• My chest hurts sometimes when drinking water. Why is this?

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    If you take too big a gulp, you will dilate your esophagus which causes severe pain. If you take really deep breaths with the pain,it will quickly subside.

    Aspiration could have to be ruled out as well as a narrowed esophagus which can be dilated. Try not taking as much at one time, and you may find the pain is gone, It seems to happen more with fluids than solids.

    If you still have it, you need a trip to your doctor for more definitive testing.


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    You may have an esophageal spasm when you drink something cold or an irritation of the sphincter at the junction of your esophagus and stomach,

    If you are feeling dizzy or sweaty or having arm pain, of course you may need to see a cardiologist. This sensation may be enough to make you very anxious and make you feel like you are having angina too.

    Check in with your primary provider and you may be referred to a gastroenterologist.


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    When you swallow foods or liquids, they go from your mouth to your stomach through a cylinder called the throat. With a burp, air from your stomach ascends through the throat to achieve your mouth.

    In any case, your throat isn’t only a latent conductor that permits the forward and backward exchange of substances. It is a functioning, strong organ that agreements to push materials the proper way and contains nerve strands that speak with your mind. Different issues with your throat can cause chest torment when you swallow or burp.


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    May be you drink water in hurry and standing position!! Take a glass of water calmly in sitting position and take 3 breaths in between i.e. gulp water in 3parts.


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    Esophageal spasms? See a doc.


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    · Answer requested by

    There are several different causes of inflammation of the esophagus, or esophagitis, which might be causing yourpain. One of these is simple bad heartburn or acid reflux. When acid leaves thestomach and enters the esophagus, it causes a chemical burn which might be cause your symptoms.


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    Before I give any advice over the internet, my suggestion would be to go to your doctor and have him/her evaluate you. Severe chest pain that is very intense, and short lived, not caused by physical activity, is most likely an esophageal spasm. Do you have heartburn? What kind of food do you eat? Do you drink coffee, eat chocolate, alcohol, steak, etc? Do you eat before you go to sleep? If your answers are yes, then this is more likely an esophageal spasm that is alleviated by drinking water. Feel free to give me more details. Long story short, I have never been taught, nor will I ever teach anyone else, that true cardiac(heart) chest pain is relieved by drinking a sip of water.

    Sounds like an esophageal spasm. They go down like this: squeezing like pain down through the chest; feeling of perhaps choking on ‘something,’ possible regurgitation issue (or feeling) at some point.

    The continued ‘sharp pains’ and ongoing nausea is more concerning; that is what your doctor is for. Angina can have the same ‘finger print.’

    BTW: the spasm issue (symptoms) are treatable if severe. Pepper mint oil has impact on upper esophagus (get some serious peppermint candy); and medications sometimes used for high severity: onobotulinumtoxin A (Botox) injections or calcium channel blockers, such as diltiazem (Cardizem CD, Tiazac, others), can reduce the severity of spasm; and if you’re up for it, so does: Sildenafil (Revatio, Viagra).

    Without knowing your general health and age, any suggestions on Quora are worth almost exactly what you pay for the read.

    Disclaimer: This is not meant to replace seeing your physician for these complaints, as this could be cardiac related or represent a serious problem.

    Having said that, read below…

    I would say your digestion system has too much upward movement. Lemon water is used to increase acidity and digestive capacity (which most of us need). If you feel pain in the chest, it is most likely non-cardiac, and in this case, because of the temporal correlation to drinking lemon water, I would suspect something like reflux or esophagus spasm.

    I am sure you will get other good answers here to reflect on, but my recommendation would be to only drink lemon water 15min or so before eating a meal and see what happens.

    I hope this helps.

    First off do you take anything that causes gastritis. ?motrin ?aspirin etc. are you drinking too much alcohol. Ok whatever you figure out that is worsening the symptoms stop. Secondly go pick up some Pepsid. Or Zantac and take it twice a day. Don’t eat late. My guess is that the ER doc is right and it is a bit of gastric irritation. Take the medicine consistently for two to three weeks. You might have gastric irritation from a post nasal drip or reflux. Obviously if you are not improving you must go to your doctor for an evaluation. Weird thing like lymphoma can be in your chest causing these symptoms. So if you have no sweats , no wt loss , feeling ok in general try the reflux meds and see. If no better follow up with your doc. Dr J.

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