( Significant spoilers ahead for the first three episodes of the first Marvel TELEVISION series, “WandaVision”)

It’s not a Marvel Cinematic Universe task if you’re not right away bouncing theories off of buddies or asking a concern about something that wasn’t discussed. The first 3 episodes of “WandaVision” are out now on Disney , and naturally, there are a great deal of questions to unload. Particularly … what the heck is going on in Westview?!

Who are the twins that Wanda brings to life?

We don’t actually get verified names of the twins, though Wanda and Vision do debate between “Tommy” and “Billy”– which matches up with Tommy Shepherd and Billy Kaplan, Wanda’s twins from the comics and 2 of the Young Avengers. We’re pretty sure that this is the intro of the superheroes Speed and Wiccan, especially since Marvel appears to be developing to an eventual Young Avengers team-up. Only time will inform.

What in fact is this location Wanda and Vision are stuck in?

The suburban town of Westview is apparently a picturesque, quiet town where Wanda and Vision have actually chosen to settle and live out their lives. However is it? Neither of them can keep in mind why they moved there, where they were prior to or, really, anything about their previous lives beyond their crazy superpowers. Possible explanations for Westview’s presence include a warped truth in Wanda’s mind that she’s created to block out the trauma she’s experienced in the MCU, or something that an unrevealed third party put in place. Or something else totally.

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It’s easy to forget, after Wanda invested the last couple of motion pictures primarily just utilizing her powers to pound bad people, that she likewise has mind powers. She can check out people’s ideas and influence them, as we saw her do a lot of times in “Avengers: Age of Ultron.” Her mental abilities, which are stemmed from the really exact same Mind Stone that brought Vision to life, are more than efficient in constructing this world in her mind– or in someone else’s.

Whatever the explanation, it appears that this world is a place that people can physically go into, judging by how Wanda ejected Geraldine from it at the end of the 3rd episode. We could be seeing the multiverse in action here.

On top of all that: why would it be a comedy?

How is Vision even alive?

Tony Stark’s sacrifice in “Endgame” reversed Thanos’ snap and brought back the 50%of the population that disappeared for five years, Vision remained dead. The most apparent guess is that this is a truth constructed in Wanda’s mind, similar to the Home of M comic storyline.

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Considering that it feels so incredibly unlikely that this program is happening in actual reality, it would then likewise appear unlikely that Vision is really “alive” once again. Up until we know what’s really going on here, it’s difficult to speculate on whether this story will lead to Vision’s return in movies.

Why are Wanda and Vision even there?

This is, we guess, the real central question of this story. Did Wanda do this to herself?

What’s SWORD got to finish with it?

Presuming you enjoyed the very first episodes of “WandaVision” on Disney , you certainly saw that red toy helicopter with a strange sword logo on the side. That’s the logo design for a company called S.W.O.R.D., which is basically a deep space version of S.H.I.E.L.D., intended to defend Earth from alien hazards.

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Perhaps more relevant to this discussion is that S.W.O.R.D. was developed for “X-Men” comics, and the organization’s history is pretty well tied to that of mutants.

A bigger concern, maybe: is S.W.O.R.D. managing this simulation, or are they attempting to help her escape from it? If it’s the latter, then there probably is another, as-yet-unrevealed party associated with all this.

You can learn more about S.W.O.R.D. and what it might indicate for the MCU progressing here.

Why was Geraldine in Westview to start with?

It feels like everybody in Westview has some ulterior motive. She was using a pendant with the S.W.O.R.D. symbol, which indicates she might have also been purposefully tasked to insert herself in Westview however lost all her memory once she got there– up until Wanda’s reference of her sibling jogged her memory.

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And what are Monica Rambeau and S.W.O.R.D. as much as?

The character of Geraldine, as we understood coming into “WandaVision,” is in fact Monica Rambeau— the young girl we met in “Captain Marvel.” A long time in the two-and-a-half years between that movie and the present, Geraldine/Monica relatively wound up involved with S.W.O.R.D., a company she has no tie to in the comics.

However Monica was using their logo design in the 3rd episode, and so clearly she has some ties to the company here– not extremely a surprise considering her mom was an Air Force pilot and could extremely well have become an astronaut after her foray into outer space in “Captain Marvel.”

When Monica “broke through” and raised Wanda’s bro Pietro and Ultron, Wanda appeared to understand something was incorrect. We do not see what took place to Monica, however Wanda simply told Vision “she left” and when we do see her once again, she’s waking up stunned and puzzled in the middle of a field, a lot of representatives (S.W.O.R.D. agents?) hurrying towards her. And when the camera draws back, we see what appears like some sort of forcefield dome, probably where Westview is.

So where did she wind up? We’re also confused. It does kinda remember the very same field in New Mexico where Thor ended up when he was found by Jane and Darcy in the very first “Thor” movie. That’s most likely just because the base is made from hastily assembled temporary buildings like the ones S.H.I.E.L.D. established around Thor’s hammer– and perhaps a bit of wishful connective thinking on our end, too.

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Our finest guess? This is a facility developed to attempt to break Wanda out of whatever this world of hers is.

Why did a beekeeper climb out of the sewer?

This person had a S.W.O.R.D. logo design on the back of his suit, so his allegiance is pretty clear. And Wanda states “No” and relatively rewinds time when she sees him. That would seem to show Wanda is herself opposed to whatever S.W.O.R.D. is doing here. Because his look came after a series of huge shocks to Wanda and Vision’s house, it would appear like they’re interfering with the simulation in some way– backing up our theory that S.W.O.R.D. is trying to help Wanda escape.

This guy is probably not a substantial Marvel character on his own. The show credits stuntman Zac Henry as the beekeeper, and it’s not incredibly likely that they’re going to give him a starring role.

Who is Agnes?

Agnes is plainly more than a meddlesome neighbor Could Agnes be a cover for Marvel witch Agatha Harkness, who is well known for being one of Wanda’s many significant coaches?

It deserves explaining that she definitely does not like Geraldine, considering that she’s an outsider. So Agnes is probably crucial.

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What’s up with those phony commercials?

” WandaVision” took its sitcom homages seriously, and that includes 50’s and 60’s style commercials. But why include them in the show, aside from to add another layer of accuracy and information? They all include winking easter eggs varying from Stark Industries to Hydra, which is enjoyable by itself … will they ultimately come together to imply something more?

What occurs when Vision eats other things?

In the second episode, we saw what takes place when Vision eats a piece of gum, swallowing it by accident. Vision informs Wanda in the very first episode that he doesn’t consume food, and the gum incident seems to affirm why.

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What was up with that red helicopter?

Wanda finds a curious red toy helicopter in her front bushes, but it’s a secret where it’s from. Or did Geraldine or some other S.W.O.R.D. put it there to attempt to activate Wanda out of this insanity?

While we have no idea what the significance of the little helicopter is, the number 57 might be a meta-nod to the truth that Scarlet Witch was first presented in the comics in 1964– 57 years ago. It certainly could have some in fact plot importance.
Who was that voice on the radio?

At one point throughout the second episode, a radio starts spitting out distorted noises prior to a voice begins calling out to Wanda.

How did Wanda get pregnant?

It’s probably just an example of “WandaVision” doing a comedy story, with the simulation simply making it take place due to the fact that it’s supposed to.

Why do Westview homeowners keep chanting “for the kids”?

We do have one concept, nevertheless, which you can read here

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