• Entire life has actually been in a truck running everywhere. In my first 35 years we were a group that assisted each other and stranded motorist. All of us had an oath that if we were faced with striking a car or running the truck of the road, we would do the later on, all of us knew what happened when a 40 lot truck strikes a 2000 lb car. A number of my pals damaged their trucks and some died over that oath. I never ever had a doubt in my life I would do the same, the circumstance just never ever took place to me.

    I had a buddy through no fault of his own ran over a cars and truck that ran under his bumper. I saw him weaken to absolutely nothing from the guilt of what he saw up until he eliminated himself. It was Not his fault however I understand the regret he experienced when he went out to help and only found bodies. I have actually experienced it myself sometimes when I stopped to assist at a wreck when I was the only one around.

    Thats all changed in the last numerous years. The old days are gone and im simply a dinosaur that do not know how to stop and get a life. When I see somebody needing help I feel its my responsibility to do what ever I can. I was a counselor for 3 years and nine months while participating in college in the early 80 s at a drug rehab and I went to school nights and run 2 local loads during the night to support my family. I saw so much chaos through these individuals, some dedicated suicide, some suicide by cop. I had my own issues in life with drugs to remain awake and truck 3 days at a time until I started seeing things that weren’t there on the highway.

    The rehabilitation put me in charge of the suicide hotline and I was damn good at it. I had actually seen so much in the years prior to. I worked with social workers, the bleeding hearts of the world. I resented them for it. I informed it like it was. None of my customers ever went there. I comprehended and never let them suck me in with their tears. I usually had them laughing at how long-term the concept was for a momentary situation, and joked about it.

    Well later on I began seeing it. I ran best during the night when the air was thin and dark. One early morning about 1am in Reno Nevada I drew in to fuel up and saw a driver being in the television room alone bubling tears. I was in a hurry to get to San Franscisco, but this man was desperate, I asked if he was okay, we were the only motorists around. He wished to get ran over in the lot by a big truck. It was his very first trip out of California, stopped and started betting in the gambling establishments, lost all his cash and his managers cash, sold his fuel and tires to gamble more. I did the same thing my first trip thru Nevada. Anyway I recommended he wait till 9am call his boss and inform him what he did, in charge would send money to the truckstop for fuel and tires to get back, then his boss would eliminate him. He looked at me a minute then laughed his butt off. I understood he was okay and left.

    We are not alone on this world, all of us have desperate issues at times. I have found out if we require time to assist someone in difficulty, our life on this rock ends up being just a little much better. Easier. No one gets thru life unscathed. The most important thing we can do is help those who need it and going on down the pike. I pulled 2 ladies who turned over in a snowbank in front of me near Buffalo NY. Nobody could see them there I was the only one who saw it. I had a 14 feet large load and knew it was dangerous, pulled over and cut their seat belts and assisted them into my semi and call the cops on the cb radio. The police put them in his vehicle and provided me hell for stopping.

    Fine with me, I know whats right or wrong. I might not live in my own skin if I hadnt assisted when I was needed, these things can not be taught, the need to be experienced. I know life moves fast, but not too quick to offer a minute to assist a stranger to their feet. Its not a huge offer to us, but that individual will assist another and so on. Think of if all of us just gave a minute just how much better the planet would be.

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