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    KMSPico is 100% safe to use. It has been in the wild for about 2 years, which shows how many people are using it safely. We have not seen any reports of anyone succumbing to harm while running this tool on their system. Actually, quite the opposite – users are reporting that they are able to install Windows 10 Pro successfully with windows 8 product key KMSpico tool.

    Yes. They know that.

    But why haven’t they patched the Windows?

    Because they want all the people to use Windows. The people who use cracked Windows are mostly personal users and students or people who cannot afford it. They get a chance to be familiar with Windows environment. There is no point in forcing them to buy as they will turn towards Open source OS.

    Once they (people who used cracked Windows) join on jobs they will prefer to use Windows in their work environment to be more productive. This will require businesses to purchase Windows licenses in bulk.

    Businesses will not use cracked Windows since there is huge security risk, and if authorities find out that a business is using cracked Windows, they will get fined severely!

    After all, people are familiar with Windows (since it is crackable). Businesses are forced to buy Windows (since their employees are more productive with it).

    So it is a “Win” for Microsoft and of course for the user.

    KMSPico isn’t safe to install and use on your PC. If you ever use such a thing, like KMSPico or Windows Toolkit, be sure to get it from the original forum where the authors posted it, and then it should be safe. If you get if from any of the numerous third party sites, they could be bundling trojans and malware with it. Even if they include the real thing, they might have added other stuff to it that your virus program may not catch.

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    As already answered above, the tool itself does not harm your computer but it depends on the source you download it from, the setup file may be packaged with malware. I would suggest doing a one time investment and getting genuine windows though.

    I tried to download it from various sites and ended accumulating my system with unwanted trojans… Had to struggle a lot to rwmove them… Can anyone please send me a legitimate link for it… i am using win 7 proff 64bit.. i have an image copy of ms office 2013..

    The official KMSPico mirror itself isn’t working anymore, and on top of that its full of malware. Just a heads up in case it helps anybody.

    FOAF said that it worked for him before but it’s no longer good

    Listen to no one. You receive the same updates with KMSPico, you receive premium support from Microsoft because they are unable to test what activation process you used. If you know what you’re doing and download it directly from a scam site, KMSPico has no malware. And it uses the official mechanism of activation. KMSPico is identified as a malware because itreplaces the original key with the volume licensed key and creates a emulated instance of KMS server locally avoiding online activation. So your Windows system can’t connect to online server and continues to work with that replaced license key thinking it as original key. That’s why antivirus and Windows defender spots KMSPico as a virus.

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    KMS Pico uses KMS (Key Management Server). Basically your Microsoft Product (Windows/Office) contacts a server at a frequent interval (180 days) to maintain its validity.

    Microsoft has provided this feature for large organizations to have a local KMS server that hosts all the licenses that the organization has purchased inside their network instead of reaching Microsoft servers on the internet for maintaining validity. Therefore this is possible only for Volume Licensed MS products.

    KMS Pico uses this loophole by first converting your “retail” installation into a “Volume licensed” software by changing the retail product key into a (generic) VL key. Then it changes the default KMS server to one that is defined by KMS pico developers.

    Therefore, I wouldn’t call this “permanent” activation because if the developers of KMS pico take down the KMS server, your KMS activated MS product would not be able to maintain validity.

    If this interests you, including a link from microsoft

    on how to setup your own KMS server. This is my first Quora answer. Please up vote if you find it helpful. 🙂


    Because they want to earn millions of dollars on product keys.

    Microsoft gets a revenue cut for every Windows upgrade sale – about $150 on the sale of a copy of Windows 10, for example. If Microsoft can’t convince customers to pay for a copy, it needs to have some other way to create goodwill and future revenue upside. Microsoft is not so different than any other corporation out there – its goal is ultimately profit, not social good or customer service satisfaction. The only difference between them and major corporations like Pfizer or Exxon Mobil is that many people their products positively, so they get the benefit of the doubt when making decisions that are less than optimal from our point of.

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    Yes. I used it right now (today), and it can activate any version of win 10. Just make sure to install from KMSpico, as its where I installed it from. You can delete it after activating.

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