• What are CBD gummies and what are their health benefits?

    CBD gummies are special types of cannabidiol edibles. These are made with therapeutic compounds and the source of this therapeutic compound CBD is the marijuana plant. The benefits of including CBD gummies in your diet can get your relief from pain, depression, anxiety, and many more.

    1. Give support for healthy inflammatory functioning:

    Probably this is the most exciting benefit of CBD. It can surprisingly mitigate the symptoms of various disorders. Numerous studies have primarily performed to check for these and most of these are done with the animals.

    2. Helps in improving focus and clarity: It has been proved that CBD can interact with the body’s dopamine receptors. This chemical neurotransmitter monitors the behavior giving increased motivation focus, and other mental attention.

    3. Pain relief: Research shows that CBD interacts with the serotonin receptor of the body that is highly linked with the pain management system.

    4. Better sleep Order: People may get sleepless nights for many reasons such as stress, physical pain, and unrest. In a recently published journal, it is seen that with just 25mg of CBD each day can give people 66.7% better sleeping nights.

    5. For Better mood: In today’s world, the stress hormones are over triggered and sometimes these cannot be controlled. In a recent review, compared to 32 animal studies, it is shown that 31 of them have some potential effect on stress control with CBD gummies.

    6. Easy to use: The reason behind the popularity of CBD is that this is a source of antioxidants. Not only antioxidants, but this is also rich with vitamin C and E. Antioxidants that are found in CBD gum helps to relieve stress as well as it works as a natural barrier against diseases.

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    They’re gummy (gel) candies infused with CBD. If, and only if, they come from a reputable manufacturer which third-party tests their products (not just their source hemp), they contain a specific amt. of CBD.


    1. Anti-inflammatory (especially pain relief), anti-seizure, natural sleep-promoting, mental focus (this last one is controversial). Every other claim (such as killing tumor cells) is dubious: cites questionable research from non-credible sources (despite a lot of biochemical gobbledygook) and is largely wishful thinking.

    2. Non-psychogenic: no euphoric “high,” hallucinations, nor sedating effect when not taken at bedtime (but I notice CBD—other than topical—during the daytime does make me slightly sleepier).

    3. And for the gummies (or other infused edibles), palatability (taste) and lack of irritation of throat from vaping & smoking or possible lung damage from smoking.


    1. Onset is delayed compared to vaping, smoking, sublingual (under the tongue) or transdermal (as opposed to topical); and duration & intensity of effects is longer and unpredictable—even dose-to-dose.

    2. Texture: might get stuck in bridgework or braces, and pull out fillings and crowns.

    3. SUGAR!!!! (If you know of any gummies sweetened with Xylitol, erythritol, or Stevia, please post). Primary drawback of that is promotion of tooth decay. And, of course, besides its empty calories, sugar sabotages metabolism—especially for obese people, Type 2 diabetics and those with metabolic syndrome (prediabetes) or on the cusp of it. It causes your pancreas to release insulin, which is likely to promote fat storage and the excess sugar gets converted to glucose which then enters the bloodstream—making your blood more viscous (“thicker”) which can be dangerous for those prone to A-Fib or clotting disorders. And artificial sweeteners (other than Stevia, xylitol or erythritol), while they don’t raise blood sugar, do cause the same insulin spike as does sugar and therefore promote fat storage rather than burning. Sugar also increases release of inflammatory cytokines & cortisol, which can significantly offset CBD’s anti-inflammatory effect.

    4. Additives (dyes, softeners, preservatives), which might be bad for metabolism or even possibly carcinogenic.

    They are candy based gummy bears infused with an unknown amount of CBD extract and other ingredients. There are no supportable health benefits. Since the FDA has not yet approved any CBD products for human consumption there is no assurance other than the manufacturers about the contents. 70% of CBD products have been found to have inaccurate labels for ingredients, strength, purity. side effects, etc. They have also been found to make health claims not supported by evidence. Buyer beware. So far medical research has found little evidence to support the CBD hype. That’s a major reason manufacturers will not apply for FDA approval.

    The benefits are real I am a living Testament Of the benefits of CBD oil and feco oil(full spectrum cannabis oil . oil made from the whole plant. Thc has many healing properties as well. ) I moved to Colorado to treat myself with CBD oil for Grand Mal seizures . Medications wasn’t helping i was a walking zombie (side effects) and i was still having breakthrough seizures. I am happy to say I have been seizure free for 7 years. Thank goodness I have been taking CBD and fico oil for all the sign because of a year ago I got diagnosed with cancer very rare and aggressive kind of cancerAnd I believe because I had so much CBD oil in my body it kept it from spreading and I was able to have a surgery to have the it removed and when they tested myLymph nodes there is no cancer in any of them Doctors were surprised to see that it had not spread being that this cancer is usually very aggressive the only thing that I was dealing with was the CBD oil & feco oil and the eat very healthy. I have met many families that have moved here to be able to treat their children legally With this medicine It’s very mainstream here where I live everybody that I know takes it (it seems lol ) old ladies take it for arthritis, people give it to their dogs for various health problems, I know people who take it instead of anxiety medication for their Stress and anxiety. I know people who take it to help with the complications of Chrons disease. I buy CBd chocolates for PMS and menstrual pain. I use CBD cream for muscle spasms. I also juice fresh cannabis leaves in with my daily vegetable juice. I am made of cannabis lol and happy to be alive thanks to the miraculous medicinal marijuana plant.

    CBD gummies are bite-size, fruit-flavored treats infused with hemp based CBD. Obviously, the idea of combining medical benefits and delicious treat sounds like a dream. A massive body of research reveals the medicinal potential of the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) modulation.

    The effect of CBD gummies on your body is achieved when CBD enhances the ECS. The ECS is composed of endocannabinoids like elements naturally produced in the body, cell membrane receptors, and enzymes.

    The enzymes help break down cannabinoids. Endocannabinoids bind to them to signal that the ECS needs to take action in response to some stimuli. There are also cannabinoids from plants and after CBD consumption, the ECS receptors will interact with them as well.

    Other than therapeutic exploitation of the EDS, CBD also creates changes in the cerebral blood flow. One of the most noted effects on neurotransmitters caused by CBD is the impact on serotonin levels.

    It is involved in the regulation of various processes, such as mood, aggression, sleep, appetite, anxiety, brain function, and perception. Research also shows that glial cells might use the cannabinoid signaling system to reduce acute and chronic neuroinflammation.

    CBD tempers the neuronal activity by reducing hypersensitive responses in these cells. There is a clear between hemp and marijuana. There are minuscule levels of THC in hemp-based products, especially in comparison to marijuana-derived products.

    THC is the element responsible for psychological, psychomotor, cognitive, and physical effects. And there is simply not enough of it in hemp derived products. On the contrary, CBD products has even resulted in the opposite effects often caused by THC in clinical studies.

    The currently available scientific data suggests that even the strongest CBD gummies are safe and easy to use in a therapeutic context. However, according to the U.S. Drug Test Centers, there is one possible scenario.

    When taken by mouth: Cannabidiol is POSSIBLY SAFE when taken by mouth or sprayed under the tongue appropriately. Cannabidiol in doses of up to 300 mg daily have been taken by mouth safely for up to 6 months. Higher doses of 1200-1500 mg daily have been taken by mouth safely for up to 4 weeks. A prescription cannabidiol product (Epidiolex) is approved to be taken by mouth in doses of up to 10-20 mg/kg daily. Cannabidiol sprays that are applied under the tongue have been used in doses of 2.5 mg for up to 2 weeks.

    Some reported side effects of cannabidiol include dry mouth, low blood pressure, light headedness, and drowsiness. Signs of liver injury have also been reported in some patients, but this is less common.

    When applied to the skin: There isn’t enough reliable information to know if cannabidiol is safe or what the side effects might be.

    Special Precautions & Warnings:

    Pregnancy and breast-feeding: Cannabidiol is POSSIBLY UNSAFE to use if you are pregnant or breast feeding. Cannabidiol products can be contaminated with other ingredients that may be harmful to the fetus or infant. Stay on the safe side and avoid use.

    Children: A prescription cannabidiol product (Epidiolex) is POSSIBLY SAFE when taken by mouth daily. The most common dose used is 10 mg/kg daily. Higher doses of 15-20 mg/kg daily may be used in some children, but these higher doses are more likely to cause side effects. This product is approved for use in certain children 2 years of age and older, but has been used in children as young as 1 year of age.

    Liver disease: People with liver disease may need to use lower doses of cannabidiol compared to healthy patients.

    Parkinson disease: Some early research suggests that taking high doses of cannabidiol might make muscle movement and tremors worse in people with Parkinson disease.


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    “Bio-Availability” is the Key Term to Understand when Discussing the different methods of CBD consumption

    Bio-availability sounds like a sophisticated & complex scientific term but it’s actually pretty simple. Bio-availability is the measurement of how quickly our bodies absorb a substance into the bloodstream.

    Sublingual (Apply Drops of CBD Oil Under Your Tongue)

    • CBD Oil – This is the most common method of CBD consumption.

    CBD oil typically comes in a tincture bottle with a dropper. To take sublingually, just take the dropper with CBD in it & squeeze it under your tongue & let the CBD oil absorb. By letting the CBD oil absorb under your tongue it bypasses the stomach & is able to absorb into our blood much quicker & much more efficiently.

    CBD Oil has an average absorption rate of 35% & typically lasts 8 hours

    Oral Consumption (Eating CBD)

    • CBD Gummies – CBD Gummies, gummy bears, gummy works are extremely popular (probably because they’re cute & fun to eat.)
    • CBD Edibles / Food – CBD Edibles such as chocolates & brownies are delicious. CBD food is also a growing trend for both home cooked recipes as well as CBD prepared food at restaurants.
    • CBD Capsules/Pills – CBD capsules are less common, but for some people who would preference a gel capsule over a gummy bear these are great.
    • CBD Drinks – CBD water & sports drinks are starting to gain steam in the world of athletics, sports & fitness.

    All the methods of oral consumption have to run through your stomach before absorbing into the blood, so depending on how much food you’ve eaten, consuming CBD orally has a lower bio-availability than CBD oil & can take between 30 minutes to 2 hours before being fully absorbed. Oral consumption has a absorption rate of around 15-20 % & similar to sublingual consumption lasts around 8 hours.

    Here’s some more info on complete guide on the best way to take CBD

    CBD has gained extensive attention for things such as aiding inflammatory functions and easing the painful symptoms of countless disorders. CBD has been found to interact with the body’s dopamine receptors and is very beneficial in regulating our behavior, memory, focus, motivation, and mental attention.

    Unlike, other painkillers, CBD is completely natural. CBD may interact with our body’s serotonin receptors, which is believed to be the reason to encourage greater pain management.

    There can be people with lack of sleep for reasons including: anxiety, unrest and physical pain. In 2019, studies showed that within a month, 66.7% people suffering from anxiety and sleep issues improved their sleep with a dose of just 25mg of CBD each day.

    As per a recent research review- a study on animals for a substitute of stress hormones-said CBD to have a potential positive effect on anxiety. The effects of CBD gummies take a longer to kick in than other CBD products like CBD oil or CBD inhalable.

    CBD gummies benefit those who want their CBD to last longer, rather than work faster. The time listed above may vary depending on height, weight, and other lifestyle factors of the user.

    When selecting the best CBD gummies to fit your need, you should not be attracted by a special fruity flavor or a unique gummy shape, but should take into consideration features like extract type, strength and also quality assurance.

    CBD oil contains CBD mixed with an inert carrier oil, such as coconut oil or hemp seed oil. The bottled oil, called a tincture, is sold in various concentrations. There are also CBD capsules, CBD gummies, and under the tongue CBD sprays.

    Depending on where you live, some brands may contain trace amounts of THC. CBD oil is believed by some to treat pain, reduce anxiety, and stimulate appetite in the same way that marijuana does. CBD has also shown promise in treating certain types of seizures.

    The first things I look for when purchasing any CBD product is if the product has been tested by a 3rd party laboratory. If it has been tested, then lab reports for that product should be readily available somewhere on the company’s website.

    Without a lab report, we really have no way of confirming what’s in that product or if it’s safe to use. This is why it is extremely important to always look for a valid Certificate of Analysis (lab report) before you purchase any CBD product especially online.

    Consider this when you do have access to a lab report to know if your gummies have CBD:

    The primary component of a product’s analysis report is to summarize the cannabinoid profile and concentration within the sample. In simpler terms, it means listing each cannabinoid detected in the sample, along with its concentration within that sample.

    When assessing a product’s analysis report, one thing you want to make to sure to do is confirm that the cannabinoid content listing on the product’s label is consistent with what is listed in the product’s lab report.

    For example, if a product’s label lists that it contains 1,000 mg of CBD, then that content should be confirmed on the product’s lab report.

    While it’s normal for the cannabinoid content to deviate slightly, a big difference is definitely something you should be concerned with.

    Hope this helps.

    I would recommend to use Holy Chews.

    Holy Chews is a sweet treat enriched with ZenaCan, Their proprietary CBD-rich hemp extract grown on legal and compliant Kentucky farms. Their cutting-edge extraction process guarantees no THC and an absolutely ZERO chance of ever getting high. Just a smooth and mellow dose of relaxation, putting you minutes away from AWESOME.

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    Not everyone gets symptomatic relief if gummies do not contain THC. They may be expensive, but those with THC and any oral preparation is only 20% as effective as cannabis which is smoked or vaped.

    They may not be well regulated. They may not contain the mg.s of CBD that they state that they contain. Some people do not wait long enough after taking this product before they take more and then they end up with THC side effects which will not kill them but are very unpleasant.

    If adults do not keep them under lock and key as they should with other meds, kids may take them which may result in a bad outcome.

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