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    There is a single circumstances in which occult blood in urine can be typical. This instance is when you are a woman who is menstruating. Constantly make certain you are not on your duration when collecting urine samples for an occult blood test. If you were or if you are not sure, you need to do the test again. Discuss this with your physician.

    If you are not a female or if you make sure you were not menstruating at the time you gathered the urine sample, then this is not normal. Discuss these outcomes and the next action that needs to be taken with your physician. Do not delay this.

    Two plus protein indicates that you have protein in your urine. This can be an indication of kidney disease. The 2 plus means that this was not quantitative. It means that there is “some” protein in your urine however does not tell us how much. Hematuria Causes and Risk Aspects You may have blood in your urine since of: Urinary system or kidney infections. Bladder or kidney stones. Certain kidney illness, such as swelling in the filtering system (glomerulonephritis) An enlarged prostate (benign prostatic hyperplasia) or prostate cancer.

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    No, not unless a woman is menstruating and it overflowed.

    It’s usually an indication of a urinary tract infection.

    Typical urine has no blood, no sugar, and is sterilized.

    Blood in the urine (called hematuria) is abnormal. There are different etiologies of microscopic (seen just under the microscope) and/or gross hematuria (seen with the naked eye) including benign vital hematuria, urinary system infection, stone, or possible malignancy. The most typical cause identified for asymptomatic tiny hematuria is “benign vital hematuria”. This suggests that the kidneys are just losing some red blood cells into the urinary system. Urinary tract infection can cause inflammation in the bladder causing microscopic hematuria. Kidney cancer and/or bladder cancer can likewise present as microscopic blood or gross blood. Cigarette smoking considerably increases the danger of developing a tumor in the urinary tract. A stone in the urinary tract can rub the within the urinary tract leading to microscopic or gross hematuria. Assessment for the possibility of all of these etiologies should be done. Nevertheless, the only method to identify benign vital hematuria is to prove there is no significant stone, tumor, or urinary system infection. Urine cytology, CT of the abdomen and hips or intravenous pyelogram or renal ultrasound, and cystoscopy are the tests to determine the medical diagnosis.

    EDIT: This question said it needed “attribution” – this is the basic information given to patients in our practice.

    There ought to be no blood in the urine.It” s existence is indicative of pathology though 2 is not severe.Further evaluation must be performed by your healthcare providers. This might include extra labs and urine and bloodwork, along with possibly X-rays and CT scans.Hope that Assists, Finest of Luck.( I would suggest looking for medical assessment faster if you have abdominal discomfort, and/or fevers as this might suggest and infection, or possibly a growth)

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    We do not understand why you are peeing blood, but one of the possible causes is cancer. You require to see a urologist for a hematuria workup.

    I do not enjoy frightening you, however it’s my task. You might have cancer. If it’s at an early phase, it’s probably treatable. If you continue to neglect the problem, you will soon reach a point where there is no hope for a treatment and you will undoubtedly die.

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    A test strip states you got 1 blood and a follow-up microscopic confirms that you have 3– 5 RBC’s per High Power Field.

    It may be typical in a females if she was just starting or ending her duration … All others need a repeat urinalysis to see if RBC’s are still there. If so, then we need to discover where they are originating from.

    Occult implies concealed in medical terms, so occult blood in urine or faeces can indicate bleeding in the bowel or bladder. There can be a few factors for the presence of the blood. In urine it can suggest an infection in the bladder, generally confirmed by a lab analysis and Proper treatment as indicated by the level of sensitivity test performed by the lab. A 2 result might also show a tumour in the bladder, so it is necessary to follow your medical professional’s advice re any diagnosis.

    This is an essential concern, if some pne’s urine dhows 5 RBC per tiny field assessment with out any other problem in his urine, it must be consider irregular and requires more searching in to the reason for and needs to not be overlooked.

    Discovering the cause will require information history of the person.


    Yes. Indirectly. Alcohol consumption has been related to certain urinary tract cancers which can in turn cause bleeding in urine.

    It might be tbe early symptom of U B cancer. Plz cpnsult your Dr to dismiss.

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