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    • Depends Upon why you got the urine test done.
    • Did you have urinary signs – burning throughout urination, boost frequency of urination
    • Do you have a history of urinary stones?
    • Do you have diabetes?
    • Do you have a history of urinary catheterization in the recent past?
    • Urine is normally sterile – indicates it doesn’t grow organisms
    • Combined flora might indicate external contamination – which might be from your skin in the private parts, polluted bottle, contamination by microbiology personnel.
    • All the above info needs to be combined to make a correct analysis.

    Flora describes the organisms that we see when we analyze it in the lab. Mixed ways we see both what we anticipate to see (the regular ones) and what are not supposed to be there (the ones we should see for instance, in the skin or the vagina or rectum). Generally speaking, blended plants means contamination of the urine specimen, for this reason it does not help in any way to make good choice how to deal with. Why is this so? There is expected to be just one foreign organism– normally the pathologic one, that remains in urine if it is really contaminated. Due to the fact that being pathologic and “strong” at that, it discourages or renders tough the growth of other ones, particularly those normal ones. It resembles an invasion. It eliminates all the guards and other armies. For this reason, if we see combined organisms, where is the pathology? They seem to be friendlies residing in consistency …

    Nevertheless, there seems some evidence that combined flora may represent an actual blended infection, particularly in certain chronic conditions like the existence of foreign body like a catheter. Thus it is more prudent to treat them.

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    more than likely it implies a lot of organisms are discovered in your urine sample. which is extremely typical if you havenot gathered the sample in a sterile manner i.e right manner. Inappropriate technique of collection causes contamination of the sample with the numerous bacteria found on our skin known as commensals.

    normally in urine infection we have a single or more offenders triggering infection.

    so if it is simply combined plants then i think physician will ask for a redo test.

    That there were no germs seen on the culture, simply combined urogenital flora – the regular things that lives in the GU tract. Basically, the urine culture was unfavorable.

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    Blended flora usually indicates the urethral bacteria clouding a true negative response.

    They might be crucial if you are immunocompromised and “let” all those germs grow because you’ve tamped down the effectiveness of your body immune system. If that’s the case, they may have significance if reported in great numbers.

    The reality that they didn’t define what the germs are is a great reason to think they are unimportant pollutants.

    Contamination, because deep in the urinsry tract here can not (within reasonable odds) be such a diverse flora with a number of various types of germs. By contrast, such an ecosystem is the standard on skin. Thus the bacteria that grows in the sample are not the one( s) living in the bladder, if any. The sample is worthless in identifying or omitting an urinary system infection.

    From what I learn about it is the exact same bacteria that we find on our skin. If there are Flora there, then it could be from your hands.

    If you are getting problems, then you need to see a medical professional and they will send it to the lab and make sure there is no contamination or infection.

    You might always type this question in your online search engine and see what you can find from either webmd or a urinary site.

    That will help you, however what I can not understand is why, if you had a test that would have been done at the doctor’s workplace and why they did not explain what it was and if it was typical or infection????

    Extremely puzzling to me.

    I was asked to upgrade the responses to this concern. The other responses are quite complete.

    Bit I would not concur we ought to sound vital of females who can not provide a “tidy catch” specimen. If it were easy, all women would do it right. Not being a lady I struggled to explain how a females ought to do this method of urine collection. I know many females don’t examine themselves with a mirror and may no understand the location of the opening of the urethra.

    This paragraph is graphic Do we as medical practionners know whether ladies always give a tidy stream when the labia are expanded of the way? If the urine dribbles from the urethra to the vaginal mucosa to the cup, all bets are off. And what if it needs 2 hands to spread the labia? Who holds the specimen cup. Perhaps voiding into a plastic “hat” solves this problem, however if that hat is not sterilized, that might be the source of the contamination we call blended flora.

    Other concern: how many hours passed between the voiding of the specimen and preparing the culture? Germs multiply rapidly in urine.

    For this reason a 4 hour nitrite test on the urine may assist us to better interpret the results. If we have a urine that has actually remained in the bladder 4 hours and without delay reveals nitrite (from the action of germs on the urea), I believe most clinician would disregard the “blended plants” report and deal with the client with an antibiotic. BTW nitrite is on the usual dipsticks and you can likewise purchase a nitrite and leukocyte dipticks about 3 for $10 to $12 at drug stores (Brand name AZO test strips). A positive nitrite on a newly evaluated urine that has been in the bladder for 4 hours is extremely suggestive of infection or the urinary system, though not all germs will split urea to form nitrite.

    Please let me understand if this post offered you some new info or on the other hand is not well discussed.

    Between the vaginal opening the clitoris.

    It is complicated. When a male offers a urine specimen for a culture, the very best strategy for acquisition is to cleanse the head of the penis and acquire the urine well after the urine begins and before it stops flowing (tidy catch/mid-stream). People do not recognize that the analysis of the urine culture is not binary. If the male has higher than 10,000 nests of bacteria/cc of urine growing after providing the tidy catch mid stream urine that male would have an 80%possibility of having a real urine infection. So the outcome needs to be translated in analytical terms. Now a female has “indoor plumbing” so it is not as easy to supply a suitable urine specimen. As the urine leaves the urethra, it still needs to transit the introitus where vaginal bacteria can become part of the specimen and subsequently grow on the agar plate. For ladies then, a voided urine specimen must showed greater than 100,000 nests of bacteria/ cc of urine to have a 90–95%opportunity of representing a “true” urine infection. For the matter at hand we are asked to analyze the significance of “mixed plants” on the urine culture. The medical trainee will observe that many urine infections take place when one germs takes off growing and, as such, it is the only germs to be discovered growing on the plate. When several bacteria are growing on the plate, the medical student will dismiss the culture as infected with skin bacteria throughout collection which occurs frequently in women vs males as described above. In this circumstances we have signs in addition to a culture that frequently would be considered negative as it revealed many bacteria to be present. Those signs are necessary. As a Pediatric Urologist I frequently see kids, most often girls, who have symptoms of discomfort while voiding. On examination I often straight observe a very red, irritated bottom. When I spread out the labia of such a kid, I can see the urine simply pouring out of the introitus. I sense that the kid voids and keeps urine in the vaginal location, this triggers secondary irritation such that burning on urination establishes. The culture from such a kid might show multiple bacteria, but she has a symptom (burning on urination) that is associated with UTI’s. I frequently see children who just wet their trousers (isn’t that a symptom of UTI?) who have been treated on multiple events with antibiotics for their sign, however I am encouraged they never have had a single UTI. In this case, the symptom is important and burning on urination and damp trousers may not suffice for me to think that a true UTI is present. With seriousness of urination and great deals of bacteria on the urine specimen I might say that the particular client may have an infection that ought to be dealt with. To get evidence that a UTI may be present I would aesthetically analyze the urine under the microscopic lense to search for red cell, leukocyte and germs … each is usually present with a real UTI. Interpreting the urine culture constantly has a page 2, and the healthcare service provider need not necessarily dismiss a “combined flora” culture as unfavorable. It may be unfavorable, but a physical exam, careful history documenting the kinds of symptoms, and interpretation of the urinalysis are all required to make a last judgement.

    It indicates that a few of the bacteria which naturally live on people entered a urine sample when it was being collected. This can take place if, for instance, it isn’t a mid-stream sample, or a hair drops into it.

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