Brazil’s Gracie family, the creators and spiritual guardians of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, are currently under fire in their house country for allegedly getting federal government payments that they may not have actually been qualified for.

The claims originate from independent news outlet Congresso em Foco, which analyzed a variety of payments made to Gracie family members from 2 funds set-up by the Federal government to benefit ‘socially susceptible’ individuals.

The most significant beneficiary among the Gracies, according to Congresso em Foco, was Reyson Gracie– child of famous BJJ developer Carlos Gracie. Their reporting states that Reyson gotten 37,710 reais(around $7,467 USD) in 15 different instalments.

Reyson got that cash from a program called Beneficio de Prestacao Continuada (BPC).

Reyson is 80- years-old, however reports in have Brazil questioned whether he satisfies the income qualification for the BPC program. Congresso em Foco discussed that social networks posts exposed Reyson is the owner of the Reyson Gracie World Association, which has fitness center affiliates across Brazil as well as in Tahiti, Spain, Australia and the United States.

The Ministry argued that, if this information is real, then he was eligible to get those payments from the BPC program.

The other program that has actually cut a lot of cheques with the name Gracie on it is called Auxilio Brasil.

Congresso em Foco reported that 9 members of the Gracie family accessed this fund between March and December2020 That outlet has also questioned, based on their work histories and organization holdings, whether these recipients must have been eligible for the fund.

Reylson, another kid of Carlos Gracie, who owns a health club in Rio de Janeiro, is listed as having gotten 3,000 reais($594) from June to November of2020 However, the examination reports that 600 reais ($118) amount had been returned to the government.

According to Reylson, the cash was necessary for him to make it through during the Covid-19 pandemic.

” I had no earnings throughout the pandemic,” he informed Congresso em Foco The federal government has never ever provided me anything however that extra modification.

Rosley Gracie, another boy of Carlos Gracie, likewise got funds from the Auxilio Brasil program. Rosley is the director of operations at Gracie Nutrition, in Rio de Janeiro.

Flavia Gracie, the sister of previous UFC fighter Renzo Gracie, was also registered as receiving money from the program. She received 3,900 reais ($772) in between May and December2020 Flavia operates consultancy and service management business called FGX Assessoria e Consultoria de Eventos.

Reylson’s niece Jenifer Gracie, who lives in Oregon, USA, has actually likewise been listed as taking advantage of the program According to the examination, Jenifer received 3,900 reais ($722), too.

Another United States citizen, Ricci Gracie, the child and youngest child of Helio Gracie, got the amount of 3,300 reais($663) in 2020.

Both Ricci and Jenifer are registered on the program as living in the city of Teresopolis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Ricci’s other half, Patrick Benedek, told Congresso em Foco that his other half had never ever gotten, nor received the money from the program. He stated his other half was victim of a scam, with another individual using her name to get the money in her location.

Benedek informed the outlet “Ricci resides in the United States and was uninformed that such program even existed.”

Prolonged household members and brother or sisters Stephania Cunha Gracie Corte Imperial, Juramidam de Iemanjá Gracie Corte Imperial and Tintuma Omicaia Gracie Corte Imperial were also signed up on the program. Per the investigation, each one had received the overall amount of 4,200 reais ($831).

Carlion Grace, yet another boy of Carlos Gracie, received an overall of 1,200 reais ($238) and Carla Gracie, another sister of Renzo Gracie, received a total of of 3,600 reais ($718). Nevertheless, Carlion appears to have actually cancelled all of those payments before he could get the funds. Carla returned the majority of the payments she received.

Prominent members of the Gracie family receiving funds from the Federal government of Brazil hasn’t discussed well with some sections of society. And it’s not the first time the name Gracie has appeared in headlines including Jair Bolsonaro and his government.

Throughout the lead-up to his 2018 election win Bolsonaro got unbelievable support from the mixed-martial-arts community in Brazil. This consisted of a number of Gracie relative.

During the campaign trail Bolsonaro was provided an honorary black belt by Robson Gracie, the 2nd kid of Carlos Gracie and President of the Jiu-Jitsu Federation of Rio de Janeiro. Since Bolsonaro was elected, Renzo Gracie has actually been among questionable presidents most vocal supporters.

In 2019 Renzo Gracie, who lives in New york city, NY, was invited by Gilson Machado– Bolsonaro’s former Minister of Tourism– to be an ambassador for Brazilian tourist. When Bolsonaro visited New York in 2021 Renzo gave him a trip around the city.

Frias is currently under a cloud of controversy Brazil for utilizing public cash to fund his journey to New York.

Frias safeguarded the trip, stating he went to New york city to discuss video production opportunities with Renzo. He also refuted the expenses of the journey.

“I did not pay that quantity for that trip.

Regardless of his assistance from Renzo and numerous other prominent fighters and grapplers Bolsonaro is currently projected to lose his re-election quote in October. Bolsonaro’s devastating handling of the COVID-19 pandemic has actually seen his survey numbers topple and now a variety of high profile political leaders are competing to take his place. Amongst the favourites to replace him is Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva aka ‘Lula’, who acted as President in between 2003 and2010


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