t think someone was abnormal for breaking a bone, would you?

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    Imagine feeling utterly powerless. You can’t do anything: you can’t speak with people -because you’ll mess up and they’ll get angry at you-, you can’t go to work -because you can’t concentrate and spend two hours reading one line of text-, you can’t read books or watch series -because, again, you’re unable to concentrate on anything-, so you lie down waiting for the day to end so maybe tomorrow you will be better. But you’re not. If you’re lucky, you’ll only suffer depression but unfortunatelly it is one of those illneses that love company so you’ll probably also have one or several of these: anxiety, insomnia, depersonalization and a long etc any psychiatrist will name better than I can. Let’s go back. Next morning you wake up and you feel exactly as the day before, at the end, you lie down again waiting for some change the day after. Never comes. Days keep on piling up. One day, a suicidal thought slips through your mind. It’s only a second but you’ve noticed it. That same thought starts becoming more usual until it becomes the only thing you can think of when awake. At this point, you’ll probably spend all day in bed, trying to sleep but being unable most of time, trying to scape but not having a shred of strengh. So, how does it end? well, some people actually manage to get help and recover, but many, many, others aren’t that lucky and commit suicide.

    Depression, if not treated -and sometimes even with treatment-, can be a mortal illness. That’s how bad it is.

    If you think you might be suffering depression, talk to a doctor. No matter your stage, there’s always hope.

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    “Is clinical depression bad?”

    Imagine that one day, it is already 17: 00. You are still laying on your bed, still in your pajamas.

    You were supposed to be in class or at work. But you had no force to get up, take a breakfast, clean yourslef, dress up, and get out.

    In your mind, it looks like this :

    Your mind is a vehicle going in no direction. Behind you, there is a Black Whale constantly following you. This black whale comes back from time to time, to crush your vehicle. Without it, you cannot move. You cannot get out of your bed.

    Imagine the lands that you could discover, if this Black Whale was not crushing you. Instead of discovering new horizon, instead of succeeding your life, your body and your mind are still stuck on a bed.

    And your mind suggests that there is something better than staying alive : Letting this Black Whale taking you to the void. Putting a “T” around your neck.

    Now, please realize how this condition of clinical depression is bad. If it happens to you, please take an appointment ASAP with your doctor. He will know which therapist, which treatment will be suitable for your condition.

    Because this Black Whale comes from a biological disorder in your organism.

    You will turn back and fight against the Black Whale. Maybe for the rest of your life. But this struggle will be worth it, and you will discover new lands.

    I’m assuming that you mean that you have been diagnosed with depression by a health care provider. This refers to “major” depression, indicating that it has features that distinguish it from the milder form that is common in life.

    I’m not sure that “bad” is the best term to describe major depression. It certainly is not a pleasant experience for those that have it. But it is quite amenable to treatment. It is “good” that you are in treatment.

    Human life is associated with illness. Some are more serious than others, either in the effect their immediate health or the danger they may post for their future health. For example, the diagnosis of a Stage IV cancer is worse than a Stage II cancer. Certain types of cancer are worse than others. Some are curable, others less so. Having an under or over active thyroid can be a “bad” thing if it is serious enough to create other symptoms. But is may not be a threat to your life. A virus like HIV is certainly worse than the common cold virus, and is “bad” in that sense.

    Major depression is not pleasant. It can disrupt sleep patterns, remove the joy from our lives, and make it difficult to function. But it rarely leads to death. Obviously suicide can be a consequence, but most people with major depression will not become suicidal and few of those will go on to actual taking their own lives. However, some do, so providers of care take those symptoms as a sign of a more serious degree of depression, and treat it more aggressively.

    Major depression is quite treatable through a number of means, to include medications, life style changes, counseling, and “tincture of time.” Rest, exercise, recreation, positive activities, and emotional support can greatly help.

    Should we take it seriously? Indeed, we should. There is no reason to allow ourselves to continue in that degree of emotional pain. It can be treated. It can be overcome.

    So, welcome to the human race! We are prone to so many health problems. But we live in a time that takes depression seriously and in which there are so many of us that have been through it. Life can be lived with major depression and it can and does respond to time and treatment.

    For the record, I have Bipolar Disorder type 2, during which I spend most of my time depressed.

    As for your question, it depends on what you mean by “bad.” Mental illness is neither good or bad in my opinion, but undiagnosed or untreated mental illness can cause much suffering.

    By “clinical depression” I am going to assume you mean Major Depressive Disorder (MDD). MDD is a serious mental illness which requires treatment to get better. Mental health drugs and/or therapy will likely be required. However, things like vigorous exercise can be enormously helpful with any sort of depression.

    I suggest seeking professional help for clinical depression, preferably by a Psychiatrist. With a treatment plan, much can be done to alleviate your symptoms and restore functioning.

    Good luck!

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    Yes.. clinical depression is bad for several reasons. It is can present a hazard in recovering in physical illnesses like heart attack and diabetes. Secondly, it eats away at the full and pleasurable experiences of life. This only increases a feeling of futility and sometimes can lead to a risk of suicidal thots and attempts. Depression disrupts relationships and affects families. Disturbances of sleep and appetite also affect both relations to other people, and physical health. Concentration can be effected in severe depression, and could interfere in work or school.

    The cost to quality of life is pretty significant and there are several approaches to treatment.. something to consider.

    Information presented for education, not as medical treatment. Always see your personal physician.

    Hello. Well its not a question of good or bad. Clinical depression is yet another mental illness that affects social and occupational functioning but if you know the root cause of the disorder then there are solutions available.

    If you do ignore the symptoms then it could be bad as you are just sucked into a vicious cycle of sadness and self-doubt but if you seek therapy, take medicines & follow a self-care regime then you can deal with it effectively.

    Clinical depression can affect people in different ways. However, there is a reason why it’s called clinical depression and not simply mild depression.

    Trigger warning starting now:

    At one point, my depression was extremely bad. I’m not really sure if it was considered clinical or not, but it was pretty bad. I was self-harming and suicidal during my 8th grade year. I hated my life, even though there was really nothing wrong. My mind was making it seem like my life was crap and that I was worth nothing. It took a while for me to start feeling “normal” again.

    Of course, clinical depression can affect people differently like I said, so my experiences with it may differ from others.

    Depression is a difficult psychological experience to cope with, yes. It can be debilitating and erode at peoples’ sense of themselves to the point of believing like has no meaning, and questioning if there is any purpose to keep living.



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    Mejor or clinical depression is a cronic but curable disease. But it can affect your physical health and well-being. Clinical depression does interfere with your ability to function. Depression affects how you feel and can also cause changes throughout your body.It’s a serious medical condition that has a dramatic effect on your quality of life.

    So,Literally, It’s not good overall.

    Thank you.

    i think so. my depression prevents me from doing things but it makes me feel tired all the time even if i dont do anything. i cant look for a job and i lost my job due to depression.

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