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    • You could straight observe history and remove any ambiguity about the occasions of the past.
    • You could recuperate and/or conceal lost treasures for future recovery
    • You might observe a possible future to see how decisions and occasions played out.


    • You probably could not survive it. The habits of the matter and energy that comprise “you” follow physical laws predicated on the linear circulation of details. If you could step outside of the circulation of time, you ‘d most likely likewise be stepping outside of the laws that keep your really atoms together.
    • Any past or future observed by a time traveler would inevitably end up being disconnected from that of the tourist. Either the tourist themselves would end up being an anomaly as their impact moved upstream or any influences would result in branches.
    • The world economy would be ruined. If you can move matter and energy between times, you could essentially pillage the past and future for resources, antiquities, understanding, and so on. The stock exchange would end up being a joke. Nobody would ever participate in a bad business offer, etc.
    • Wars would be battled by getting rid of enemies in the past. Entire countries and cultures could be eliminated with a well-placed vial of toxin in a town well. Eventually some nihilist would eliminate the human race as we came down out of the trees.
    • Comedians would take material from their future selves and then enter bitter cross-temporal claims.

    If its available to the public,


    • Ambiguity about the past would be removed
    • Seeing into the future would help federal governments and regular people make the right decisions
    • Cash might be easily raised by travelling back in time, hiding red wine, then recovering it back in the present.


    • People might make dumb errors in the past, making the present a mess. E.g travelling to dinosaur times, causing dinosaurs to obtain traits from us, evolve to endure the K-T event and replace the human race
    • Federal governments would use it in wars to mess up the history of the other country, triggering an cross-temporal battleground.
    • Individuals may take a trip to the past catch diseases at large at that time and trigger a new epidemic e.g Smallpox
    • Paradoxes may have triggering the universe to stop existing1

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    Presuming you suggest it will be offered to the public:


    – Looking into the future would help make the right decisions about the future. Seeing how anything turns out would facilitate making right choices.

    – The ability to remedy previous errors, both your own and other individuals’s would be useful to all.

    – It’s so cool!!


    – If everybody makes all the ideal options, life would be dull.

    – Tampering the past, specifically if this were offered to the public, would make truth extremely unstable, as major elements of it might alter daily.

    – Butterfly effect: you don’t actually understand the full repercussions of your actions.

    – Phillip J Fry being his own grandpa. Ew.

    Einstein already showed time travel to be difficult, other than for travel part of a 2nd into the future, but then you can’t go back. The past does not exist anywhere, anymore, and the future does not exist yet.

    Even if we COULD travel back to 1000 years earlier, no one might speak our contemporary english, even if we do not say anything about electrical energy. I had to memorize some Olde English, and after that some Middle English, and they’re both incomprehensible, though the middle is much closer.

    The past just still exists in books. The future does not exist anywhere. Before I had my auto accident, I couldn’t even IMAGINE such a thing, now I have a consistent pointer. I ‘d had prepare for my life that never came true.

    Assuming there’s no technical issue at all.


    – Forward: you can inspect the future and make better option

    – Backward: you can fix past mistakes


    – Likely something occurred and stemming new problem (meaning: repairing things in past/future is not as simple as it seems to be even if the time-travel barrier is broken)


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    • You can utilize understanding of the future to take over the world
    • Or advance the development of society
    • Or take everything of worth worldwide


    • Time travel is impossible
    • If it is possible, paradoxes may cause unwanted negative effects. The universe might stop to exist.


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    Con: it’s impossible, so you can’t enter into the past and kill the young Adolf Hitler.

    Pro: it’s difficult, so you can’t go into the past and eliminate the young Adolf Hitler and return to discover Stalin has dominated the world.


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