• 10 things to really experience in life are:

    1. Just do anything once in life that you thought you would never do.

    Cut your hair really short or get a tattoo, grow that macho beard or just wear that dress which will give you that extra oomph factor ! Just do it. I did get my hair cut really short(pixie cut), that feeling that you rush through is hard to explain because you did something for yourself that you NEVER EVER thought you would ever do!

    2. Everyone said: Go abroad. I say: Live with your parents with your children

    Yes! Going abroad, living away from family and living a lavish life is easy. Experience that amazing feeling of seeing your parents playing with your children. Giving them early morning yoga sessions, making them teach how to eat just how they used to do with you. It’s like reliving your childhood memories you probably don’t even remember!!

    3. Visit an old age house or an orphanage: Thank yourself every moment that you are lucky enough.

    Being the child who has everything, don’t abandon your parents. And being the child who is in orphanage feel lucky you are not there. I went to one such place and I can’t tell you what went through while seeing that old lady on the bed having her own glass of water. Learn, Grasp and Make sure you are never a part of it.

    4. Switch Jobs: Skillfully

    I don’t know if I am right if I say this that one should always try and change jobs skillfully, if you really have that in you. Be a chef , be a waiter, be a writer, be a traveler, be an IT professional, be a teacher. Just don’t let your knowledge get wasted.

    5. All say: Fall in love. I say: Talk to your crush.

    If nothing else, he can be your very good friend. I had a huge crush on a guy when I was in 12th standard. I made sure, if I don’t talk to him now, may be someone else would already have the opportunity. And yes, being not that great looking even I talked to him and today we are such good friends even after these 8 years. So, let that feeling gush into you while talking to your crush, that feeling is prodigious.

    6. Forgive someone you were madly angry on!

    I tell you, one incident happened recently. One of my friends made a heavy mistake that all came up on me. I had to bear the consequence of it which apparently unfriended me from my own friends. But just after few hours, I forgave him. Because that taught me a lot. I got to know, mistakes are unavoidable and you need to forgive them for your friendship. You know who exactly makes effort to be your friend. I still cherish this experience.

    7. Appreciate any random person you met or greet the watchman

    We probably are so stupidly busy in our lives that the man that opens the door hundred times for us goes unrecognized. I once went inside my office ODC. We have security guards for the entrance. I don’t know why I greeted him good morning. His face lit up to a big smile. And from that day onward he daily gives me smile, wherever he sees me and asks me how was my day. I don’t know him, he doesn’t know me but what lives is a small memory to smile. Appreciation is the same attribute.try doing it and experience that beauty of human expression.

    8. Try saying NO

    It’s the biggest quality that many of us lack. And one day just one day refuse your friends to not do what they want you to do. Say no to the marriage proposal you feel is not right for you at the time, say no to the job you feel is just not your cup of tea, say no to the relationship you know is not right for you. Just experience that feeling !

    9. Complaint to police or consumer forum when you feel something is not right!!

    That feeling when you know something is not going right and you complaint about the same makes you feel so very responsible and proud in your own ways. This happened when a police inspector asked me to give him money for the passport verification. When I denied asking him money for what? He said he will delay my process now. I was dejected and being just a college student couldn’t think of much. But I came back and wrote mails to everyone possible, whether be it Passport officer head or even Sushma Swaraj. Even though I didn’t get my reply but I did my job. I was glad I didn’t become a part of that corruption and took an action. Get that feeling of standing up against something wrong whether in public or something that is happening always.

    10. And yes! Experience healing an injured animal !

    A small squirrel once got badly injured and was near our school washroom. Many ants were crawling on its wound. I picked it up, washed it and kept in the specs case my friend had. I took it home. Cleaned it with dettol and tried giving it milk through cotton balls. When eventually she became healthy she ran to her surroundings. You have that satisfying feeling that not only humans but animals require equal love and care when it comes to life. Experience it once!!!

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