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    It depends on the total number of white blood cells. For example 80% of segmented neutrophils out of 5000 WBCs is only about 4000 segs per microliter. That’s normal. But high WBC counts e.g. 20000/microliter with 80% of segmented neutrophils is considered elevated. It is usually caused by a bacterial infection or some other form of acute stress such as vomiting, injuries, surgery… Anyway, I would need to see the CBC result in order to interpret it.

    This depends on the total number of white blood cells present in your body.

    Since this is an Insufficient information and there can approximately ten different answers to this question depending upon the total white count, per cent of each type and absolute of each type – therefore I am giving an example to this question just to make a situation clear.

    Please note – There could be an infection or it could mean just nothing.

    This depends on the total number of white blood cells present in your body.

    Let say – For example

    Around 70% of the segmented neutrophils out of 6000 WBCs is only about 4200 segs per microliter, which is normal. But in case of high WBC counts, for example, 180000/microliter with 70% of segmented neutrophils is purely considered as elevated. This condition is usually caused by some bacterial infection.

    Please also note – A doctor would need to see the CBC result in order to interpret it.

    There isn’t enough information or data to answer that. There are about ten different answers depending on total white count, per cent of each type and absolute of each type. I could mean there is an infection or it could mean nothing.

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    Neutrophils fights off Bacteria and other pathogens.

    Lymphocytes fights off VIRAL INFECTION.

    When body is producing more lymphocytes it means body is fighting off to clear viral infection in the body or to clear the cancer cells in the body.

    In general if their is increase in Lymphocytes than their will be reduction in Neutrophils and vice versa.

    At the same time border line high or low either Lymphocytes or Neutrophils its not to be considered a big issue. At sometimes this variance would be considered as a Time variance it means at that particular time their is increase or decrease in either of the two.

    3 things you have to do

    1. Take another test after 30 days.
    2. Meet Infectious disease specialist doctor with the report. And explain in detail what have you done in your life to the doctor regarding your eating habits, family history about any disease or disorder, about your sexual history, were you work, do you go to regular fitness class, about drugs/medication you use and do you have any other disorder/disease Etc. This will give clear picture to the doctor so that he/she will guide you to the proper testing or life style.
    3. Bro/Sis if you are in stress or depression just relax. Life is short so Enjoy in A Good Way. Life is a magic we are in a illusion. Dont make that illusion to spoil you. Come on !! Go out and enjoy your life. Be thankful to god that you survived today. Its that simple. One last thing dont do any activities THAT SPOIL YOUR HEALTH.


    God bless you

    Cheers !!

    You probably have a bacterial infection but it is all relative to what you mean by “high.”

    Classically, with an overall leukocytosis, it suggests an acute bacterial infection. In reality, the predictive value isn’t all that great. And with a normal total WBC, it’s most likely to be a counting error from the Coulter counter.

    My stage 4 kidney cancer was detected because my blood calcium level was too high. This was an indication of a cancer somewhere. It could have been a cancer in my bones releasing calcium from them, but in my case, most of 1 kidney was cancerous, so the kidneys were unable to remove as much calcium as usual from the blood they were filtering. A CT scan showed where the cancer was.

    Two things here:

    1. My GP made a very good pick up to spot the high calcium level and get it checked with a CT scan. All the specialists I have since seen have said so, suggesting many doctors would have thought ‘let’s wait and see what it is next time’. There would have been NO next time – if they hadn’t done the operation then to take out the kidney, I was literally weeks (not months) from death. You bet I gave my GP a big hug!
    2. Unfortunately, this symptom only occurred when the cancer was so advanced and serious. I was having blood tests every 3 months so we knew it had not been high 3 months prior. So you cannot rely on a blood test for early detection of this sort of cancer. My surgeon said this tumour had been growing for decades.

    In short, I was lucky … and I still am 3.5 years later!

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    It usually indicates that the Immune system has been activated and that inflammation has begun against a foreign invader.Beyond that, it is non-specific and further studies would be indicated for specification.

    Hi. Retired haematologist here. I always focussed on absolute counts. They are what really matter. Percentage values can be quite misleading unless you look at the absolute values that lie behind them. For example a ‘percentage increase’ in lymphocytes may actually be due to a low neutrophil count.

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    They are much different. CBC measures the numbers of red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets in the blood. Blood culture is a microbiology test to see if there are bacteria in your blood stream.

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