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    Creator at Personal Development Base(2019– present) · 19 h ago

    What screenshots are worthy of likes, and?

    The reality about releasing a company …

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    CEO at Naologic(2018– present) · Tue

    ” That’s where no code can be found in, where all these insane ideas which now are ridiculously costly to carry out, they end up being simple and fast.”

    Effect of nocode on supply chains

    Had a great talk with the International VP of Innovation from SAP (business) about how Naologic will use #nocode to make supply chains more effective.

    Established six start-ups, 2 angel groups, 3 funds, and moneyed 100 endeavors. CEO of Gust, Founder of New York Angels · Sat

    Throughout VC handle the seed round, does the founder or the VC pay the legal charges of building the deal?

    No … and yes. Founders never ever, ever, must pay an investor to get a financial investment. Not an “application cost”, not legal expenditures, not for background checks, not for “diligence” … nothing. No genuine financier will request for cash in advance, so if that’s what you’re hearing, the chances are that you are not dealing wit …

    Hi, fellas, I have an ethical doubt I remain in a company school and I’ve heard a pitch of a good concept, it was for a technological topic the pitch was intriguing however I know that it is not going to execute the concept should I do it? I have almost all technical abilities so I could do it. Should I do it?

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    Im going to begin my own branding company by launching one ebook. Its already written and will be on my own website. Ill attempt marketing techniques like social networks to raise awareness on my book. Is this a good concept or begin to growing?

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    What can I learn from reading “The Tricks of Consulting: A Guide to Offering and Getting Advice Effectively”?

    The book “The Tricks of Consulting: A Guide to Offering and Getting Guidance Successfully” was written by Gerald M. Weinberg. Here are my preferred parts of the book: Favorite Part # 1: “As soon as you eliminate your primary issue, number two gets a promo.” Favorite Part # 2: “The name of a thing is not the …

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    Business owner & & angel investor. Author, Angel Investing and The Startup Checklist · June 20

    When people invest in a company that uses crowdfunding to invest how much ROI financiers expect? 10%, 15%?

    Equity crowdfunding is a retail type of something called Angel Investing, which is extremely, extremely dangerous … and therefore requires to be made up for by high prospective returns. Angel financiers do– and crowdfunding investors should– go for a /-30 x return on their investment in 5– 7 years, or [roughly] a 25 …

    Creator of Palo Alto Software and bplans.com, founding director of Borland International, Stanford MBA, angel investor · June 18

    Heading for shark-infested waters …

    What should I look out for when getting a mentor/advisor for my startup?

    1. Watch out for individuals whose knowledge is obtained by reading or talking rather than by experience. I’m surprised at how many self-proclaimed “specialists” are just duplicating what they have actually checked out in blogs and posts, without ever having actually done it. 2. Keep an eye out for individuals who don’t have web footprints. Thes …

    Business owner & & angel investor. Author, Angel Investing and The Start-up Checklist · June 18

    Is there a way to pitch service ideas to rich people that are seeking to begin a company?

    Regrettably, there are no such individuals. “Wealthy people” do not seek to begin companies, similar to “fireman”, “ballet dancers” or “individuals with red hair” do not look to begin business either … although there might well be companies started by individuals who are– or were– red heads, fire fighters and ball …

    Founder & & CEO, Next Mountain · June 19

    For how long does it truly require to raise equity capital?

    It takes a long period of time to raise equity capital, however it is getting shorter every year. There are 3 parts to raising money. Part 1: Prep Prior to raising, an excellent CEO is going to wish to get everything all set. Get the deck looking great. Do at least 8 practice pitches. Get the backwards and positive …

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