• Is it possible to envision physical pain?

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    Definitely. Discomfort is made complex, and it can have a wide range of causes at the very same time. It’s well known that, besides the standard nocioceptive and neuropathic pains, a third, unclassified category exists. It’s not fictional discomfort. The discomfort is very genuine, but we just do not know what causes it.

    It is very important to bear in mind that. Your discomfort is one hundred percent real, even if you don’t have an open injury to “prove” it. You don’t need to live in discomfort. If this is a persistent condition, you need to be getting proper treatment for it. In my (minimal) experience, this type of pain is most often treated with low doses of antidepressants or anticonvulsants, however you need to speak with your doctor about it. If they do not/ can’t assist, think about seeing a pain management professional.

    Yes, quite. If we always think that we are having this decease or discomfort in this part of my body, gradually we might feel it as great as we may develope the decease too. This is psychology issues. Sometimes there might be no decease or discomfort however still you may feel it. Not just discomfort, the problems we go through in life likewise can be caused by our creativity.

    When my daughter was in school she did not wish to study. She developed discomfort in her right-hand man. Medical professional said actually she did not have any physical issue, the issue was in her mind. As she did not wish to do homework she had actually developed pain in her right-hand man and though it was imaginary she was getting the pain really. This is the power of creativity. So, picture whatever positively and the outcome also will be favorable.

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    It’s 100%documented, possible, and not even particularly unusual to experience discomfort that is psychological in origin, instead of due to physical damage to the body (which is the “typical” cause of discomfort).

    Tension, anxiety and depression are all common mental issues known to manifest themselves as physical discomfort, such as back, muscle or joint discomfort.

    The question is, if you feel pain, does it make it “less real” if it’s psychological in origin?

    Yes, you can. Phantom-pain is frequently felt by amputees, as an example.

    Here is a simple technique to show how you can easily deceive your body into sensation something that is not genuine: Envision a lemon. A yellow, regular lemon. Now imagine that you peel it, so in your hand you now have a fictional peeled lemon. Now think of that you consume the whole thing, in big portions. Feel it?


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    If you are describing thinking you are in discomfort and having all the sensations of discomfort when there’s no actual pain then the response is yes. Cases like this have actually been recorded.

    If I didn’t comprehend your question correctly, please let me understand what you indicated and I will try to answer once again.

    Every day is not right all of are medical professionals will not assist MARK ABRAMS

    And they grumble About opium when they are killing us meth opium what are they doing putting out subboxen there making more off of that than the pain pills im in Kentucky are medical professionals are so afaid they will not help iv not seen pain pill in a longtime however you are going the incorrect way that’s it.

    Yes … I actually almost lost consciousness in English class today due to the fact that we were viewing the film about the man who got stuck in the canyon and needed to snap his arm off to survive.

    Prior to it even got to the bit where he snapped his arm off I almost passed out because I could just feel it I might feel my arm snapping off as if it were his.

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