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    Log into Wells Fargo in a browser or the app.

    In a browser, click your profile (where it says “Welcome, (your name),” then click to expand “My Profile.” Under there, you can see a menu item for “Nickname Accounts.”

    On the app, click the entry to the far lower right, “Menu,” then choose your name/profile near the top. Then choose “Nickname accounts.”

    If you are used to online banking this is what the website says

    To create or change an account nickname, go to Nickname Accounts, enter a nickname, and select Create Nicknames.

    I entered Nickname Accounts in the search bar and got the page to name account

    Short version: Under threat of termination, retail employees created fake accounts in order to meet a daily sales goal. Management created those impossible sales goals in order to get bigger bonuses.

    To be precise, Wells Fargo created a sales incentive structure, cross-selling incentive structure, and a marketing campaign. Wells Fargo employees created millions of fake accounts.

    Wells Fargo’s retail employees opened these fraudulent accounts for two reasons:

    • Keep their job and benefits. If a daily sales goal was not met, bankers had closed door meetings with their manager to explain why they were failing. These meetings or “coaching sessions” were intense and very uncomfortable – giving many employees the impression that their termination was near. The following pictures are from this article: Workers: Wells Fargo stress led to depression, attempted suicide
    • Achieve enough success to be promoted or transferred to another division within the bank.

    The steady, driving force behind the fake accounts was the daily sales minimum. This is notable because many peer banks do not do this. Most institutions have a weekly, monthly, or quarterly goal because sales are unpredictable on a daily basis.

    Furthermore, management never realistically adjusted sales goals, staffing, or management practices to reflect known trends. Management refused to even question the daily sales minimum or the high-pressure tactics. Instead, the daily sales goals increased twice from 2010 to 2013 despite a drop-off in branch traffic.

    Wachovia branches were not closed after the merger- leaving an over-saturated branch presence in many areas. You can find two Wells Fargo branches in many parking lots and both branches will be fully staffed.

    ^^ This teller didn’t hit her goal yesterday

    Seriously? Why? But if you insist, go to the bank and have your account updated. You didn’t specify as the kind of bank account.

    The stockholders of Wells Fargo Bankcorp. There is no one owner of most corporations in the US that are publicly traded. That includes Microsoft, Oracle, Amazon, Target, Walmart, Ford…etc. You may also be an owner if you participate in a 401 k plan with mutual funds. Many of those funds by stocks of corporations and thus you could own a few shares of a few shares.

    If your account is used for confirmed fraud it will be closed if there is a loss. I.e. Money was withdrawn and the check was returned leaving the account in the negative.

    This is done to prevent further fraud and to protect the bank. Unfortunately this also happens if you are the “victim” of fraud.

    Usually, if there are joint account holders, the person whose name is being removed will have to request it.

    Of course, if thete is only one name, you can’t remove your name, even to hide the money from the tax man.

    No, your idea is about 45 years too late.

    If you want a low “traceable” card (as there is no such thing as an untraceable credit card) you could:

    1. Apply for a Western Union debit card and simply reload that as necessary – These are offered to small businesses as well as consumers and you simply get one in a business name going to a mailing address for the business (PO Boxes have not been untraceable either for the last 40 years or so)
    2. Buy pre-paid debit cards in cash and then load value on them at the time of purchase -While stores have various policies about recording reloads, most of the time reasonable cash amounts aren’t questioned.
    3. Have someone get an additional card on their existing account in a name that you choose – The credit card will issue such a card with no questions, especially on accounts in good standing. The primary cardholder pays the bills that come in and you work out an “arrangement.
    4. Open a business, build up your business credit rating and then apply for a business credit card – All the charges will go to the business, not a personal account and you can arrange the bill payment in any manner that you choose.

    Again, credit card transactions are easily traceable by all law enforcement and anyone who knows where to look. The above options are simply harder to track.

    No, that would put the bank in violation of the USA PATRIOT Act.

    I have not had this personally happen to me at Wells Fargo or any other financial institution.

    This might well depend on the initial balance you deposited. Generally, Wells Fargo has a monthly fee on savings accounts unless a minimum balance is maintained, and perhaps you account was closed when these monthly fees used up your initial deposit.

    Aside from that, this may have closed as a result of the “know your customer” process, and they found some reason that thy believed created some risk in having you as a customer.

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