• What benefits will I enjoy as a Wipro staff member?

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    Only advantage of WIPRO is you have Air Conditioned office.


    1) Low income

    2) Poor quality of deal with no knowing

    3) Onsite opportunities is very restricted and just 1 in 100 gets onsite.

    4) Extremely poor hike less than 4 percent yearly.

    5) Tag of service based business

    6) Relocation every 3– 4 months so no work life balance

    7) Forced resignation and termination prevails in this company.


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    1. Wipro’s workplace is excellent for a fresher.
    2. Offered with a good project, we can learn numerous brand-new innovations.
    3. Training centers to learn all the domain associated things are organised well here.
    4. We will see our development both in our position and our understanding.
    5. Each and everybody inside the group are treated similarly.
    6. Enjoyable and work both are valued.
    7. Not a very good package, however its sufficient to start with.
    8. Easy relocation is possible.
    9. You wan na do higher studies, take a break for two years and come back again. Wipro always welcomes you.
    10. The work – life balance.


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    Here’s my believed after 4.5 years of survival in WIPRO:–LRB-

    1. Onsite (If you have this believe me you’re the GOD in Wipro)

    2. Hike (This is excessive if i call it ‘Perk’ trigger it’s even lower than the term itself)

    3. Allowances, well this is policy and best part. They offer you finest hotels to stay if you are being moved or moved for a while)


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    Wipro in contracting out companies is a perfect match for a fresher.

    Training is very good.work life balance is excellent but den at the very same time it depends on an individual.

    Wipro policies for project allotment and relocation are extremely staff member friendly.

    Though the plan used is method too less but to begin with its a great option.one will get sufficient oppurtunities in different divisions to pursue his/her profession as per his/her goals.

    I have met ample variety of people whose very first organisation was wipro and believe me they all memorize those days invested in wipro from time to time and the only reason people have actually left is that of income, no other disadvantage.

    Getting task now a days itself is fantastic benefit of one doesn’t comes from HiFi collages.

    Anyway you’ll be familiar with how’s the corporate environment in every touch like training workers, work culture etc etc


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    I state NO additional benefits.

    All the MNC business having practically exact same facility and advantages provided. Where as will state less then other business here you will discover. Restricted advantages just.


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    Simpler, more powerful network security for the cloud.

    Secure Access Service Edge is a plan for much better company security.

    1. Excellent learining platform

    Rest benifits all are secondary as they are offered from ur salary …


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    Wipro is my first company and yes, it’s my first on school job too. I have actually been here for nearly 3 years (6 months in Kochi for training and rest in Kolkata ). So I think I am certified to address this.

    Let me list benefits and drawbacks of Wipro:


    1. It provides you an excellent and most likely the best training as compared to other IT sectors in India.
    2. Probably in IT sector we assume people to be dismal, unfortunate, tensed due to immense work pressure. Believe me, here the scenario is simply opposite. Every 9 out of 10 guy you will find enjoys, cheerful and will invite you with a smile (Not the trainers as they are typically hired from other organisations). People will be more delighted to assist you if they are asked.
    3. Less effected by down-surging. Wipro has its own record to allow a couple of C1/ C2 resources for a period of 1.5 year in complimentary pool. More or less your job is protected here.
    4. No bad occasions like eve-teasing, corporate ragging, harrassment of the female employees and so on. If somebody is caught in some way, action (state separation) is taken instantly. Hardly any such occurrences take place here.
    5. School is green and pollution free. You can see stray pets inside Kolkata school very often, think me they are less damaging and are corporate too.;-RRB-
    6. Wage comes always in time.


    1. ” Money”. Yes when it concerns hike, facilites, and onsites you ought to not anticipate much. Very less hike and onsite opportunites compared to the other IT companies in Indian market.
    2. Time in floor. This thing is presented recenty for good purpose and for client transparency. It is gradually ending up being intollerable. You need to maintain 8– 8.5 hours inside a glass chember (your ODC). 9.5 hour in school is fair enough. Just 1 hour for lunch, tiffin, cigarettes and even restrooms is not enough.
    3. Hardly any school centers like swimming pool, modern-day fitness center, lunchroom with numerous option of food etc.

    Mate, no organisation is best. If you get an opportunity of attachment with this organisation it will be more or less great. Even if it becomes bad for you, you can discover something from that for your future. If you are fresher and with no other choices please do not throw it down. And if you are skilled please read my above points when again and select which point is essential for your case. As everyone has their different I simply tried to provide a sum up of what I believe. Any modifications or tips are welcome.

    Similar to every business have Medical insurance Wipro has the exact same. Leaves, moving allowance and so on is the very same like every company has in their policy.

    However one facility Wipro has is that you can take immediate loan like Contingency loan etc. of 25000 rupees with no interest i.e. on a monthly basis 2000 rupees will get deduct from your wage till the loan outstanding quantity is paid There are other loan where you can take 18000 rupees if you need to serve your purpose. 2– 3 loans exist in Wipro policy which an employee can obtain when a worker require the amount to serve personal need.

    On Wipro products like Santoor Soaps, Bulbs, Yardley brand products and so on you get some discounts if you buy these at Wipro premises.

    Senior employees at management level can take furnishings from Wipro at totally free cost and can acquire the same later at a depreciating value of that possession which saves money.

    • I am eligible to address this concern considering that i had actually been in wipro for 3.5 years.
    • You have to preserve 9.5 hrs including your lunch and break time which is computed by the first and last swipe
    • System calculates odc inside time. Which is computed by your odc door entry/ out swipe. In portal you have this block which tells you the number of hours you were inside the odc.
    • A few of the accounts – mainly support jobs has actually a software application set up in all the makers called “Trutime”, what this will do is it will determine your activity time in your system. If you are seeing you tube, fb, news, bank site etc these all go as “PRIVATE” time and not taken as your efforts. Eclipse, client vdi, documents stuffs etc and so on all goes in to “EFFORTS” and taken as efficient time. Weekly or twice in a month this report is being pulled and intimated to you by your manager or lead.

    Adult Insurance coverage is an optional center offered in Wipro. This insurance will be of 2 types.

    1. Standard Insurance Coverage
      1. Low Cost
      2. None of the previous or existing disease will not be covered. i.e. If they have any neck and back pain or any significant concerns like skin related, cancer, fractures and so on will not be covered.
      3. Waiting period relevant for pre-existing illness.
    2. Comprehensive Insurance
      1. Costlier (However I constantly suggest to go for this)
      2. Covers all diseases (Existing and freshly diagnosed diseases) from the day you select the insurance coverage.
      3. No waiting duration at all.
      4. Personally I recommend to decide this Insurance plan.
    3. EMI Choice
      1. Couple of staff members may be getting less income then the actual insurance expense (If they choose both parents and in-laws).
      2. Thus this center is presented in last 2– 3 years.

    The above policy is also applicable for in-laws too.

    One more hack exists with this policy. I am uncertain. I think you can’t upgrade/downgrade from Requirement to Comprehensive or vice-versa for few years Please read that correctly.

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