JEDDAH: Saudi residents say they have become more positive that the country’s Vision 2030 strategy is on the best track, after watching Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman on TV marking the vision’s 5th anniversary.
The crown prince reaffirmed the Kingdom’s commitment to getting rid of extremism. In his Tuesday interview, he made it clear that the Qur’ an and Sunnah are the primary sources of the legislative system in the country, including that for a nation to attract capital and grow on all levels, extremist projects must be removed.
Faisal Al-Bugami, a National Guard worker, stated: “The Saudi leadership has actually constantly been reiterating this reality, and all Saudi residents understand well that this nation was first constructed on Islam, and it will constantly be an Islamic nation.”
The crown prince’s comments on the Worth Added Tax were gotten favorably and reflected the federal government’s interest in protecting the citizens in the long run.
In a tweet, Mahfouz Al-Ghamdi, a columnist at Makkah online newspaper, stated that the interview emphasized his keenness to protect an excellent future for the coming generations in Saudi Arabia.
” The speech also showed that he is eager to not pour any more money without a clear plan. It worried the continuation of excellent life to the individuals of Saudi Arabia,” he said.

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Countless viewers were glued to the screens to see where their nation’s vision 2030 was going and what has actually been done, particularly with regard to real estate, which the crown prince described as “among the biggest obstacles we have dealt with has been the requirement to increase housing ratios which we’ve seen huge demand on from citizens.”
Speaking to Al-Arabiya TELEVISION channel, Fadhl Al-Buainain, member of the Shoura Council, remembered the speech made by King Salman when he pertained to the throne.
” King Salman explained that one of the most crucial problems he would consider was real estate. When Vision 2030 began, among its important objectives was to assist every citizen have their own home, and increase the house ownership ratio. Today, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman repeats and stresses this objective,” Al-Buainain stated.
He added: “I think having a home is key to household security, and overall security and stability. With the support of the leadership, the Ministry of Housing has succeeded in attaining this objective.”
On The Other Hand, Khaled Al-Salem, an instructor for over 22 years and a recipient of the services of the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Real Estate in Taif, told Arab News that he had lost hope after being on the waiting list of the Real Estate Advancement Fund for over 15 years.


Countless viewers were glued to the screens to see where their country’s vision 2030 was going and what has actually been done, specifically with regard to housing, which the crown prince referred to as ‘among the biggest difficulties we have dealt with has actually been the need to increase housing ratios which we’ve seen substantial demand on from residents.’

” I failed to receive a loan to assist me build a house for my family. With the support of the Ministry of Real estate, I am quickly moving to my own home,” he stated, including: “The assistance I received from the government helped me purchase a piece of land and build my dream home on it.”
Al-Salem has now secured a home for his children. He said it was one of the benefits of Vision 2030, highlighting the fast, versatile and simple procedures he went through.
Dr. Alyaa Omar Al-Marwaey, a lecturer of curricula and methods of teaching English at Umm Al-Qura University, said the crown prince’s interview has left a positive impact, not only in the hearts of all Saudis however also in the minds of all expats residing in this nation.
” It has actually revealed us that there were methodical strategies to incorporate the efforts of the various ministries in a way that might successfully help in securing convenience and success to both residents and homeowners,” she informed Arab News.
She added that the reform plans are pouring financial investment opportunities on various academic, social, military and environmental levels, in addition to lots of other vital opportunities.
” It is a fantastic chance for Saudi residents to see Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman present what has actually up until now been attained in the Vision 2030,” Al-Marwaey said, including: “We are happy to be part of this development dream that is becoming a reality.”
She said that the leadership has continued what the Saudi creator King Abdul Aziz began in creating ministries to better serve people and expats.
Different sectors such as education, health, security, culture, tourism and the environment are seeing substantial leaps in their efficiency,” Al-Marwaey said.
For the tourism sector, she said that it is doing a “fantastic task” and is anticipated to draw the attention of countless individuals to the green Saudi Arabia.
” This sector is moving with the pride of the deep-rooted Arab and Islamic identity of Saudi Arabia. The Saudi Vision will definitely establish the unique Arab and Islamic heritage, which is a key part of the Saudi culture.

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