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    Yes, absolutely! If you already have a valid key then [Download and install or reinstall Office 2016 or Office 2013] Or, if you want to just [Buy Word 2016], or Word 2013 [Buy Word]. You get a MUCH better deal if you buy Office Home & Student 2019, it is really the BEST deal [Buy Office Home & Student 2019]. Ninety percent of people who use Office, only ever need, or use, the features in the Home and Student versions anyhow.

    Word is good, but Excel [Buy Excel 2016] is probably their most useful program. Also, have a look at a lesser known gem called Publisher [Buy Publisher 2016], it is a fantastic piece of software from Microsoft to make flyers, signs, newsletters, and much more!

    And, if you don’t want to support Microsoft, then I recommend the best Office alternative called Softmaker Office [SoftMaker Office]. I personally have the HD version on my Android business tablet, because it looks and acts like real desktop software, but on Android! This opens and saves all common Office documents, and more like open document format, and PDF. With SoftMaker Office, you can switch at any time between modern “ribbons” and the classic user interface with menus. It also works with all my Office templates (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint only) that I downloaded or made with my Office Professional also.

    It is possible to buy Word or any of the other Office programs on their own, but it is almost the same price as the full Office suite. Even if you just use Excel or PowerPoint twice a year, the full Office suite is the smarter purchase.

    I have heard that in the average year, Microsoft sells less than a dozen copies of Word alone, but sells millions of the full Office suites. Buying Word alone just doesn’t make any sense.

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    Yes. Typically you would purchase the Microsoft Office suite of applications that includes MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access and other products.

    Crazy expensive, last time I checked.

    I just use OpenOffice / OpenOffice Writer. It’s what I use to write, and format my books.

    The main reason why Microsoft Word is so expensive is that it is a part of the Microsoft Office suite of products. Microsoft Office is a very popular and widely used set of productivity applications, so it commands a high price. Additionally, Microsoft Word is a complex application with a lot of features, which also contributes to its high cost. There are a few ways to get Microsoft Word at a cheaper price. One is to purchase a lifetime license, which is available from some online retailers. Another is to buy the software from a site like SoftwareLicense4U, which offers Microsoft Word at a significantly discounted price.

    I personally don’t really like Libre Office or Open Office nearly as much as I like Word, but I have created several documents with them. Fortunately although OO and Libre look weird onscreen, the printed versions they output are quite good.

    You can see how the letter spacing in these paragraphs is very uneven. This drives me crazy—otherwise I’d probably use Libre/OO all the time.

    Developers at Microsoft need to eat.

    Just to chime in with the chorus… Office was NEVER free. It’s one of MSFT’s main cash cows, has been forever. It was bundled with some OEM manufacturer machines for years, but those manufacturers paid Microsoft. That practice sort of faded out. Office is still pre-installed on some big name boxes – but as a trial. You have to register and pay.

    I haven’t seen Office bundled and licensed on a PC for like… maybe 10 years?

    Agreed with most other answers. LibreOffice is great and free, try it. BTW, LibreOffice, not OpenOffice. Sun Microsystems tried to monetize OpenOffice a while back, so all the open source folks said Fyou, and started Libre. LibreOffice is the one with the developers that care.

    Also, Google Docs is awesome (and free) and it now 100% supports and edits MS Office file types. Try it.

    Microsoft is pushing their subscription product, Office365, pretty hard but you can still buy a non-subscription version of Office, just no upgrades to new versions. There are a lot of good free alternatives if you aren’t a power user. LibreOffice, OpenOffice, WPS Office just to name a few.


    It is highly unlikely that you will need Microsoft Office, and in the event that you do, you will probably have access to a free version through your university, or at least a heavily discounted student version. Office cost several hundred dollars, and you will need that money for other things. I tell students time and again (and sadly, many just ignore me) to not spend money before you need to. Don’t buy a fancy new computer before you start college; get there and figure out what you need. Even if you don’t already have a computer, there will be computer labs for you to use. You should arrive at college with an appropriate and modestly-sized wardrobe, basic dorm necessities, and as much money or as little debt as possible.

    ETA While some students willingly write papers on their phones, I don’t recommend it. However, another option is to borrow a computer; many schools have temporary computer lending programs.

    ETA 2 Looking at Amazon and only at the Microsoft store, a student permanent license for Office 2021 is $125. That’s a lot more money than free.

    It’s not really a platform, it’s a word processor. It’s also without peer as a general purpose WP. It’s not just good, it’s by far and away the best. There are other perfectly adequate word processors, but none come close to Word’s breadth, depth, integration, compatibility or broad-based adoption.

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