• A personal problem is one involving the person, whereas a social problem is one involving society. Each can cause the other. For example, a social problem like unemployment can lead to great personal problems – like depression and financial troubles – for the unemployed individuals, and a personal problem, such as being deranged, can lead to social problems like mass murder and the fear that spreads to the whole of society.

    Examples of personal problems (problems that originate within the person or his/her situation) include relationship issues, health troubles, phobias, inability to make friends, loneliness, anger etc. Some examples of social problems (problems that originate within society and affect society as a whole or large numbers of individuals because they are members of society) include poverty, race relations, unemployment, drugs, the road toll, unhappy neighbourhoods and so on.

    Personal problems are one’s own, it can be marital, employment, financial, health, children etc., whereas social issues can be categorized into two sections:

    1. Your’s self.
    2. Everyone’s.

    Your’s self: When you have problem in or with the society, it is your’s self social issue. For example, you are not okay with the rules set by your society members and you always condemn it where others are in acceptance.

    Everyone’s: When the society itself has a problem and all the individuals living in the society are facing it then it is everyone’s social issue. Examples are damaged roads, lack of sanitation, no street lights, garbage on roads, no schools, no hospitals, no markets at reach, burglary, drug abuse, gangsters, rapists, alcoholics, etc.

    Conclusion: Point #1 of social issue is left to the individual’s own interest if he or she wants to resolve it, prolong it, or complicate it. Point #2 of social issue is completely dependent on the entire individuals of the society, their governance, their activeness, frequent surveys to know what is required and providing all the required facilities, and eradicating all the evil around them making a happy society free of social issues.

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    Personal problems are those which are faced by a single person or a group of people. In contrast, social issues affect many people and often involve a wider range of stakeholders.

    Personal problems can be classified as physical, mental, emotional, and financial. Social issues can be classified as environmental, economic, political, educational and health-related.

    Personal problems and social issues are the problems that we as humans face in our everyday lives. They can be caused by different factors such as:

    -Lack of resources: For example, people who do not have enough money to buy food or pay for their bills.

    -Lack of education: For example, people who don’t know how to read or write.

    -Social pressure: For example, people who are pressured by society to behave in a certain way.

    -Personal problems: For example, feeling lonely or feeling depressed because of something that happened in your life.

    -Social issues: For example, discrimination against an entire group of people because they belong to a different race or religion than most other people in the country.

    Personal problems are the issues that affect an individual on a personal level. These can be health problems, relationship issues, or financial troubles. Social issues are the ones that affect society as a whole. They can be anything from poverty to drug addiction to natural disasters.

    Social issues are usually more difficult to solve than personal problems because they involve more people and require more resources to fix them.

    Social problems are those which are related to the society or community. Problems which we are facing since many years .

    1. In India education is the main problem, I will say primary education, still after 72 years of independence , government is not able to provide primary education in some rural part of India.
    2. Women empowerment is also one the issue.
    3. Upliftment of backward class.
    4. Increasing population.
    5. Issues related to farmers, most of the population in India dependent on farmers for their daily needs.
    6. Unemployment is the main issue for youth in India.

    There are alot of social issues like this , which we are facing nowdays in India.

    Personal problems are those , which we faced in our daily life . These problems may be different for different person’s of perspective.

    1. For students , problem related to their projects, classes , assignment these may be some of their personal problems.
    2. For a employee, problems related to their work may be his or her personal problems.
    3. Health may be someone’s personal problems.
    4. Domestic issues. Etc etc

    One cannot relat their personal problems with the problems related to a community or a society.

    First issue is unemployed and l think another trouble in society is racism..

    A person who wants to marry with self partner that can not do this

    Because he or she doesn’t have any job. They afraid from get divorce.

    They say to themselves “ İf l won’t to make happy my wife or children , what will happen ?”

    They can’t be happy because of this topic.

    And another issue is racism ..

    Racism is to be everywhere now , politics , sport , day life and every places.

    When black football player appearance in football field who hear some noises.

    Like “You’re monkey!” “You’re bad “.

    That’s decraise motivation them.

    l hope one day ; We live in without racism , violance to woman , and unemployed..Etc..

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    Hello discussing about personal problems and social issues,firstly personal problems can be associated with your work including your family and close kins…whereas social issues are something that directly or indirectly affects the society.

    For example if you are facing some issue with your brother or father it can be anything related to work,studies,relationship etc are up to you how you deal with it but if the problem with you is such that it can have an impact on the society then its a social issue coz today its happening with you or it can happen with someone else…..

    Personal troubles for most people are:Paying debts, keeping the car running, having money for repairs, ,etc…. Social Issues are things such as Carona Virus, Flu shots, Violence in the streets, taxes, over-reaching government encroachment on our lives and rights, etc…

    Personal problems can a vary from stress,depression to anything that worries you in any form. They maybe your mental imagination or anything that offends your thinking can also turn into a personal problem. There are various ways to overcome personal problems. Consult the ones who you think can help you in that particular matter. Personal problems can also be something private which you might hesistate sharing with other people.

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